USC Pictures Of The Day

Has the Sports Arena ever looked crisper or cleaner?

This is a 1961 picture from a USC-Cal game.

And here is the outside circa 1961-62.

I wrote about USC assistant coach/freshman coach Bob Kolf this morning in my Friday column. Here he is coaching a game in 1961.

22 thoughts on “USC Pictures Of The Day

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  2. North Hollywood High 1990 LA City 3A Champs and 1991 Runner -ups. Afterward, the 4A Championship between Crenshaw and Manual Arts was perhaps the most lively event that I have ever been to. The Arena at capacity with each school packing their entire half with their faithful. After the Rodney King Riots, LACity basketball was never the same. Great memories as a student going to the Sports Arena.
    Lastly, saw Hulk Hogan versus Adrian Adonis with Big John Stud on the undercard in the old WWF.

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  3. Don’t know if anyone follows the Transfer Portal but it could potentially be a very fruitful pipeline that supplements SCs talent. Chris Steele, Bru McCoy., Stevie T, Drew Richmond, Silas Redd, Justin Fargas to name a few were all transfers. I actually think that it makes recruiting visits more important and could be especially fruitful for high school players that leave the area, see other barren programs, but eventually return to play in front of family and friend ( Clay Helton notwithstanding). Presently, a former 5Star OT from Tennessee lists SC in his final 3.

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  4. Grew up watching USC basketball at the Sports Arena; Best game ever was the 1971 USC vs. UCLA game….I believe USC was No. 1 or close to that, and had UCLA by 12 in the second half and lost to that UCLA team with Wicks, Rowe, Bibby, etc. What a game , The USC team led by Westphal, Layton, Mackey,Schrobilgen, and Riley were devastated, and knew this was the best chance ever to build the SC basketball program ever with a victory. Sadly, it did not happen although the team went 24-2 the program continued to struggle year after year.
    RON RILEY, was one of the greatest players ever to play at USC. I think he averaged 15 rebounds a game, but yet he gets little credit in usc basketball history.

    USC Basketball could and should have been more successful but they held on to the old Sports Arena for two long, and made too many bad decisions on coaches. There is no question the Sports Arena and fan attendance hurt recruiting, but USC never showed interest in building a solid program as evidenced by some of the poor choices they made in the hiring of coaches.

    1) Sam Berry- Won championships
    2) Stan Morrison- only coach to win a Pac 12 championship when UCLA was still in power. Stan, did the most with less talent. Got a raw deal being fired, and replaced by George Raveling.
    3) Bob Boyd- good coach, good recruiter, but never won a championship despite having talent. Built a solid program, but had to compete against John Wooden at UCLA.
    4) Tim Floyd- got off to a fast start, but never got to finish what he started.
    5))Henry Bibby- despite being a Bruin he took the Trojans to the Sweet 16 with Clancy, Granville, Scalabrine, and Blumenthal. Never got the credit he deserved, and was in the process of building a good program. His Sweet 16 might have been the 2nd best team in USC Basketball history other than the 24-2 1971 team.
    6) George Reveling- other than Harold Minor he did not recruit well, and his teams played poor fundamental basketball. Great PR guy for sure.
    1) Andy Enfield- is maturing as a coach, and starting to bring in championship talent. The next 3 years will tell the story if he can win a Pac 12 Championship.
    1) Kevin Oneiil
    2) Charlie Parker
    3) Forest “Twoogy” Twogood….
    1) Paul Westphal- wanted the job bad over the years, but was turned down more than twice.
    2) Bill Sharman/Tex Winter- both ex USC basketball players
    3) Jerry Tarkanian
    4) Lute Olson

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    1. Thanks, Tommy – great memories here. I remember listening to that ’71 game on the radio. Riley was a warrior, playing power forward at MAYBE 6’6″ and rebounding effectively against Walton, Wicks, and Rowe. . Mike Westra did his best defending against Walton, but wore down at the end. At that time, only 1 team went to the tournament. What could have been if that team had been able to play in the tourney.

      I never understood why Westphal wasn’t hired. Sadly it seems like ex-USC players have been frozen out over the years. This year they have a good team, but I worry about lack of depth.

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