Saturday Buzz: USC Swim Coach Defends Klete Keller

Former USC swim coach Dave Salo has defended ex-Trojan swimmer Klete Keller, who was arrested and charged with three counts following the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol.

If convicted of violent entry, disorderly conduct and obstructing law enforcement, Keller could face up to 15½ years in prison.

“He stands out as a 6-foot-6 guy in a USA jacket,” Salo told the Washington Post. “But he wasn’t stealing a lectern. He didn’t seem threatening. I don’t know that there should be too much criticism of someone who was voicing their opinion. … I don’t think he was part of the group that was trying to do anything but protest. I think he was probably caught up in the crowd surging towards the Capitol.”

26 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: USC Swim Coach Defends Klete Keller

    1. C.L. Max Nikias covered up, defended and enabled rapists and drug addicts for years and USC’s Board of Trustees honored Nikias with a lifetime tenure and achievement award.

      And Max Nikias is still calling the shots at USC…that is what a corrupt mismanaged dumpster fire the University of Southern California has become.


  1. Your honor, my client got caught in the current after he decided to jump in the swim of things. He was obviously in over his head as the tide surged ahead and was almost drowned in the melee.
    Keel Pelowzee is a Russian chant meaning swim fast or be swallowed. It is at worst a bad pronunciation or at best protected free speech.
    You must let him go.


  2. The rout begins!!

    GB 10 LA 3; huge 15 yr penalty on Aaron Donald. GB running ball down the Rams throats. Thanks MCVEY.
    In game prediction – GB 42 LA 9


  3. Wow, what a way for Salo to make a splash.

    I see rough waters for that kid. He was caught swimming with sharks. I would not make waves and keep quit. Otherwise, this situation could go off of the deep end.


  4. Yeah sure coach,

    I’m sure when Klete was part of the crowd that overpowered the Capitol Police and entered the building, he just thought it was open house and he was getting a tour.

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  5. Knock it off. This coach should shut up. He is guilty of breaking and entering a federal facility. Protest is one thing but destroying property is not acceptable for any one. If you are going to hold Black lives matter accountable then apply the same to all. Sorry he has to answer for his part. He needs to straighten his life out. I read where he was living in his car for 11 months until his sister took him in and he is barred for seeing his kids. A stint somewhere might help him.

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      1. Everybody should be held accountable. There is a major difference between the motives of BLM and the recent attack on the capitol. Blm is trying to join the system and the capitol intruders are trying to destroy it. Be aware that law and order should should apply to all but all to frequently the majority is not shot in the back or choked by the neck . And, if they were trying to overthrow the government , capture , kill and lynch the vice president do you think some of the cops and the president would say we love you. I do not think so. So, so-cal think on that, if you are able to bring yourself to do that.


  6. The real problem with him is he has the wrong political beliefs. BLM is out in the streets right now in NYC(although the lame stream media is ignoring it) and are they arresting anyone? Not one that I know of. The left has always said “we believe in tolerance and freedom”. What they really mean by that is we will tolerate you and give you freedom if you are freely acting the we want you to, speaking what we want you to speak, thinking the thoughts that we want you to think and admiring the people the people and things that we want you to admire. If your are not doing that, there is no such thing as freedom. Like all totalitarians, they don’t really believe in freedom. Cross them in any way and you will find out what ‘Cancel Culture’ really means. But americans cowardly go along with it.


    1. Anyone who thinks we actually live in a free country is an ignorant fool. One of the many reasons I haven’t stood for the anthem in over a decade. It is SUPPOSED to stand for freedom. I’m not going to go through the charade of pretending something exists when it doesn’t. Morons claim this is somehow disrespectful to veterans. It has NOTHING to do with their sacrifices, which I appreciate very much.

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    2. Holy shit you’re stupid!
      So what exactly has BLM done in the streets in NYC? Killed any cops with a fire extinguisher?
      How in holy fucking hell can you look past what happened last week, pathetically try to deflect and try to make one of the perpetrators a victim?



  7. Dave Salo never won anything of merit with the Men &
    Women except one conference title for the Men. Klete
    Keller turned Pro after his sophomore year only for the
    money. He put another arrow in the back of USC by being
    a disgrace to this country.

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  8. I hope coach Salo emphasized to his Athletes the value of a USC degree. I do not know one thing about Salo but I have the impression that the DIV 1 coaches primary goal is to win at any cost and they are accommodating to sub-par academics by their athletes. If they do not show results they get dismissed so education is secondary in many cases. Keller never completed a degree at USC and dedicated himself to swimming. I wonder if his future could have been brighter had he return to complete his USC degree.


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