USC Fans Not Buying In To Anything Yet

Some USC boosters got together this morning and were talking about . . . the Super Bowl?

That was four days ago. Why not USC?

“A lot of us don’t really care at this point,” a booster told me. “We’re tired of waiting for a coaching change.”

This is the hurdle for USC once things get back to a more normal state. If crowds are allowed in 2021, how much will USC get with its currently apathetic fan base?

“You’ve got some people in the (football) program saying everything is great but we know the fans aren’t happy right now,” a USC official told me this week. “We talk a lot about change but we haven’t done anything to prove it.”

The Coliseum might look scary in the fall if USC cannot hide behind the pandemic when it comes to fans in the stands.

14 thoughts on “USC Fans Not Buying In To Anything Yet

  1. Back when I first started going to home games, ’51-’52 the stadium usually had 30-40,000 unless ND or ucla , (Cal/Stanford drew more also) then it was 80-90,000…or if a top B10 team came or other top ranked team it was over 60,000 even if a night game.
    Last 2 decades most games exceeded 70,000, until the last few helton years…people do not like being lied too…

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  2. The other day, Hustler Magazine published Larry Flynt passed away. Despite what some may think of the material that Flynt produced he was always great at exposing the blatant hypocrisy of our government and politicians. He once stated that apathy was the greatest threat of our democracy and way of life. When it comes to USC football right now, apathy is exactly how I feel. I expressed this sentiment to member of the USC athletic department when they called me to see if I would reconsider renewing my season tickets. As long as a buffoon like Clay Helton is at the helm, I really don’t give a damn about this football program. If they want my patronage, then USC needs to start making more of an honest effort to put a quality product on the field.

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  3. The NFL is rigged, has been for years.

    The fix is now so blatant that former NFL players are going on the record and blowing the lid off of corrupt Roger Goodell and his cheating ways.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers DB and Super Bowl MVP Dwight Smith said that the year they played and beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl the Bucs knew every play the Raiders were going to run. Raiders Hall of Fame WR’s Tim Brown and Jerry Rice tell how Raiders head coach Bill Callahan changed the game plan two days before the game, a game plan that Jon Gruden knew all too well.

    You have to listen to the story, its crazy. Raiders center Barret Robbins was so angry that he went on a bender starting Friday night before Super Bowl Sunday and never bothered to show up for the game because he knew the fix was in.

    Here’s part of the story…

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  4. You know, the Blogger should research and find out what the lowest average total attendance was for USC football (in the AP Poll period, the modern era, etc.) and see if USC breaks it this year.


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    1. As much as Helton is despised, November fan enthusiasm will be thru the roof IF USC goes unbeaten up to and through the Notre Dame game….

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      1. My dear friend Michael- smoking the green stuff may be legal but it’s damaging your common sense barometer. If usc goes undefeated- in no way is this possible,Please tell me what odds will you be satisfied in receiving this miracle that can’t happen. I’m waiting for the new update on the line for wins by USC I’m hoping that it’s 9.5 – praying for it actually. I’m sure that there will be at least 2/3 losses prior to the Notre Dame game & that will be another loss. At best 9-3 – 8-4 is my prediction. No offensive line to speak of is the first reason.2) 7 Trojans who will be drafted by NFL Teams that couldn’t beat an average 2 loss Oregon team at home. 3) Todd Orlando’s defense has a track record of diminished performance starting in year 2. 4) Too many new faces on defense replacing established NFL talent. False hope can be detrimental to oneself I know that personally due to who currently occupies the White House.

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      2. Scott used apathy in a sentence. Apathy is a lack of interest or concerns. Well outside of the family and friends, what does USC have to show the casual fan? I don’t mean the players, I mean the University? The administration has consistently ignored fans and reason. They have made the wrong move at every turn since Pete Carroll left.
        The fans have earned their apathy. They’re tired of asking for competent leadership. They’re no longer apathetic, they’re numb.
        I have a younger sister, I love her. I love her in spite of the fact that she wrecked my car trying to impress her boyfriend. I love her in spite of the time she gave my spare key to her boyfriend and let him steal my car. I love her even if she shocked gold class ring when gold became valuable. I love her but I’ll be damned if she would be allowed to wander free in my home.
        I love USC football but I doubt I’ll experience it live until the leadership learns to listen.

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  5. I’ve been saying this about 37 for years, this podcast proves it. Dexter Jackson was the MVP that year with 3 pics not Dwight Smith. Also Barrett Robbins checked out off his bipolar meds 2 days and went on a bender in TJ. Fans were drinking with him in a cantina saying “he sounded disoriented and kept on muttering the team put too much pressure on him before the game”.
    That year there was only 1 week before the Superbowl instead of the usual 2 weeks. So the pressure was building on Robbins, the Friday before the game. That’s why he was begging Callahan not to change the run game plan (that happened to work few years earlier a 45-0 blow out in Oakland vs Bucs)to a passing 60 times a game plan. He knew the Raiders were doomed. Sounds like Callahan threw the game or was told to. Smith points out the Raiders used Grudens plays from the year before WHICH the Raiders never ran during the season. He knew before the game that it was rigged and was keeping it real.
    Also another thing that worried me before the game as a Raiders fan. Was Gannon never really had a bad game during the season, including playoffs and was due to have one. Kind of like Maholmes in this years Superbowl. Total Raiders hose job!


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