USC Morning Buzz: Some Positions Cry Out For Immediate Help

USC’s had an active transfer market but the Trojans’ greatest need — an offensive tackle — has not yet been filled. And they could use a linebacker too.

Those positions require transfers more than wide receiver or tailback, where USC brought players in already.

The best offensive tackles in the portal — Wanya Morris, Doug Nester — went to Oklahoma and West Virginia, respectively.

The best linebacker in the portal, ironically, might be Palaie Gaoteote, who could return to USC, but would it make a difference if he did? Penn State linebacker Lance Dixon is in the portal but USC doesn’t seem to be involved yet.

It’s worth discussing this because there are some fans who already forgot what the team looked like last season and just throw out compliments about next year’s expectations. But something needs to change with the offensive line, and to a lesser extent, linebacker.

And that’s just a start because some other positions will be weaker no matter what, like safety.

  • Rick Caruso has put his Malibu home up for sale. He wants $40 million.

30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Some Positions Cry Out For Immediate Help

    1. Speaking of crying out for help, there’s a report that gotroll22 has suffered another meltdown over Sleepy Joe Biden mopping the floor with Trump in the 2020 election and gotroll22 is on his way down to MAGAstan, FL to see what’s really going on.




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  1. This just in there was a BB game last night and they put Oregon in ICU. I guess trying to find a negative slant on transfer portal is much more important. The win even scared Owns. Thanks Enfield!

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      1. Pudly —UCLA’s trip to Oregon a couple days before our showdown could be beneficial to us in a few different ways……

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      2. I’m just wondering why the ruins don’t make up all their canceled games?? What are they afraid of?
        They’ll finish the season having played fewer games than many of the teams including us…

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      3. Pudly — I guess you missed last week’s eye opening Daily Bruin article: the team was polled as to whether they wanted to make up their cancelled games …. the vote came back a unanimous ‘no, we’re good with things the way they are’……

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      4. Colorado is a big game. It’ll show that Enfield can win one for the first time in Boulder but It’ll show everyone that he’s becoming a good basketball coach by not tripping up and handling buisness on the road and winning as the better team should. It may clinch the conference. A lot invested in this one.


      5. Yeah winning at altitude is hard and facing a good team in their home at that altitude is even tougher…
        Then we have stanfurd again next week to….


      6. We had Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead Rim of the World in our league when I was in High School. Pretty cool hitting a baseball up in that thin air.

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      7. I agree. Definitely two different games physically and mentally. TD t
        We took my son’s travel ball team to the Tukwet Canyon Golf Club last Saturday to use the driving range and putting greens as a “team bonding” kind of thing and while it was fun for them I couldn’t wait for the day to end. It wasn’t a bad experience but I immediately felt that even if I was any good in the sport I still can’t get into it and it’s not my kind of game.

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      8. I appreciate your posts- PUDLY! I am truly hoping that Drew Peterson seems to have found his game. I’m thinking he might be best as the 6th man. I’m hoping that Isiah Mobley can find his – we’ll need it sooner than later. Shot of the night belongs to Max Agbonkpolo ( his three cancelled a huge Oregon “ Run”.) Colorado has beaten us 5 times in a row- would be a huge win for us “ Beat the Buffs “ Thanks Enfield!

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      9. Isaiah has been taking a lot of grief lately and I’m not entirely sure it’s deserved, especially in 3 or 4 of the last few games, excepting zona…he’s avg’d 11pts and 9 rebs. Not bad numbers really. And a couple blocks now and then, which really help keep the opposing guards out of the lane.. Don’t think anyone would mistake him for his brother, but he’s not exactly a chopped liver.


    1. The Trojans will lose in the 1st round of whatever BB tourney they get into…so yeah.

      USC can’t buy a thrill, they’ll do it again and lose early.


  2. “Some positions cry out for immediate help?” I thought it might be a jab at the head coach, but I guess the headline would have been, “Some positions Scream for help.”
    I am becoming a one song singer like the band Steam. I can’t wait to sing their hit for Helton. (Look it up)

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  3. for some reason this guy who seems to have “inside” info on everything sc doesn’t even know there was an oregon game on, but if sc had lost he will be the first to report.

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  4. At the linebacker position they have two really good, but young players coming in. And they hopefully get back some of the injured linebackers. EA never performed in games, best that he is gone. Mauga looked good at the end of last year.

    The defensive line could be incredible this year. Bigger area of need in my mind is safety, where they have to replace Hufunga. I think the new secondary has enough players, although young, to be OK in the Pac-12, but not against real competition like Notre Dame.

    Offensive line is the real big question with this team.

    My guess is that Bohn has given Graham Harrell the rope to hang himself and Helton. If the new Clay cant create a decent o-line, then it is a perfect excuse to get rid of every coach not named Colbert on the offensive side of the ball. Defensive staff is just fine.

    Yes, Helton needs to be replaced, but let’s not over-estimate the problems at SC. The defensive recruiting last year was superb. And they have two really good QB prospects in case Slovis is injured or still has some problem, like last year.

    The new strength coach is an important step forward also.


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