USC Promotes From Within For Tight Ends Coach

USC announced tonight that Seth Doege was promoted to tight ends coach. Doege has been an offensive quality control analyst.

Did I mention he played QB at Texas Tech?

So Graham Harrell obviously made this decision too.

13 thoughts on “USC Promotes From Within For Tight Ends Coach

  1. If you are going to pick an offensive quality control person, why didn’t you pick Chris Claibourne? He was an offensive quality control person!

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  2. It appears as though the recruiting strategy is to recruit big in TX, to seal up SoCal with Donte, Keary Colbert etc, to hit TX with Graham, TO,.

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    1. Hawaii and Utah are the states we need to put a lock on since Alabama and the other big programs snatched them away from USC literally before we could even try and make last second recruiting pitches to the recruits. The kids that would normally be considering SC heavily are now usually gone and committed after one visit from Saban or the next big coach. It’s beyond the embarrassing point how Helton can’t even put up a fight for these kids. Texas is a good area to recruit but it would be different if these were all American olineman or highly recruited players that OU wanted or Texas wanted. I haven’t heard a player say they came to USC because of Clay Helton since he was the interim coach or OC. We’re not blind but our AD’s seem to be. They can’t come to the conclusion that his assistants have saved the program for him with recruiting and to go even further they picked up the slack for Pendergast who didn’t have to recruit until the last recruiting cycle because he was done. It looks as if we put up a fight and made some noise by keeping some players but the pandemic is the biggest reason next to Donte for that. We’ll take them any way we can get them at the end of the day but I’ll just throw some names out there and say James Franklin, Luke Fickell, even Lane Kiffin and Sark would have recruited the best area players and then made it a war for the best out of state players next to California like in Washington for J.T. Tuimoloau would be at least hearing USC’s last second pitch in person before deciding on where he’s going. We don’t have that kind of shine and won’t until the end of the upcoming season and Clay Helton is fired. We’ve been able to win recruiting by taking a player from Utah but if Bama or LSU come looking at a kid they are sold immediately without even looking back to see if SC can top their offer. The significance in my opinion to all this is the trenches. California is big enough for talent but the OL and DL kids in California aren’t the same built player like Utah or up in the pacific northwest. Ultimately to be champs or contending we must have these boys in the lineup. You know that, I know that and any serious trojans fan would know that yet the guy who’s in charge can’t realize that still.

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      1. Maybe they DO realize it, Sam… Maybe this is their pussy way of putting the football crowd in their “proper place”….

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    2. The timing is hilarious, I was just giving grief to someone about this, and here’s more confirmation of my point.

      There’s no strategy or none that works for SC football. After Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Texas. LSU, Baylor, TCU, Bama, Ok State, the Big 12 schools, etc. have all take the talent, Opie and the retarded fugs can come in and pick peanuts from Texas Tech’s poop- both their reject players and reject coaches. Wait, we have to Let North Texas, and Sam Houston State to reject the poop first, then we get it, polish it up at SC.

      SC gets the WRs obvs, and the top in the nation 5 Star DBs– Adoree, Biggie, Su’a, etc. (only SC could put these guys and others like Marvell Tell, Kevon Seymour, etc. Keary and Donte will keep that coming. But what about these monster DL, LBs and even the RBs we see slipping away, to Oregon, the SEC, Big 10, etc. We’ve been whiffing even on some of the top RBs, only to watch them star at Bama in the title games, or DEs and LBs that we whiff on whip us in the conference championship.

      We need more folks that have relationships that bring us back to being the #1 option for the best in CA, West Coast and in everything west of the Missouri River, north of Arkansas including Hawaii and Samoa. That’s how SC wins.

      Personally I prefer Texans to the fru-fru sht going on in LA right now. But this is about SC Football.

      We can’t just have two or three young cats, the main one of which is a mercenary, antsy and was about to jump ship, while the other 15 are losers and rejects whose only experience was 3th class failures in Texas. It’s that much worse they suck at coaching (looking at you Graham Harrell).


    3. I like your strategy, AO.
      All 12 Pac 12 schools fight over the LA FB talent–with the SEC, ACC, and Big 12(-2) and ND poaching a fair number of LA recruits.

      We gotta get some TX talent.
      Worked for RoJo.

      I also like going up into Utah and stealing their best talent. Havili? Gustin?
      I also like going into AZ and stealing their best talent.

      Still, the high yield opportunities are LA and TX.


  3. If you are going to ride with an air raid system then you should have everyone on that side of the ball be an air raid guy. The hire makes sense.

    The debate isn’t the assistant coach choice, but wether are we running the right system. My vote is no.

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  4. Promoting from within…lmao. Obviously, it’s been the recent SC coach hiring formula for making the incapable coaches get filthy rich and making the program shamefully incompetent. Nice goin’, buttheads!!


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