USC Facing Number Crunch?

USC incoming freshman Korey Foreman says he is going to wear No. 0.

It became a legal number last season. Since it is USC, the question isn’t who will wear zero but how many players will wear it at the same time?

USC lets recruits dictate the numbers they wear, which creates a lot of double numbers. Last season, 25 players wore the same number. That’s why you had situations where Tyler Vaughns was scrambling to put on a jersey to return a punt because Isaiah Pola-Mao was already on the field.

I bet this year USC could have three players who want the same number because of seniors returning under the new pandemic eligibility rules. But one of the three will transfer so it won’t matter. That’s my prediction in the offseason.

15 thoughts on “USC Facing Number Crunch?

      1. I would gladly trade any of the individual awards Mobley will win in exchange for winning 3 tournament games making it past the sweet 16.
        Winning the final 4 is what we’ve all been waiting for and you never know what can happen with a team in March who has a player like Mobley but playing for 2 weeks is a lot better than not playing at all like the last two seasons.

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    1. Just rent,

      I am laughing at your stupid ass comment. You better look at Thug U aka ruinville aka ugly to see how horrible the mens teams are. The women are doing well because that school has shifted its priority to make sure women are on top of the heap. Now get along and get ready for another ugly ass whopping by WSU.


  1. Owns,
    You were right, man- this place is full of racist Republican-White Supremacists who have never worked in the inner city or, for those who have, don’t view any brown or black person as an equal unless they are breaking their neck for their school’s football team- and even that is conditional cause once they’re done, or aren’t playing well, they’re trashed and discarded ( not surprising as they are Trump-loving Republicans who sold their souls to the Supreme White Supremacist himself for a few tax breaks and less federal regulations). Anything for the almighty dollar.
    Unions Rule!. Serves me right for thinking these guys cared about anything other than money and don’t care that America will soon be mostly a minority country. Enjoy it while it lasts, losers.

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    1. Don’t know who you are…tho this doesn’t really sound like Arturo. And if I was to guess the avatar doesn’t match either. So I’ll just choose to believe Arturo has a style more conducive to inclusion than threatening like your post.

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      1. Yowzah BOSS! What a sanctimonious joke you are Pisley. I don’t recall you expressing your displeasure with the TrumpTurd lies and propaganda that 22 littered the blog with.

        Dear Pisley: the Jerry Falwell Jr. of the blog?



      2. F’off little boy.. if this is Arturo he’ll let me know. But that doesn’t change that fact your a lowlife scum pos. Rob isn’t it?


      3. My guess is you’re right, Pudly. Arturo is the guy who finds a way of bringing everybody at the table together.

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      4. We’ll see… like I said his avatar doesn’t match his other posts. For one thing his others don’t link to another page.
        The other thing, I never said the poster was right or wrong, just that I’ve never heard Arturo speak in threatening terms or innuendo.
        But then owns butts in, and as usual has his head up it.

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    2. Arturo,

      I do not know if you are joking or if you are serious. If you are serious, then you are dead wrong about whites working in South L.A. I knew two teachers that worked at Freemont. I have worked in Watts for many years. Matter of fact, I saved a women’s life. She was being pummeled by a bunch of thugs and I broke up that mess. I have done volunteer work in South L.A. I have been pratically on every street in South L.A. including Grape Street and 90th, home the Grape Street Crips. Pete Carroll has been down there working in that area. So, I think your comment is not acurate.


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