Don’t Miss Out On The USC Drama

If you have not signed up for my new USC newsletter, you have missed two examples of coaching tension that show all is not well in paradise.

You can sign up for the newsletter here.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out On The USC Drama

  1. Dear Scott, I already signed up ! I appreciate your skill, talent and work ethic. I enjoy the geniuses such as #1)Michael, 2) Trojan1967,#3) Pudley #4)Rialto Trojan #5)Arturo #6) GT #7) Tim Leftwich #8) Sam Bam. Of course with something great there’s always 2 mental exceptions #1) Just Owns & #2) Tebow Obama both in dire need of mental assessments. I am truly grateful for your blog as it’s a great distraction for today’s society woes.Thanks Guarino (Italian Style)

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      1. I’m amazed at your proclivity to use such distraught vocabulary. I’m certain that it’s jealousy. It has been demonstrated that people who use profanity are of low- intelligence as it can be proven by measuring material possessions or paychecks or households..Thankfully I have been blessed with 2 wonderful children and most of the toys that I could dream of. If I had three wishes 1) end the Pandemic 2) A new football coach 3) enrolled you in Anger Management. Good luck to you buddy it seems like you desperately need it.

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      2. Bobby — Everyone thinks the same thought when they read you-know-who’s name: “Boy, I’m glad I’m not that guy.”

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      3. FU: So speaketh the expert on both. As your posts demonstrate time and again, cannot cure stupid. Now, go get us some beer.

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    1. Those names you mentioned above are 8 IDIOTS who are
      the worst kind of Trojans. Uneducated even if they are
      professionals with a hatred and sickness that is out of this
      world. What caused them to be racist conservative jerks?
      Dig a ditch and all get inside while dynamite is rolled into
      the large opening and blast off to Mars!


  2. What was the blogger’s last sign up/paid blog that failed called again? Something like “Morning Whispers” about football?



  3. I’m lowering my guess on number of new letter sign ups. I think it tops out at 11 max. Which just happens to be the number of times Scott has used the :Thanks Enfield” post.


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