Who Would Guess Pac-12 CEO’s Would Act Faster Than USC?

I suppose you could have a contest on who makes more for doing less? Clay Helton or Larry Scott?

Helton earns more than $4.5 million and Scott $5.4 million in the last reported figures.

At least Scott makes his own bad decisions. Helton seems to just fire assistant coaches for his millions. He doesn’t even hire them anymore.

The depressing thing is that the slow-moving Pac-12 CEO’s actually acted faster than USC when it came to firing someone.


14 thoughts on “Who Would Guess Pac-12 CEO’s Would Act Faster Than USC?

  1. The Pac-12 CEOs are all facing a budget crisis, and they understand that the Big 10 network is in about 80 million homes, while the Pac 12 network is in just 17 million homes due to Larry’s miscalculations on how much various cable and dish providers would pay for the product.

    It is mind-boggling that Larry thought he was going to be extended.

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  2. What’s mind boggling is all the powers that be. Meaning the Pac 10/12 CEOs gave him a contract extension, ever. Because of his pompous ass arrogance that cost the conference millions; every year he was there. He took one of the best conferences in amateur sports and ran it into the ground. Remember it was known as the Conference of Champions and garnered respect with athletes and fans from everywhere but not any more. Thanks Larry Scott! You sucked and failed miserably while grifting and laughing at everyone else all the way to the bank. So glad he’s finally going to be gone. To bad it wasn’t asap not June.

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    1. Don’t worry, trojanboogs. Larry won’t ever be seen or heard from again. 100%. That’s a promise.

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    1. It’s really a shame that all anyone here is doing is focusing on the negative side of Larry —so typical….no one is bothering to remember all the many good thi….

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  3. Bohn is more clever than we give him credit. Just think, he has a guy who makes no hires yet has to do the dirty work and do all of the firing. Helton, for allowing someone to dictate all these terms to him, is more spineless than I thought. I almost feel for the guy.


  4. Yes! you have got that right. I would not pay Helton enough to buy lunch. What is this crap? Then Texas hires Sark. Is the whole world going crazy?

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  5. Did anyone hear Larry Scott’s Interview on Pac 12 Radio (XM/Sirius)? 1. All Major (Bad) Decisions were made jointly by him and the College Presidents, but he understands why he gets the criticism. Example includes the Office being rented. 2. Given that his last child has just completed schooling, it was a good time for him to “step away”. 3. And my favorite, responded to several pointed questions by giving a response that had nothing to do with the question. This guy should be in Congress.


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