Clay Helton Remains Delusional, Part 306

In case you missed it, Clay Helton did an interview with the L.A. Times.

He tap-danced as usual and didn’t take accountability.

And he offered this whopper:

“I actually see this program trending upward, if you look at it correctly.”

If you look at it correctly?

That’s a trademark comment of a delusional person. The rest of you are not seeing things clearly. He can say that when Alabama and Notre Dame get wiped off the schedule.

44 thoughts on “Clay Helton Remains Delusional, Part 306

  1. Helton as delusional? Sometimes it is hard to tell delusional apart from a pathological liar.

    What we do know is that Helton lies routinely now. Like after the 2020 Iowa game when he said “This team is on the verge of something special.” Like when he said right before Stepp entered the portal, “To be honest, I feel like Markese is ready to explode for us.” Just pathetic.

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    1. Again you are correct,Moron is a pathological liar. I’m certain 67- WELL SAID! Bohn/Folt/Board of Trustees make up the rest of the “KEYSTONE COPS “ this is a long- playing saga with no end in sight. Let’s bow our heads together & pray for the freedom of our beloved team that the LIAR will be terminated yesterday. I’m stealing MLK’s words I HAVE A DREAM- & ITS TOO OBVIOUS for everyone to know with the exception of the keystone cops.

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    2. 67 —It’s the same stuff he hands out at post game pressers. I guess you could say he’s entitled to speak bullshit 24/7 if it makes him happy. The problem is no one —not Folt, not Bohn, not the L. A. Times —- ever says, “What is wrong with you?”

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      1. You really need to check out the interview. Scottie was too kind in his description of Helton “dancing around” questions.

        That said, get out the motion discomfort bag, you will need it if you read the whole thing. Besides saying that everything is really good, including the o-line and the running game, we have this gem from Helton:

        “I’m extremely fortunate to be around an offensive mind like Graham Harrell. For those type of guys, the game is in slow motion for them. They’re the best of the best in what they do. ”

        The best as in not changing the offense when facing an 8-man zone? The best as losing 4 yards on 4th and one? The best as in having Slovis running for his life on every third play?

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      2. The “best” as in losing your starting QB in the first game last season and in the last game for the last 2 seasons…..

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      3. Michael-It’s great to communicate with you again. I’m thinking of a new nickname for you “SIR BLOG MASTER “ My clinical assessment is that he is well aware of his massive weakness and shortcomings to the point of existing in DENIAL. The only reason he continues with the same excuses is overcompensating for a lack of knowledge and intelligence and most important NO IDEA How to SOLVE the GLARING issues. I’m convinced that Folt/ Bohn/ BOT are enabling him to live in his life of Denial.

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      4. Bobby: Ditto!
        [I guess you can mostly get away with living in denial as a poetry major or graphic artist —it’s tougher when you’re the head coach of a major program with a product seen by millions 12 or 13 Saturdays outta the year]……


  2. He was 27-9 in his first 36 games as HC of SC. Since then he’s been 18-14 and if we didn’t have those 3 miracles that we had in 2020, we would have been 15-17. We go from 27-9 to 18-14 and we’re “trending upwards if we look at it correctly”. I guess I’m somehow not “looking at it correctly”.

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    1. You are forgetting the 2 additional miracles,
      In year 2 of Moron- beating Texas in overtime & beating Utah should count in your arithmetic. Insightful post- I would like to ask SAM DARNOLD if that piece of shit Helton contributes a little part of his (so not deserving of that salary) to his favorite charity.

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      1. In my opinion, Darnold loved USC and would have stayed another year but for the Offensive scheme SC was running. After game 3 he had a quote about it and then recanted the statement during the week, knowing he was getting the hell out of there

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      1. Are you serious? Arkansas’ o-line coach? The team that is like 20 teams lower in the NCAA 2020 offensive rankings than we are?

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      2. Surprised that he isn’t bringing his dad out of retirement. The money’s good and the buy-out is ridiculous.


    2. “Trending upwards if we look at it correctly”. I guess I’m somehow not “looking at it correctly”.

      What the interview cannot show you is this, Helton has a graph on his office wall that actually shows they’re trending downward. He intelligently walked over to one wall and stood on his head. He then looked at the graph and confidently proclaimed, “we are trending upward.,”

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  3. O.K. Clay, if what you think is true then answer me this question. Why is it that despite having lower rated recruiting classes over the last five years, why is it that UCLA has more players in the NFL than USC?

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    1. I had to look this up, I was so surprised that the gutties had more drafted, but sure enough it is true

      gutties – 22 drafted since 2015
      Trojans – 19 drafted since 2015

      That said, the gutty numbers are trending sharply down. Good job, Chip.

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  4. If it were not so grave it would be funny. I do not blame Helton g. over 5 million a year, who would give up the gravy train? We are suckers, he is a con man, A sucker is born every minute(Was that the circus motto for Barnum and Bailey)?

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    1. Ha!
      “See the coach with with half a brain! You won’t believe your eyes! Only 10 cents! One dime! A tenth of a dollar! Hurry, hurry ladies & gents!”

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  5. Helton doesnt believe an ounce of what he says. Every time Helton faces the media he is using typical his PR training to evade every question he doesnt want to answer and spin it back to what he wants to talk about. Exactly what politicians do. But it is what makes him infuriating.

    In another day, the press might have called him on his BS, but we are so accustomed to being lied to, that it does not seem out of order.

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    1. Bulls Eye, gametv. What Helton doesn’t realize is people are beyond fed up with this bullshit — 2021 is not gonna be kind to the people who are slinging it —whatever their profession…..

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  6. The SUCC alum Little Petey Pom-Pom Seahawks just choked away their @ home playoff game, 30-20, vs the Rams. Little Petey choka, choka, choka, choked.

    #Somethings don’t change.


    1. Bizarre post, owns.

      1. Choke? Are you on the night train again, brother? Here is Pete’s record – between ’02 and ’08 final rankings, Pete had two number 1 rankings, one number 2, two number 3, two number 4 rankings.

      2. Pete has been gone for over a decade, so what is the relevance of Seattle losing today for USC? Nobody here talks about Jim Mora or Steve Lavin after they left gutty land. Your post would be better placed in a Seahawk blog.

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      1. 67 — Pete is one of my coaching heroes —- but, boy, the Seahawks played their worst football today. You could read their minds midway thru the 4th quarter: “This game is lost. Let’s show up big next week….oh, wait….there is no next week.”

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      2. Michael, the better team (Rams) won today. I wouldn’t pin it on Pete as a choke. More like Russel Wilson, who was 11-27, 174, and a pick. They pregame guys were talking about how Wilson wasn’t making good decisions the last few weeks, and it looks like they are on to something. That, plus the Rams defense, is what happened to Seattle today.

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      3. The SUCC alum Little Petey Pom-Pom…

        Correct me if I’m wrong ’67 but isn’t Little Petey a member of the SUCC FB HoF? And don’t blog Clownster’s like to compare Little Petey’s HC tenure to Helton’s?



      4. owns, what is your point? Seattle lost today. McKay lost games in the NFL. So did J-Rob. So did Tommy Prothro. So did Dick Vermeil. None of that has anything to do with their respective college records.

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      5. Have to hand it to you, 67. That’s a really good take on what happened. I’ve seen Russell play like this before. [By “like this” I mean standing in the pocket well after it’s time to throw the ball away….and taking the sack. It’s weird to watch someone with his quickness and experience stand back there and move around like he’s under water].
        This is a little bit on Pete, though. Seattle needed to attack in this game — instead Pete said he was gonna “approach it like a chess game and have fun.” I hope 30-20 and elimination seemed fun to him.

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      6. Michael, I agree that Seattle looked uninspired for much of the game. Usually a Pete-led team doesn’t have that problem. And checking Russell Wilson’s stats, he has struggled the last few weeks. Then again, not sure who could have dealt with the Rams defense today.

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      7. Yeah –they stopped anything that moved. It really started to get to Russell and Metcalf. (I think Russell was trying to placate Metcalf when he threw the pick six that sunk his team).

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  7. Figures don’t lie, but liars do figures. Delusional is probably a good term. To win 5 out of 8 games and crow like you did something well, is delusional. Helton must brush his teeth with Nair hair remover so he won’t need to shave his tongue. It’s the only explanation I can conceive of the would allow his answers to dribble out of his mouth the way they do. Does he realize he barely won the same number of games 62% of his season (including 2 games Helton dodged)as last year?
    In the interview, it was pointed out that the running game was not trending upward in any way shape or form. Helton was almost incredulous with his denial. He said, “the door to the portal is always open for Markese.” He has said this with every player who has entered the portal as if he believes it is a good thing. He doesn’t ever say, ” We will really miss him next year. ”
    I cannot help but think it sounds like, “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out,” to the athletes .

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  8. Right now the administration is under the control of the faction that believes success on the football field is incompatible with academic prestige. Gomer will have a job until that changes.

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