Morning Buzz: USC Conducting Business As Not-Usual

What does it say if someone can get a three-year contract offer to coach tight ends at USC?

You can see that Coach Bohn and Co. are making decisions for a future that does not include you-know-who.

On the other hand, let’s say USC got someone like Luke Fickell to replace Clay Helton?

Does that mean Fickell gets told he has to keep several assistant coaches?

I can imagine Bohn telling Fickell it would be a good idea to keep Donte Williams and Prentice Gill. But I can’t believe a guy with Fickell’s status would be told he has to keep Graham Harrell or Todd Orlando.

Or that Fickell would even agree to such an arrangement.

  • In coaching circles, there were some double-takes Wednesday that USC would offer any tight ends coach a three-year deal. Maybe we need to check the strength coach’s deal?
  • Former USC tight end Randall Telfer said this about Chad Wheeler:

12 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Conducting Business As Not-Usual

  1. Well what if they wrote a sweet deal wherein the head coach actually controls the assistant coaches? And give him a two year pass to shake things up so in the third year he’s free to bring in who he wants.
    I really don’t think it’s the assistant coaches. A snake without a head is a dead snake (an old proverb I just made up). If the hands get no direction from the head they slap themselves silly. If the band gets no direction from the conductor they play like a big ten wannabe. (Oh wait that’s Ucla-sorry)
    But I think you get the point.
    Right now Orlando is the defensive head coach and Harrell is the offensive head coach. Helton is the coach of platitudes. The ship needs a rudder.

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      1. No. It is most certainly not enough. We need to hear more from you this fine morning….


  2. If Harrell replaces Gomer, is that……

    A) A lateral move
    B) A worse head coach
    C) An improvement
    D) None of the above
    E) Folt will actually be the new head coach

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    1. I don’t like it when people attack the core concept of Folt-As -Head-Coach. She knows the game. The players respect her…..

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    2. Am I missing something here? 🤔🙄
      I thought Donte Williams was promoted to assistant head football coach a few weeks back? So how does Opie boi Harrell, Mr. Air fade get to skip over Donte? Especially him getting all of USCs top notch recruits as of late.
      My wishful thinking is that Bohn, is so embarrassed, because other assistant coaches are turning him down for jobs thus doing Helton’s 5 million dollar a year job for him. He finally gets rid of the embarrassment that is Helton and Promotes Donte Williams to head coach, before he leaves for a better deal somewhere else!

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  3. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ (‘before’ & ‘after’ he tried to kill her) photos of Chad Wheeler’s girlfriend are open and shut felony domestic violence evidence… the very least. Given the fact he cut off her breathing w/hands to the throat till she passed out…. couple with his his reported statements (“Wow! You’re still alive”) he probably should be tried for attempted murder.

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    1. Chad the Bad, forged and machined by the Clown U FB program and pedaled to the NFL. We know Wheelie’s GF won’t bow to Chad(and it cost her), but SUCC should definitely take a bow for its custom manufactured product.



      1. Thank you for your important essay. Glad you’re keeping our university honest —ethically speaking. I’d like to add some background. I personally witnessed Coach Helton (along with some people he referred to as “o- line coaches” —although I’m not sure anybody else would call them that) daring Chad to graduate, screw up in the NFL and, then, take it out on his girlfriend. When he realized I saw this whole tawdry display, Coach Helton turned to me and said…..

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  4. TO is doing a good job as defensive coordinator. He made adjustments in game and the defense got better during the year (a little bit). The defense improved year over year. He improved the linebacker play by the end of the year and needs to get that position group improved next year. He hired some new coaches that are the best in the program. His hired coaches are the ones that have turned around coaching.

    I’m not saying TO is the premier defensive coach in the country, but he is way better than the offensive coaching.

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