News: Arizona State Assistant Turns Down USC Offer

Prentice Gill, the wide receivers coach at Arizona State, has turned down a three-year contract offer to coach tight ends at USC, according to a source in Tempe.

Gill, who is a former USC assistant coach, was offered the job by the USC administration, not Clay Helton, which shows you again who runs the show these days.

The three-year deal was a demonstration that USC knows coaches are reluctant to come with Helton’s precarious job status.

23 thoughts on “News: Arizona State Assistant Turns Down USC Offer

  1. That’s embarrassing and not a good sign that the Head Coach is not the one reaching out to the coaches that are gonna be under him.
    It says we don’t trust Clay Helton’s judgment in hiring a football staff.
    It says he’s on a short leash.
    It’s like telling someone watch the front desk but don’t talk to anyone and don’t answer the phone.

    Well the only good thing I get from this is it’s another small move indicating Clay is going into his last season as our coach.

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      1. Yep.
        And……..I love the Seinfeld episode where Kramer accidentally gets pushed on stage and receives a Tony Award when he was a seat filler. Classic.

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    1. Sam,
      We all know that Helton isn’t capable of turning SC into a championship football team- despite the South Division titles (can’t believe I wrote that). He is a figurehead at this point; a puppet with no authority. We all (I speak of the many wel-informed bloggers here) know that the problem with having Helton as your HC is that he sets a weak, undisciplined tone for the team; that his game management and half time adjustments
      are a joke. His down to Earth, uncle-like personality may or may not be genuine, but as long as he doesn’t scare away all the top players in the region, Bohn and the powers that be will tolerate him.
      Good post, amigo. Like always.

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    1. For Clay, doing nothing would be better than having him trying to do something. He is negative value added. The less he does, the better the team performs.

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      1. All things being equal, wouldn’t you prefer Chad Wheeler tweet his apologies for “his shameful treatment” of his girlfriend (a whole new way to describe attempted murder) minus the photo of himself in his Trojan uniform….?

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  2. I posted about this last week. Why is Bohn making coaching personnel decisions as the Athletic Director? This has disaster written all over this. If you have to hire coaches for Helton, then why do you keep him employed as the Head Football Coach? The Admins big battle cry is that they cannot afford to buy out Helton’s contract and his assistants. Bull! If you hire a bonafide Head Coach, the cost of the Helton/Assistant buyouts will pay for itself in a minimum two years. But how is Bohn going to hire a top flight coach when he tells said coach, “Welcome to USC, here are your majority of assistants coaches.” I would like to think that Bohn is smarter than this. But then again, maybe he’s not. Either way, this could be a long three years.

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    1. Bohn is way ahead of us, trojnfn4 —he’s already received permission from Head- Coach- In- Waiting, Graham Harrell, to put together next season’s staff…

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      1. Say it ain’t so, MG. Harrell would be an unmitigated disaster. He oozes arrogance so much so that Helton is using his catchphrase “That’s not who we are” so that a full explanation of anything is never given.
        Now if you’re talking about a side-deal [nudge, nudge, wink, wink] with Fickle, then I understand.


    2. It’s all about INTEGRITY. Coach Folt demands it, Coach Bohn delivers it and Coach Helton doesn’t know what it means


  3. Smart move by Prentice Hill not accepting a USC offer. Everyone including Helton knows he is gone after next year so why move your family even if it is a 3 year deal. The USC athletic dept. is in turmoil most head coaches would resign if they cannot choose their own assistants, but not Helton he likes getting slapped around. Wow what a mess it is at SC. To be honest SC needs to get rid of Bone also, and re-build an athletic problem with people who know what they are doing. It was a huge mistake not to fire Helton after the 2019 season, and for that reason the 2021 might be the worst season ever in a long time for this program.

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  4. Looks to me like a totally humiliated HC. Nice move Bohn. What do Bohn and Helton have in common? Neither can hire a coach.



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