Can Someone Else Recruit Besides Donte Williams?

I keep wondering how USC’s other coaches like it when Donte Williams gets all the credit for the recruiting class?

Williams probably deserves most of the plaudits. But if it is true, what did Todd Orlando or Vic So’oto do?

I thought So’oto was supposed to be a budding Ed Orgeron but he didn’t produce much in this recruiting class. What about Korey Foreman, you say?

Well, everything I’ve heard, including at the McKay Center, credits Williams for the Foreman commitment/signing.

Orlando was fairly anonymous too but he has a square jaw so we won’t criticize him too much, I guess.

10 thoughts on “Can Someone Else Recruit Besides Donte Williams?

  1. All of the goodwill you got for your stories of the 1951 Am Legion team is offset by your stupid question. Who cares? Donte is a great recruiter and the other coaches aren’t? Nothing else.
    Jeez, just when I thought you turned a corner, you go full stupid on your post!!

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      1. P. S.
        Talking about quadrupling things (like # of hits maybe) —are you getting the great bra ads on your page? I think Scott may be on to something…..

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      2. Well, let’s just say that I wish all my buds could see what I’m seeing now…..

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  2. I forget exactly but it was 2 or 3. But Donte Williams ended as 247recruiting’s #2 or #3 overall ranked recruiter and they also credit him for Foreman to SC.


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