Saturday Notes: More Staff News

Oregon has promoted Kodi Look to director of football operations.

I’ve heard USC assistant Donte Williams, who knew her when he was at Oregon, was previously interested in hiring Look.

  • USC has hired former center Toa Lobendahn as a defensive graduate assistant.

Remember when Clay Helton said, “Toa is one of the loves of my life.”

  • USC received a commitment from three-star linebacker Ty Kana. He is from Katy, Texas, of course.
  • Why can’t USC spell the word “back” correctly? Did a teen-ager write this?

23 thoughts on “Saturday Notes: More Staff News

    1. This is THAT game I was talking about —the one where USC is gonna have to claw it’s way to victory in the second half against a good club….

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  1. Thanks Enfield!!

    A bit surprised AZ played so well even though their self imposed sanctions prevent them to go tournament.

    Let’s rebound against the Duck on Monday

    No snarky comments Wolf.

    Can’t win them all.

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      1. I want everybody to remember this loss came right after Bohn did his rah rah thing about “It’s all about the SEED!!!”

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  2. Lobendahn was the only player in recent memory that can be attributed to single handedly losing something like 3 games in the last season he played. But he was teacher’s pet. Now he gets rewarded again. The addition of staff from Texas has resulted in more competitiveness and reliance on performance not being teacher’s pet.

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    1. Agreed. (But) It’s more than the fact Toa never quite figured out how to snap the ball. It’s even more than the fact he cost J. T. precious seconds jumping to catch the snap or bending to scoop it off the ground.
      It’s the fact Toa’s attitude sucks.

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  3. No way USC wins the Pac 12 title now—Oregon next, then Utah and Colorado on the road, maybe Stanford, and UCLA on the road. . Today’s poor performance just gave the Pac 12 title away. Maybe 3rd or 4th place in the Pac 12 now. No defense today, and they let the Arizona point guard control the game. Very obvious this team needs a true point guard to be really good. Issiah Mobley, is very overated…Goodwin should be starting he at least has some sort of an offensive game, and rebounds well.

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  4. I was just babbling here about how SC has lucky breaks sure, but that it’s better to be lucky than good. Well maybe not so much.

    I saw UGLY, down three key players working hard to deny the entry pass and the outside shooters that are not normally consistent putting down some shots, and then attacking the basket with more ferocity than I had ever seen. I knew all that could be telling: the incredible talent we have inside can be really soft, the shooters from the outside streaky and inconsistent and not really consistent on making drives and sinking free throws.

    This is talent to make an NC run, but not if it has a low seed and a tough road. As with out FB, talent only takes you so far,- you gotta have coaching and a plan.

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    1. I had a feeling this weekend was gonna be make it or break it time for USC basketball. [And, even though I KNEW it wasn’t gonna be anything close to the dispositive factor in setting the tone for today’s game, I still got a knot in my stomach when I saw the team’s unenthusiastic reception to goofy Bohn playing cheerleading by jumping up & down saying, “It’s the Seed! It’s all about the Seed! Everyone understand that?! It’s the Seed” Coaches should never let pretenders anywhere near the team before critical games].

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      1. MG… “There’s a gleam, men. There’s a gleam. Let’s get the gleam” was alredy taken by the late Marty Schottenheimer…

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      2. SC has to win the next three games to get back their confidence and hopefully a lead in the conference. Oregon will be a very good team. They are very fast and take advantage of their speed.

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  5. Toa Lobendahn started off as the hot shot lineman because he was getting snaps at all three OL spots in camp. He might have been a smart player in that regard to know and play so many areas but the truth is he was SOFT at the end of his career getting blown up on the line with just one on one’s. Good for him but this guy doesn’t get me excited as a staff member. Where is Jeff Byers or fuck where is a Matt Grootegoed?
    Those guys are impact employees at any program. A good coach sniffs out these guys and doesn’t allow them to take a job at ASU. Chris Claiborne is a legend!

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  6. Allowing Clay Helton to continue to hire his syncophants and friends is just a bad look for USC. We started to bring in talented coaches with TO, but now we allow Graham Harrell to hire his friend Clay and then Helton hires Toa? What a bad taste that leaves. I just hope Bohn gives Helton enough rope to hang himself.

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