USC Morning Buzz: Tight Ends Hire Was Path Of Least Resistance

So I heard late Friday night that prior to promoting Seth Doege to tight ends coach, USC did ponder hiring Chris Claiborne as linebackers coach but that move was nixed by defensive coordinator Todd Orlando.

USC then offered the tight ends job to Prentice Gill, but Arizona State matched the Trojans’ offer of a three-year deal.

So at that point, USC took the easy route and simply promoted Doege.

Notice I say “USC” pondered or “USC” offered. That’s because I am not referring to Clay Helton.

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Tight Ends Hire Was Path Of Least Resistance

  1. Who is the head coach ?
    Bohn ?
    Gomer ?
    Harrell ?
    Orlando ?

    Has there ever been a more embarrassing time in USC football ? Tollner was bad, so was Smith when he only had his recruits to coach and we all know Hackett was a disaster, but what is going on now is a joke

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  2. By my count, this is the 13th time Helton has looked for a coach, been unable to beg, borrow or steal one —and wound up being forced to promote from within. Usually the results have been mediocre and the in-house hire is replaced within a year or two…..which, this time, is more time than Helton has left.

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    1. People at USC think Gomer is such a great coach, how come not ONE other school or NFL team has made even the slightest move to hire him away ?

      MG, you think Kenny Hahn could be a BOT member at USC :,) ?

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      1. The great Kenneth Hahn has passed on —but the Board could do a lot worse than having his son, James Kenneth Hahn, join them… least he’s not afraid of making a decision or voicing his own opinion…..

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      2. Unlike Jim Mora, Clay can’t even pretend he’s getting offers.


      1. Snapping the ball from our 20 into our end zone (to help lose the game… with a little assist from Biggie a few minutes later) was strictly off Broadway entertainment. Can you imagine the crowd response (all 275 fans) if we got someone who could long snap the ball outta the coliseum and into the parking lot?


    2. Why do you post so often? Go on a real USC blog or have you been barred? No politics seen from you lately. Given up now
      that Trump is dead in the water? What a loser you are and the rest of the conservative idiots that know nothing.


      1. S,

        Who invited you to an intellegent conversation because I know you can’t hold the wind against Mr. Michael Guarino.


  3. Path of least resistance? Didn’t USC try to hire other TEs coaches? Is trying, but not attaining, the path of least resistance? I get, I get, we all want Helton fired and many bloggers here don’t approve of Bohn or Folt, but man, how many times can you beat a dead horse.? This is simply red meat, low lying fruit and not real journalism.

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    1. You ask Scott Wolf how many times he can beat a dead horse ? Scott can beat a dead horse like no other, he’ll beat this dead horse until the season starts, and then beat it again !!!

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      1. And after he’s through having fun beating the horse’s dead carcass, Scott likes to grind the horse’s torso into dog food for the bruin players….
        #….ForThebruinPlayersToSniff …


    2. I agree with you Arturo! It is a dead horse being drowned in gasoline and set on fire. However, I’m cutting Wolfman Scott some slack because Clay Helton, Mike Bohn and Folt only want to do interviews they control. So I imagine that trying to cover USC football is difficult because the leaders won’t talk or take ownership of what’s happening on the field or with in the program.

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    3. Perhaps it would have been more accurate to say that Clay took the path of MOST resistance: He tried to persuade people to come and work with him. Of course things didn’t work out.


  4. I don’t know who “USC” refers to but I still say that Doege and Claibourne held the same position….offense quality control analyst. Why would you keep Doege and let Claibourne go? Orlando shouldn’t have anything to do with it. This is an offensive position to be filled. I guess they are listening to Orlando because they know that Claibourne would eventually have to go on defense. But how long do they plan on keeping Orlando? He’s a pretty good coach but if they ever plan to move on from CH, Orlando will probably have to go(the new HC will probably want to bring in his own people). Maybe they have long term plans for CH.

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      1. CH is the right guy for the job if you like him personally and have a lot of respect for him and don’t mind following a mediocre team. I do like him personally and have a high respect for him. But I can’t follow a mediocre team. I get too frustrated. Unfortunately I’m convinced that is all we will ever be under CH….a mediocre team. Just to ease your fear, personally, I really don’t think he will be there that much longer. If he is, then the administration has no regard for what the fans want. In that case, the only way to handle it is to stop going to the games. When they start having empty stadiums every week they’ll have to listen to the fans. Money talks. Everything else walks.

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