Daniel Imatorbhebhe Picks A Fourth School

Former USC tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe is transferring to Kansas State.

His college career started in the spring of 2015 when he enrolled at Florida.

He transferred to USC in fall of 2015, and drew interest in 2016 when he caught 17 passes for 250 yards. Some mentioned him as a possible preseason All-American.

Then he was hurt in 2017, hurt in 2018, sat out 2019 and transferred to Illinois, where he caught 2 passes last season. He also got a sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA.

And now, 2021 at Kansas State.

  • Oregon has postponed all basketball games this week, including Saturday’s game vs. USC at the Galen Center.

15 thoughts on “Daniel Imatorbhebhe Picks A Fourth School

  1. It’s like the new way of creating your networking connections. Speaking of transfers, here’s hoping Kenon Christon isn’t contemplating the Transfer Portal.

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    1. Kelly had the Bruins playing good football- they just couldn’t get out of their own way and close games. He does not strike me as someone who can recruit well and that UCLA might not have been a good place for him to begin with. The Transfer Portal might make or break the Bruins this year.

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    2. That may be true AH, but no Div 1 FB program delivers more busts to the NFL than Clown U.

      In the news: Chad “Wheelie” Wheeler, a 6′ 7″ 310lb Seahawk reserve tackle, is busted for beating the shit out of his 5′ 9″, 145lb girl friend 145, because she refused to bow to Chad, a 4th string, NFL bust, SUCC grad.

      In 2020, the Jets paid the Piglet $12.5 million per win.


      1. So how much did zona and Miami pay per start/win for the rosen one you mindless wonder. Sam played, more than you can say for the schnazola..

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  2. Yeah right AH, “Sam played…” if you call 9 TD’s, 11 Int and a 2 – 14 record, playing. I’d say the Piglet is rudely ripping the Jets off.

    The Piglet, just another former bozo, loser, NFL bust.


    1. Again you ignore purposely any mention of the schnazola? How much was he getting to watch? Not even holding clipboards anymore….hahahahaha 😂


      1. Hey Dickhead, I know your pea brain function is largely vacant but try an grasp this concept: Rosen is not the issue.

        Sammy the Piglet is and he SUCC’s. If the Jets p/u the Piglet’s option it will cost them $25million out of pocket and cap space.

        Here’s the Piglet’s 2020 stats: are 9 TD, 11 INT and the stellar 2 – 14 record worth $25million?…..”hahahahahaha.” My side hurts from laughing hard. D’oh!

        Pull your head out Pisley, or, at least, give it a shot; the Piglet is a typical former SUCC/NFL bust, not worth the cheapest F/A NFL contract.


      2. “Rosen is not the issue”
        Hahahahaha ‼️

        If he stopped trying to get even with those teams smart enough to pass on him in the draft, he might have room in his waterlogged (from his hot tub hi Jinks) to remember what color his team’s uniform is. But the schnazola aside, the script on Sam isn’t finished yet…
        Leave it to a ruin wannabe to criticize someone for playing as somehow less than someone who can’t find his way out of a locker room, yet is still an arrogant sob. Fits the profile for a “owns hero”.


  3. Mentioning him “getting a 6th year of eligibility is pretty dumb of Wolfie. Every player who played this past “season” is not losing a year of eligibility. So, if you were eligible in 2020, you’ll be eligible in 2021, automatically.

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