Report: USC Offers Texas Recruiting Director 3-Year Deal

Are three-year contracts the standard deal for USC football these days?

Inside Texas reports that Bryan Carrington, director of recruiting at Texas, has been offered a three-deal by USC to “work in quality control.”

A three-year deal with a quality control coach?

The pandemic does not seem to affect spending, unless it concerns buying out Clay Helton.

34 thoughts on “Report: USC Offers Texas Recruiting Director 3-Year Deal

  1. If you looked at everything that is happening you might think that SC is trying to win an NC by building a great support structure around CH which would make it possible for an average coach like CH to win a NC just because of all the great people he has working around him. It really does look that way and yet I have a hard time believing it. But I must admit that the Board of Bustees and Carol Folt and even Mike Bohn really do like CH.

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    1. I mean, let’s offer a 3 year deal to the recruiting coordinator of a coach who just got fired and was replaced by Sark. Recruiting is the least of their problems. It’s coaching the recruits up. So they get a new super recruiter what happens? Don’t you just end up w/ more disgruntled players who transfer out?


    2. They do seem to be helping him run the program. I say that because right after the Iowa bowl game while they were still out on the football field(I think it was about 11pm at night if I remember right), the reporter ask him if he was going to make any changes in the off-season to his coaching staff. He said he was going to wait about 3 weeks and evaluate the whole program and his staff and then decide if he was going to make changes. The next morning I woke up and went on the internet only to find out that Clancy and Baxter had been fired. That could not have been him that did the firing because he had just said he was going to hold off for 3 weeks before he did anything. Neither Folt or the Board of Bustees would have made such a move. The only one who could have taken that action was Bohn. So they are trying to help him. Who knows. Maybe having an AD to help him plus supplying him with a great support team might work. We’ll see. Personally, I think that he will probably be gone after 2021.


  2. The highest functioning aspect of USC football is recruiting, with Donte. The TX guy would join the recruiting team? To work under Donte? Or to do something else?

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  3. If USC wants to hire a Director of Recruiting it should be someone with connections and roots in the Southern California area. Not to say that Mr. Carrington can’t do a good job but someone who with the relationships and knowledge of Southern California would be better than a Texas dude.





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    1. Carroll,Orgeron,Kiffin,SarkAllFiguredOutHowToRecruitSouthernCalifornia

      Where did these guys come from? Don’t think a single one is a native of California

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      1. PC is a Californian, Sark went to USC for a while for God’s sakes, Kiffin went to Fresno St, and worked Cal, Orgeron was a long, long time fixture at USC, the place really was his home after his troubles at Miami….

        The Texas angle is just playing up Harrell’s future and his angle, and he’s very much obviously setting up for his next job by deepening his roots to Texas. UT hasn’t done a very good job in recruiting, relative to USC. It’s like USC is trying to deliberately undercut the program in everyway imaginable.

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      2. Yea, lost my mind with Pete.. but Kiff and Ed aren’t anymore Californian than sushi..

        Why do you think we’re undercutting the horns? Who else did we take that wasn’t already gone?

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      3. Lane grew up moving around he said literally every year (which is true), but he was the QB for Fresno State and Jeff Tedford. He spent his senior season coaching for Tedford and his Graduate years coaching at Fresno for Tedford and Fresno State. and two years later was at USC. Orgeron had a span from 1997-2013 when we finally did him dirty one last time– Outside of UM we were his only long term stop. But okay.

        We aren’t undercutting the Horns, we’re undercutting USC. And I’m sorry, “who else did we take that wasn’t already gone?” Was this supposed to be a raid where we picked up all the Texas trash that made USC’s dumpster fire look good???

        I think you’re putting me on here.

        USC isn’t ever going to win the battle of Texas recruiting, and it it did recruit as good as Texas it would be a sht team that can’t win it’s piss poor conference. Texas has too many major in state programs, too many out of state conference programs that rely on Texas (OU) and too many out of state and out of conference programs that depend on Texas. While that Bama OSU game had a lot of CA talent, and a bit of FL talent, it was a virtual Texas high school home-week.

        USC usually locks down CA and the West Coast, and pretty much gets what it wants north of Arkansas and West of the Missouri River, and then picks up a kid from FL here, a kid from DC or Jersey there, a kid from GA, LA,, TX etc. that’s special. It’s not like we’re trying to get a kid to come to Tuscaloosa; this is LA, USC, a national university, an entire future! Some kids out West might think of getting away if they think home looks like it’s in trouble, and they feel they can always come back– that’s the kids SC has to fight for. We don’t need to create a future for a goddm retarded, goofy, Opie looking SOB and his yahoo wraxlin watching hanger ons.

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      4. Again, who was it that Harrell brought in? One Oline coach? This new guy they’re after is for recruiting purposes, and can hardly be considered a Harrell guy. Did they ever coach together?
        As for who he’ll recruit, you’re making assumptions based on weak evidence at this point. I’ve heard many people talk of this guy in glowing terms, and I’ll take their opinion for now.
        Time will tell my friend, it’s what makes early speculation so fun.


      5. Mike Jinks, Brad Davis, Seth Doege, Stanton Keene– that’s al Harrell. USC or CA guys aren’t even getting the preferences on GA and QC jobs. Who but Keary is around to recruit CA and the West???

        The DC is another failed guy from TX, and he’s brought his guys from Texas and ran away Chris Claiborne???? Chris is better as a coach and a recruiter than any mf that they brought from Texas together!!!

        And now Bryan Carrington, director of recruiting at Texas, has been offered a three-deal by USC ???

        But okay man, you forgot PC, who screams CA was a Californian. That Sark went to USC, and is from Torrance, etc.

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      6. Jinks and Keene were with KK at TT, and Jinks was brought in by KK. Brad Davis never matriculated his way to LA. So you’re left with Seth and the new Oline coach. What I find amusing in this is the fact you act like no other coaches hire guys that they feel comfortable with.
        Who were/are our GAs? Who were are our QAs? You need to look again, there are and have been many guys from SC.
        You can ignore Hutch, Lenny, Viane and Claiborne all you want. Or So’oto being from San Diego, or Donte being an LA guy or Keary…you’ve got an agenda and more power to you.


      7. first they recruited Texas and none of the guys hired were their actual recruiters. It;’s okay that you don’t know but better to be not say anything. Drew Mehringer, that’s Texas top recruiter. He won NATIONAL RECRUITER OF THE YEAR in 2019 and was close the year before. Jason Washington was he defense cohort and he was a runner up in 2018. We brought in the booby prizes of Texas recruiters. What may be worse than you not knowing this is Bohn not knowing. UT’s recruiting coordinator was the same as our player personnel person in Heritage (assuming you have some familiarity). That’s not their recruiter that we’re hiring, that’s their secretary. FFS you and Bohn, only Bohn’s being paid a couple of mil.


      8. Pud, you’re being a pud again.

        Me: “Drew Mehringer, that’s Texas top recruiter. He won National Recruiter of the Year in 2019 and was close the year before. Jason Washington was the defense cohort and he was a runner up in 2018.”

        Pud: “Mehringer was an offensive recruiter. Funny you don’t know it.”

        Me, now: Ummm wtf are you talking about Pud?

        And Pud, unlike you apparently, I’ve played sports, my people play sports, I’m familiar with HH, I understand recruiting. lool

        Pud, giving campus tours is kewl. Getting people bubble tea and tweeting @ them is awesome. lool Bruh stop. lool


      9. Then why do you confuse coaches getting rewards vs support staff that aren’t allowed too. That’s where this started, but Global consultant says he played and knows the HH workings but hasn’t ever heard of guys like Alex Rios and how they helped put together Pete’s great classes yet never received recognition. You’re such an insider. Yeah right.


      10. Lol wtf are you talking about? you’re such a loser. Alex Rios. lmao Gtfooh lmao Get some azz, or whatever you’re into and can make happen. Go on now! I’m done, don’t follow me.


      11. He did run off Claiborne. And funny how just weeks ago we don’t want anyone who “gets” SC or knows the words to the fight song, and now these same guys have their asses in a pucker. Chris was offered an increase in pay, he wanted a position on the field and so he left. And I wish him the best and I hope he returns with experience. As far as his recruiting goes, well we’ve done pretty well this last cycle and have started rather well this cycle, especially on defense.
        There’s rumors we might even end up with Raesjon Davis to finish off this class.
        I just think it’s funny that when you like a guy like Ed O, doesn’t matter whence he came. Try and tell me he ain’t at home in the bayou. With his drawl, yeah a real local.

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      12. You realized you effed up again and didn’t know Claiborne was out huh?

        Pud, you’re not making lots of sense yourself but you’re still my guy.

        I was gonna say, “Claiborne is at ASU, what the heck are you talking about bro???” But it’s like rubbing it in. The idea was USC needed him, and the Texas centric staff ran him off!

        Point is, and it’s already been demonstrated, Scott’s not making this up– the staff has become Texas Tech folks on one side of the ball, and UT guys on the other, with Bohn, etc. bringing in more UT guys even the former UT head of recruitment.

        Both of those programs are piss, they make USC look like Saban’s Bama. And on top of that, their recruiting roots are in Texas.

        Hutch and Lenny are the only SC or even CA QCs out of 10, they’re even loading TX and out of state guys in QC and GA…

        And you’re making up things again. Only a gd fool would say they don’t want someone who is familiar with SC football to work at SC. Every time I hear a sht for brains person say that, I know it’s someone with having estrogen flare-ups. Some of the best SC position coaches were SC alum or guys familiar with West Coast football and recruiting. And Orgeron was here since 1997 and working CA recruiting for 16 years, so when we ran him off in 2013, it wasn’t because but in spite of his deep ties to the area recruiting. Everyone doesn’t have to know the West but you can’t have a staff from outside that is entirely unfamiliar and expect two guys (one of which is a mercenary) are going to lock down the West. That’s obvious to everyone.


      13. No I didn’t f up. Claiborne was on our most recent team as an analyst, and so deserved to be in this discussion until he’s replaced. You’re assumptions are second rate. You don’t know how recruiting works and why only coaches get recognized. Nor why every school worth a damn has these positions, nor do you realize that of the top schools, we were way behind the curve on the hiring of support staff. But U B U.

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      14. And I didn’t say that I didn’t want alumni, I said you along with many here have railed against it… and posted such many times here.

        And all I said about Ed was he wasn’t a socal guy. No matter how much lipstick you put on it, it will never be what you want it to be.
        You’re changing the slope and moving goal posts to accommodate your weak ass argument. Sorry attempt.


      15. Pud staaahp. People see you. I’ve never, ever said I didn’t want alum, and I’ve said it a million times, everyone sees bruh. Lool It’s been entertaining watching you struggle.

        You have no idea what you are talking about, which is fine but you’re so serious about it, like you can’t say, “Oh real?” or “Oh shit, now that you mention it…” or whatever. I know I’m not the first or last to get a kick out of it. You’re disagreeing with everyone, and getting basic facts wrong, but it’s not really about sht, SC admins are gonna do what they’re gonna do. But thanks for making it enjoyable.


      16. And one final point on the recruiting by the horns, you said they didn’t recruit well? Well according to 24/7 they finished 3rd (2018 & 19) and 8th in 20. It was only this year well after Orlando was fired they dropped to 17th. So ya, you’re facts are skewed.


      17. And not to rub it in Pud, but none of the Teas staff we hired have been ranked in the top 20 recruiters in the OWN CONFERENCE, and that’s at UT! How do you think they’ll recruit in a place they’ve never been? What about Opie and and his TT wraxling buddies? Why do you think we had get Donte? Why do you think we’re losing out on CA players to Oregon? You’ve embarrassed yourself in front of everyone and you won’t stop, and it’s funny. lool

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      18. Yeah getting two of the best qbs (1 Cali/ 1 utah) shows these guys can’t recruit. Or maybe the top player in the country? Or maybe the top OLB in the state and a top national recruit (Davis)? You you’re right they can’t recruit. And oh yeah, there’s the kid from Mater Dei that just committed, 5* DB.

        You live in a fairytale world where herman was the king of texas and all the others failed. What a joke.

        You keep playing but sooner or later the truth comes out.


  4. With all these assistants with Texas roots the only this makes sense is wonder boy Graham Harrel is being groomed to be our next Head Coach…..What a laugh this program has become under the leadership of Mike Bone. With all the 3 yr contracts there is not going to be enough money left to pay a good head coach unless the new hires are being told Harrell is taking
    over after next season which means we are committing long term to this wonderful unproductive air raid offense. We shall see I am surprised Scott Wolf has not already thought of this. The way interest is dropping in USC football I would sell the Fight On and We are SC websites, and if I was a reporter I would ask my boss if I could cover La Verne or UCLA football.

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    1. Listened to the interview with Graham Harrell today. Boy, he is not a boy wonder, it is a wonder he has risen to his current position. Maybe he is just not good at interviewing, but I have to say all I heard was excuses and a lack of anything specific.

      I think Bohn has decided to give Helton and Harrell enough rope to hang themselves. If they dont perform this next season, particularly in the ND game, I think they get booted early in the season.

      TO is a good coach and I feel sorry for him having to try to develop his team against this offense.

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  5. The question who is Bone’s golden boy, or the person he sees as a future head coach.??? Surely, it is not Clay Helton, but it sure looks like Graham Harrell is calling alot of the shots right now, and gaining power. If they hire Harrell as the next head coach I am done with USC football. Nothing surprises me anymore with the stupid mistakes they are making in the hiring process.


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