Urban Meyer To Jaguars?

If nothing else, this will put a huge dent in the “Hire Urban Meyer” tweets by USC fans.

28 thoughts on “Urban Meyer To Jaguars?

      1. ucla buys out mora…alford…lavin…dorrell….hires chip, who will also be fired. No wonder ucla athletics is $19 million in hock to the rest of the university.


      2. He said no to the Trojans now.
        But he said “ah hell naw!” about the thought of coaching at UCLA.

        He later added “I ain’t stupid!”

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    1. Folt: “I just knew something wonderful like this would happen if I stayed locked in my bedroom in Santa Monica long enough…..”

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      1. I’m only guessing, 67 —but maybe that’s where “the path to righteousness” is located….maybe that’s why Carol insisted on spending so many millions of USC’s dollars to be housed there….

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  1. Well did anyone believe he’d stay out of coaching forever? Another fumble by USC it’s becoming common place nothing more to see here folks. Move along.

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    1. I think it’s fair to say SUCC couldn’t/wouldn’t pay Meyer what the Jaguars will or offer the challenge of big boy, NFL FB. UC Davis isn’t an opponent that excites Meyer.

      I think Meyer is tired of recruiting and babysitting CFB players.

      Meyer has 3 CFB NC’s to his credit, enough said. Saban flunked the NFL, I don’t think Meyer will.

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      1. Meyer has chosen to be browbeat by his players rather than babysit them…


      2. Meyer might make the playoffs some day….
        But he will fail in the NFL.
        Jacksonville is pretty much where players and coaches go to end their careers. Sad for UM that he’ll end his career a loser in J’ville.

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      3. The fact he leaped into this unattractive NFL opportunity makes it even more clear he would have been available if USC (a job he said was top notch) had given him a call….

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    1. Correct –Clay’s last lucrative deal was the one Swann cut him (before mysteriously getting his ass fired on Folt’s first or second day in office)…..

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  2. That proves that he really did want to get back into coaching. I still think that he wanted to come to SC and would have come had SC aggressively pursued him. But UM is not a “chain of command” guy like CH(in his own words). The Board of Bustees wants a guy they can control. And that’s why we win Pac-12 South championships instead of national championships.

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  3. I look at it this way. The fans, boosters, donors and ex-players all want to see USC get back to the glory days. I really believe Bohn wants that too. The Board of Directors will do anything to keep that from happening. The last thing in the world that they want is a powerful football program. And Carol Holt just wants to bring the 2 sides together which is impossible. SC’s football situation is not a magnet. Opposites do not attract. She needs to decide what she wants to do. She is either for the football program or against it.

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  4. Meyer will have the Jags in the playoffs in three years. You don’t luck into 3 CFB NC’s.

    The Jags have large $$$ cap space to spend on good FA’s, a ton of draft choices, but unfortunately they don’t have a Herschel Walker to deal for more draft choices. But the Jags owner does have deep pockets full of cash to employ good coordinators and asst. coaches.

    Meyer knows his FB.

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  5. integrity – is it lying your ass off every time you open your mouth? because that is the integrity that Caruso/Folt display every day by keeping helton. urban meyer has a great deal of integrity and SC missed out on a dynasty.


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