Former USC Offensive Lineman Chad Wheeler Arrested

Seattle-area prosecutor’s today filed three charges against ex-USC offensive lineman Chad Wheeler.

The charges were first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest.

Wheeler, who was with the Seattle Seahawks, has been accused of choking his girlfriend until she lost consciousness. He has been accused of telling his girl friend to stand up and bow to him. She refused and he allegedly attempted to choke her and smother her, which caused her to lose consciousness.

When she regained consciousness, Wheeler reportedly expressed surprise she was still alive. He faces arraignment on Feb. 9.

When Wheeler was at USC, police were called to his apartment, where he was barricaded inside and had punched the walls. He reportedly underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

12 thoughts on “Former USC Offensive Lineman Chad Wheeler Arrested

  1. I often wonder what part of these tragic events are linked to steroids or hemorrhoids. Either way it sounds like roid -rage to me.
    Maybe USC can remind people how long ago it was he played football here. He certainly wasn’t trained to behave the way he has while taking ballroom dancing classes.

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    1. Wheelie was busted for a similar incident involving a GF and resisting arrest while at SUCC. That trouble was swept under the Clown U rug ’cause the bozos had a game that weekend.

      Chad started the game just days after going berserk. Some former SUCC players have been deleted from the FB program for much less and a lack of evidence.


      1. Reminds me of how UCLA ignored Dr. James Mason Heaps incidents and ended up with $73 million settlement. The settlement would require the University of California system to make reforms at UCLA. Class act at UCLA.

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      2. Yep.
        Helton allowed him to play Wisconsin in the Holiday Bowl which should have been an indication that Heltons not capable of making boss decisions but he was already given the head coaching job. There were even some reports that he was on mushrooms when that happened. Allegedly but still it shows that there was no discipline at USC then like now.


  2. I applaud the guy for taking responsibility and manning up. I wonder if it is CTE related, the frustrations of life, or the frustrations of being in a relationship. There’s no excuse, but he can definitely turn his life around and turn this into something positive. That said, it is never, ever, ever the right thing to strike or bully a female.

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    1. I disagree. With the incident that occurred while he was at USC this is not a one time lapse in judgement which any one of us might experience. This is now a pattern. There have probably been other incidents of which we are not aware. Some time in prison might be good for him. Nothing crazy, but maybe 6-12 months. He’s so much more fortunate than most and it’s obvious he doesn’t appreciate it.


  3. Memo to: on top of old Smokey and ’67

    Clown U settles Dr. Geo. Tyndall lawsuits for north of $350 million. Talk about a class bozo act.


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