Friday Notes: USC Has Money To Burn

USC might be many things but it is not cheap, depending who you are, of course.

USC has hired Jeff Martin of LSU as its director of scouting/player relations. His title at LSU was lead personnel analyst/player development. Since you have already read the breathless reports from the usual suspects, let me add something new to this hire:

A USC source tells me Martin will be paid around $150,000.

That might be a six-figure raise from what he made at LSU. Remember if someone tells you USC needs a donation, it really doesn’t. Unless it needs to buy out Clay Helton.

  • Big news for USC students this afternoon as Carol Folt announced the university is “planning for a full return to campus for the Fall semester, with in-person classes and residential life.”

So far, USC is the only California university to announce this.

Folt also said the Coliseum might be used for a commencement ceremony.

“(We may use the) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for an in-person event with limited guests in addition to hosting an immersive virtual celebration. Please note our in-person planning includes the class of 2020.”

62 thoughts on “Friday Notes: USC Has Money To Burn

      1. It’s like I’ve always told my kids, “If you go into coaching at UCLA when you grow up, always remember: if you waste a lot of money on do-nuts, you won’t have enough left over to pay your players. You can only spend those dollars once…”

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      2. The problem is SUCC graduates Stupid Sh*ts like you Pisley at almost 40% more than UCLA’s 4/5 year tuition.

        UCLA is the #1 rated public Univ. in the US; Clown U, is the # 67th rated private Univ. SUCC wants to be like Stanford – Fat chance.

        UCLA is located in Westwood; SUCC is located in a LA Urban Ghetto.

        UCLA Medical Centers/Hospitals are world renowned; Clown U’s Hospital specializes in blunt force trauma and gunshot wound emergencies.

        Education matters at UCLA; only FB matters at Clown U.

        Alabama 52 – bozo FB 6 and no TD’s.


      3. “ UCLA Medical Centers/Hospitals are world renowned; Clown U’s Hospital specializes in blunt force trauma and gunshot wound emergencies…”

        Yup. I remember the one about trying to prove making meds with expired components was okay, even without the knowledge of patients or approval from the fda…

        And I’m sure it’s be nice to brag on location, but it is only government subsidized housing as the university hasn’t figured out how to pay for itself…

        And don’t let the fact that sow tried a “buy1 get4” special to fill up the stadium and ended up with under 20,000…

        So much to want to emulate….

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  1. “A USC source tells me Martin will be paid around $150,000.”

    Median home price in LA is about $800K, then there is prop tax of about $10K per year, maybe private school tuition for his kids. $150K doesn’t go that far in our fair city.

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    1. When they asked him how much are you getting he should have said a bigger number. If they offered him 150k without knowing his actual current deal he should have said “you know LSU pays me more than that when you figure the California/Los Angeles expenses to live”. That just might have gotten him a nice bump to 250k. I say that because we seem to be in the business hiring the “best” coaches that are not HC, OC, or DC.
      Ed Orgeron was knowingly underpayment the guy and thought he couldn’t lose a coach to USC.
      Either way he won’t be going out very much in Los Angeles.

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      1. It depends on his personal life. If he is not married and doesn’t have children, he could find a place to rent for around $3k. U get a roommate, and now you are down to $1500 per month. It is very expensive to live here in LA.


      2. That’s correct. And he may be young with his career first and yet to start a family with stability his goal before that. Still glad we got one from Ed O. The Louisiana media was making this out to be a lot bigger than over here so we must’ve did pretty well.


  2. Some Needs to Step Up and BUYOUT Gomer Claydo HE’ll ton CONTRACT to kick him m out the door. .. So USC can Hire A TOP Level Football Coach to make USC Play 4 Quarters of Football like Alabama does…. with making No Stupid mistakes like Gomer He’ll Ton does


  3. Maybe LSU stands for “Little Schools United” that’s why he came so cheap. Any lower and he’d be a teacher. But not to worry he can pick up a grocery job with $15 per hour and all the bruised and blemished fruit he can eat.

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  4. Hey Rialto! If you and that man you married make sooo much money then why don’t you and your fellow Trumptards on this blog put up Heltons buyout??? Oh right maybe you are the one working at food 4 less 😂😂😂


    1. Hey FY, really you have used 8 different email addresses today between two stories. I know a couple are completely fake, but at least three of them have ip addresses that are real. Would you mind saving me the trouble of figuring which one is your work?
      Now before you respond I fully expect a full dump of your vocabulary so have at it. Make me want to cancel you. You can blame your unemployment on Covid .


      1. If you are the computer genius then figure it out! Get off your knees and wipe the jizz from your lips and figure it out. You spineless wimp! You could just meet me at USC so I can rip your heart out of your chest! Or is the area too rough for you? Fuckin faggot ass bitch know you not gonna do shit!


    2. FU, your pedicurist called. Wants to know if you still want to go with the pink. Told her no as it would clash with your tutu. Enjoy
      your strawberry daiquiri.


  5. So it looks like Helton made a hire. Get this. Toa is coming back to USC as an Offensive grad assistant. Only Helton could make a hire this bad. What could he possibly do to help the offense, work with centers on their snaps?

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    1. Fairly unbelievable hire.
      It’s not that Toa snapped the ball over J. T’s head, it’s not the fact he dribbled the ball to J. T. and J. T. lost time having to watch the ball on the ground —–it’s the fact that Toa repeatedly LAUGHED about it in interviews (“Yeah, sorry, J. T. Ha, ha!”).

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      1. 67 — Helton actually TOLD him it was okay to roll the ball to J. T. so he could concentrate on blocking —and Helton actually TOLD J. T. to bend his knees at each snap to be ready to pick the ball up of the grass —poor J. T. always lost a second or two trying to scoop the ball up before he could even begin going through his progressions…..

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    2. Hey Helton had to draw the line somewhere [ with all the new hires] and show that it’s his staff and that he’s going to add his people to it. So there!

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      1. Unfortunately, Dr. Evil, that’s exactly right. Helton wanted to put his special “stamp” on the staff. And, boy, has he!
        When Dan Weber asked Toa why he couldn’t get the ball to J. T. and Toa said he just couldn’t get the hang of it …and, then, laughed… I finally understood why each team disrespects the shit outta him: he let’s guys get away with stuff NO other coach would put up with.


  6. USC is opening up next year because they need the dollars from tuition, room and board and everything else a student pays for.

    I wonder how the campus hooking up culture is going to be in the time of COVID. Will the coeds shut down all access or will being young and carefree lead to a free for all, as college should be?


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      1. Mike here’s an ending.
        I remember when I was 14. We were 19-0 and had a huge lead in the last game of the year and our pitcher starts getting smacked and he’s shaking his head saying “we’re gonna lose, I’m blowing it”. So the bases loaded with no outs and I get called in from short to close it out after he asks to come out the game.. Good buddy of mine but a pussy when things went wrong. The lead was double digits but they tied it up now because our coach tried to let him finish and now we have a game…….
        Bottom of the 6th (last inning).
        I’m a Shortstop but have junk and could pitch so I was ready and threw a no hitter earlier in the year against this team.
        Oh I forgot to mention it’s the second game of a doubleheader because we are making up a game and they are 0-19 after losing the first game.
        There’s no outs. Bases juiced.
        I strike the first two batters out.
        Next batter is there best hitter and a good friend of mine.
        It’s a battle. He swings and misses a few times and fouls of a bunch and its now full count. Long at bat.
        So two outs now, last game, last inning, undefeated so far, full count and have to throw something by him or it’s over because I didn’t want to walk in the winning run. So I throw a fast ball and it was supposed to be high and inside but it’s over the plate. It got away from me and I knew as soon as I let it go that I fucked up an he smacks it out the park. Game over.
        Celebrations on the field and in the stands by their parents LOL.
        That made their summer I guess.

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      2. Oh, shit. I love that story, Sam (wish it had a happy ending, though) ….

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      1. Nice stuff, 67! [That system has worked for us from the beginning….. hope it’s allowed to continue….. not just for the guys making millions….but for everybody who wants to prove their worth in the marketplace]…..

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      2. MG, absolutely. The power of open and competitive markets. In so many countries, Sark would never have had another chance to do this.

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      3. Yes! It is a theoretical possibility that everything might turn out okay….

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      4. Ha!
        [Special feature: They can even be stored and examined at a later date w/o local election officials claiming examination violates “the proprietary rights” of foreign companies]…..

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  7. Come on Scott. There are plenty of things to bash at USC, but this is probably another positive step forward.

    I personally think that Bohn has just about solved one side of the problem (defense) and needs to focus on offense now. I’m no fan of the Graham Harrell air raid, but maybe he can reinvent it with a run game and some form of RPO so that it is not so simplistic.

    My guess is that GH has been given one year to solve the offensive issues. If not, Helton GH are gone and we get a new OC and HC. I’m wondering if Helton is really even considered a HC by the rest of the staff at this point?

    Stiner was a key part of getting this team on track. The challenge of getting players in shape after a year of COVID is going to make a real difference on the playing field next year.

    Bohn needs to push to have Notre Dame and BYU scheduled early in the season, along with ASU, so that he can get a read on whether the offense has taken a step forward or not. Pac-12 competition is not a sufficient test for the team. If not, we need to fire Helton and GH mid-season, so we can get a new HC committed and get other staff that will be able to recruit for a real turnaround the following year.

    Goal should be to beat Oregon in recruiting and hit the top 5 in the nation. 10-2 should be the minimum bar for this season. Anything less is failure.

    I see good things happening, albeit slowly under Bohn.

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  8. Americans are Brainwashed most people are Followers you go along with what they tell you. .. this the TRUTH which most people can not handle the Truth. …while the Democratic Party has POWER to controll America making America WEAK…. China gave the World the VIRUS. .. and Half the people in the United States Voted of HATRED most people are controlled by HATRED. If There was No No VACCINE then most people would be Frikkin

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      1. It REALLY is all eyes on us…

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