Clay Helton Tries To Hire Graham Harrell Contact For O-Line

Clay Helton has offered the offensive line coaching position to Arkansas offensive line coach Brad Davis, according to Football Scoop.

He was previously at Missouri and Florida.

But here is the key: He was at North Texas in 2016, so he knows Graham Harrell.

Interestingly, here’s a critique from his performance at Arkansas this season.

“This past season, some of his key linemen didn’t develop in terms of power, strength and run blocking technique as quickly as many fans would like, and the consistency of the run game suffered for it. But they also showed much better pass blocking than in previous years.”

If this is true, no wonder Harrell wants him.

29 thoughts on “Clay Helton Tries To Hire Graham Harrell Contact For O-Line

  1. Wow that’s like shopping for champagne and settling for root beer. It has bubbles. If Clay Helton was a Harry Potter character he’d be a squib. He’d be standing on the sidelines yelling, “Accio Championship” He would have taken defense against the dark arts from Delores Umbridge, who felt a practical understanding of the fundamentals was enough for her students.
    He has almost finished his dismantling of USC football. SMH

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    1. If Helton were a Bond character actor he’d be George Lazenby. He looks the part but couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. The only other name that comes to mind is David Niven.
      Nice game.

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      1. Nicely done and I would like to add the name of Jeffrey Tambour the idiots he’s portrayed in the ROPERS & Hill Street Blues is perfect for that MORON Helton. He has all of his lines memorized,(I.e. EXCUSES) we the audience can recite them Chapter & Verse.


    2. “Wow that’s like shopping for champagne and settling for root beer. It has bubbles.”

      Great line, maybe replace root beer with club soda. There are some good root beers out there.

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      1. You are right 67- I like root beer. Maybe one of those fancy bubble waters the sell now would be a better analogy. There are only 2 pac 12 teams who have lower offense numbers. WSU and AZ. Not really a bell ringer of a hire.

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      1. Just cuz that’s what the players and President Folt call him, doesn’t give us the right to refer to him that way….
        #…[OrMaybeItDoes —GuessThisHasToGoToVote]..

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    3. Or like Helton acted like he was going out for some champagne during a dinner party he was throwing but he actually just went and popped in at his next door neighbors (Harrell) pad and it went like this……..

      CLAY- “heyyy bu-uh-ddy what do you got in the fridge?”

      Harrell- “Clay, not much. I got some cheap….”
      (Harrell is cut off mid sentence by CLAY)

      CLAY- “That’ll work! Gotta run see ya at pr practice!” (CLAY bones out before Harrell tells him it’s the O’Douls of champagne)

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      1. Yep!
        He knew most of the season there is a good chance I will have to fire my oline coach so you would think he was somewhat prepared with his own list of guys to bug. Helton sucks at everything off the field that SC football but we all know that.


  2. Before he went to Arkansas, Davis was successful at Missouri where ironically they shifted from a pass-happy spread to a more balanced offense once Davis arrived.

    Is he an obvious upgrade over Drevno? Hope so, but I can’t imagine that Davis would be the person hired if a real HC was in charge.

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    1. 67 —The O-Line coach we REALLY want is the O-Line coach for Cincinnati.

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      1. Baxter was a great coach……. a long time ago….

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      2. Michael, exactly. Helton hires assistants that no one else wants. Unless it is to be a “Quality Control Analyst”, which is one step up from a graduate assistant. Pathetic.

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      3. ….Which, as Scott has endlessly pointed out, is good enough to get by in the Pac 12 South….. but will ALWAYS leave us getting outcoached once we leave our little pond…..

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  3. Come on people—- Helton, is a politician he wants to hire someone who is 1) not a threat to taking his job and 2)make a change so the focus if off him, and the replacement takes all the heat if the offensive line once again fails to produce 3) Stay buddies with Graham Harrell who has no clue how to successful produce a running game.
    I say BS…. Remember, Helton brought back Drevno to rebuild a failing offensive line once before, and now he turns on him, and lets him go.
    The problem is Harrell… Their putting on their hope on an air raid offense that does not work against equal or better competition.
    If Helton really wanted to turn this program around why doesn’t he try to hire an offensive line coach from a successful program with a running game? Answer- He might be successful which is something Helton really does not want.
    Helton is a loser face the music. He hires coaches from programs that are not successful or capable of making a huge impact in 1 season.

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  4. Kim Helton- Clay’s dad would be perfect candidate. Another offensive line coach who never won anywhere he went including 1 head coaching job at Houston where he failed big time just like his son. If your going to hire on the buddy system, and have no desire to win much more than the Pac 12 South why not hire your dad so two Helton’s can be on the payroll again.

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  5. This last year under him, Arkansas was 78th in rushing averaging 151 yards rushing per game. That’s a lot better than SC has been doing lately. If you do your research you will see that his teams have had pretty good years running the ball. They usually average around 150 a game(sometimes a little less…sometimes a little more). I’m not totally convinced he’s coming to SC. Why would he want to come to SC, possibly for only one year. The HC of Arkansas was only 3-7 last year but that was his 1st year. He should have at least 3 more years at Arkansas. We’ll see.


  6. If Helton were…
    A color, he’d be beige
    A fast food joint: Tasty Freeze
    A car: Yugo
    A book: A Maintenance guide
    Something at work: A memo
    A movie character: Milton Waddams from Office Space (Google it)
    A card game of chance: Old Maid
    A movie series: Three Stooges
    Bonus: If the president of USC were a movie: Clueless


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