Coach Bohn Is Fired Up!

USC chose to show Mike Bohn speaking to the basketball team after last night’s game.

“I’ve been to the tournament the last seven years in a row!” Bohn yells at the team.

Well, he didn’t go last year, but that’s unimportant.

I’m posting this because I wish he showed this passion in making sure football had the best possible head coach. Or when he met with Carol Folt to discuss firing Clay Helton.

13 thoughts on “Coach Bohn Is Fired Up!

  1. Yes, there isn’t a ton of riveting material to write about between games. Sure — Scott could always do “player profiles”, “coaching profiles”, etc…… but that’s why God invented Claudette Montana.
    Scott’s “thing” is controversy (he might have succeeded a bit to well in his last article —all my buddies going at each others’ throats). I liken Scott to the film and art critics who generate hardcore followings by going beyond their subject matter….and getting into behind the scenes gossip. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But it’s fun.
    And when it comes to having fun there just isn’t a better target than Bohn.

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  2. Scott got me with the headline. When I opened this on my iPhone it said, “Coach Bohn is fired

    Got my hopes up and dashed in one swipe.

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    1. The headline should have been clipped to read “Coach Bohn Is Fir-”



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    2. Thanks for the chuckle, RT.
      You must be a riot around the dinner table…..

      That said, I’m on record for supporting Bohn, and I still do so.
      He helped build a SUPER MBB program at CU Boulder before being fired.
      The FB fiasco at CU was not his fault. He seems to have done well at U
      Cincy. So, I’m giving him a few more years to rescue FB and help build MBB.
      Volley and Water Polo need to return to greatness on his shift also.

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  3. Coach Bohn received the following response from me in regards to reupping my season tickets. “I have no interest in purchasing season tickets until there is a major house cleaning in the entire football program.” I wonder how many others have the same sentiment.?


  4. Bohn: Looks and sounds like a used car salesman that is about ready to retire or better yet needs to retire. Please let me know what this guy has done for this university in a year besides hire a bunch of low end assistant coaches, retained the worst football coach in USC history, and now taking the credit for what has finally become a successful basketball program. Please remember Pat Haden hired Andy Enfield , and did have some good hires other than Helton, but 1 good hire is better than what Bone has done thus far.
    For sure if you want to buy a 1965 Used Ford Mustang in Top Condition, still under factory warranty, and low mileage please call : 1-800 Mike Bone Cal Worthington Ford—” Go see Mike”


  5. Basketball at SC is where it should be now. The success is due to Andy Enfield, and Jason Hart. Bone, has nothing to do with the current success of the program. USC Fans need to support this program now when fans are once again allowed to attend games. Our donors need to contribute to basketball now the football program is a waste of money until we get a coaching change at the top. Beat writers and blog owners need to stop the football gossip which is a waste of time, and that includes Scott Wolf, and Ryan Abraham. All the gossip, and rumors mean nothing until a new football coach is hired. Give USC basketball the credit they deserve for having a great season.


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