USC Gets Transfer Running Back

Texas tailback Keontay Ingram is transferring to USC.

Ingram has had an up-and-down career at Texas. He was only the fourth-leading rusher last season (250 yards) but missed four games with an ankle injury. His best season came in 2019 when he had 144 carries for 853 yards and seven touchdowns.

He didn’t have much future at Texas with the emergence of freshman tailback Bijan Robinson.

I’m skeptical how much some of these transfers will contribute, especially if they didn’t start at their former school. But some of the fan-centric USC media goes nuts every time there is a commitment from a transfer.

  • Jack Yary, who signed with USC last year but never enrolled, was arrested in Murrieta on Jan. 19 on charges of felony battery with serious injury and misdemeanor possession of narcotics, according to the Seattle Times.

Yary, the son of former USC All-American Ron Yary, was released the following day after posting $25,000 bail.

27 thoughts on “USC Gets Transfer Running Back

  1. The fact that many recent recruits and transfers come from Texas is a bad sign that the staff can’t recruit other regions, even those close to home.


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      1. USC should always get two local 5* recruits and a gaggle of 4*’s. That shouldn’t be news, or even great news.

        But USC seems to be filling out their roster with more Texans lately. If USC can’t even appeal to local recruits and the local 3* to fill out their roster, then something is wrong.



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      2. So you’d rather get local 3*s now than 4/5*s from texas, florida, new jersey like Pete used too..?? Letting local 5* players go isn’t good, shouldn’t happen. But when we can get great players from all over, we’ve been at our best.

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      3. I’m with you, Pudly. Personally, I don’t care where we’re getting these outstanding players from —just that we’re getting them.

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      4. I just watched video on Ingram —he’s fast and athletic, hurdling guys to get into the endzone. I think we just got ourselves another serious weapon …IF Harrell can figure out how to use him.

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      5. Funny. But I’m really hoping Harrell focuses on seriously integrating USC’s tailbacks into his offense —he’s got the guys to mix it up & beat anybody we play next year —it would be a shame for him to lazily stay in his all pass/ all the time comfort zone in 2021.

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      6. I agree Micheal, he needs to do it for his own career if no other reason.

        Have you watched any of jaxson dart’s film yet? I really like him too.

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      7. Yeah — Dart is a football player —he’s always ready to take off if he gets the opportunity…and he’s not that easy to get hold of once he goes. I hope Harrell leaves his throwing motion alone —he does spin his right leg when he throws …but he’s deadly accurate….
        P. S.
        Owns is gonna be all over us for the latest covid problems…

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      8. Pudly,

        I don’t prefer getting 3*’s over 4/5* from Texas. Everyone on the roster is not going to be a 5*. But if USC needs Texas kids to fill out its roster than it is a bad sign that USC doesn’t appeal or doesn’t care about local kids from OC, the Valley, Inland Empire, etc.



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      9. I can understand how you feel. I’m just glad we have this “problem”, sorta like an excess of wealth again. The departure of some of those defensive coaches has brought about much greater interest in the program again.

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      10. What 4 and 5 stars from Texas? Over the last three recruiting classes we have signed 7 Texas players. Six of them were 3 star recruits. I wouldn’t call 1 of 7 hitting the Texas lottery. Especially when that one has a 3 star rating from the top ranking site, 247.

        I hardly consider a couple of one time 4 star transfers coming here because of playing time issues the same thing.


      11. Where did I say we got any 5* recruits from texas recently? Although we did get a 4* RB this cycle. My point is getting talent wherever they’re from is worth it. And btw, Ingram’s problem we’re health related, he was starting til he got hurt.
        Improving our roster with kids in the portal seems to bother you?

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    1. Montaigne, the great essayist, was skeptical too —he said he suspended belief on all matters. This position prompted a friend to ask whether he included the laws of gravity in his skepticism. Montaigne said yes. His friend asked whether he’d be leaving the second floor of the building by way of the stairs or the window.

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      1. MG-

        You know what I wish for for you and anyone else here who is over 50? To not become cynical, crusty old men who are set in their ways and won’t change. Don’t worry, you show no signs of becoming this, my compadre, but I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t call you out on this if it were happening to you.


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      2. Friends are not people who tell you everything is great. Friends tell you the truth. I consider you a friend, Arturo.

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  2. Mg,
    Sharon Stone suspended belief in Basic Instinct. I prefer her to Montaigne.

    Football is a team sport. You play for teammates & those close to you. Guys from out of the area may take awhile to warm up to. That might be one reason all these disjointed stellar recruiting classes aren’t living up to their ranking.

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