USC Coaching Harmony 101

If you haven’t signed up for the USC newsletter, here’s an excerpt from one item:

During a game last season, a coordinator did something Clay Helton did not like, and I’m told at halftime, Helton said, “This is my program and I’m in charge. We’ll do it my way.”

The coaching source who told me this said the coordinator listened begrudgingly but he wasn’t sure how much he respected Helton when he said it. He didn’t challenge Helton, however, and moved on.

This tension is always simmering beneath the surface and will continue this season with Helton on the hot seat.

25 thoughts on “USC Coaching Harmony 101

      1. Good team, yes, but they seem to really struggle on the road. Glad it was played here. If the guards hit the jump shots, good things happen.

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  1. Not to defend Clay, he is no good and everyone knows, but this happens on almost every sideline in a season. Coaches disagree, yell, fight, etc. it’s part of the deal.

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  3. Uncle Phil Knight. Nike and Univ of Oregon CEO is not happy tonight with the Ducks basketball loss. Gotta give Enfield and his players alot of credit for taking it to the Ducks physically. I was also totally shocked by the outcome but very happy. Our players looked very small physically against what looked like an NBA Development Team group of players who all look over 30 physically. Every year Dana Altman under Phil’s supervision and wallet brings in NBA bound 1 year grad transfers with big promises, and so far this year it is back firing. Our Trojans played with alot of heart tonight, and you probably noticed the team played better without Issiah Mobley, and Goodwin getting more well deserved minutes. Issiah Mobley, is slow,, can’t shoot, and is vastly overrated so he should be coming off the bench at best replacing the starter Goodwin. Colorado, is up next, and that game will be as tough if not tougher than tonight. A split on the road is a necessity if Pac 12 title are to remain alive. Hard to believe Oregon basketball has not been invesTigated by the NCAA, UCLA has not played Oregon, and the Pac 12 should make both teams play each other at least once to be fair.

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  4. I once had a book “Ventriloquism for fun and profit” written by Paul Winchell. It was fun but not profitable, however I did learn how to manipulate dummies.
    I’m thinking the picture above “the crucified Helton” pose is achieved by a simple down pull cord which may also change the dummy’s facial expression. It is entirely possible the mouth gaping pose is a function of a broken wire allowing the springs to pull his mouth open.
    I could be wrong.


  5. “Phil Knight’s money can buy unis, but it can’t buy wins.” ~’67

    Hey ’67, just remember you said money can’t buy wins next time you start whining about Big Daddy Gilbert and UCLA BB.


    1. Gilbert under the table payments. Let me say it again for the thick— shady, under the table payments. And St. John W did not know a single thing about it ( not). One of the great frauds in college sports history.

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  6. this is how hot/cold hot/cold teams play…this road trip will show if sc is for real,which I hope they are; and Enfield and coaches must have a game plan and possible variations to adjust which they did not vs arizona,like switching to a zone to mix it up vs quicker/more physical arizona …you can bet colorado and utah will have something special for sc; then the clincher is vs ucla. They must win all 3.

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  7. a win there would be nice but if they win other they win Pac 12 and a top seed at Pac12 tourney…a loss would be detrimental to top 25 and ncaa tourney…I think theyalso need to win pac12 tourney for a good ncaa seed…Don’t think Pac12 will get more than 2,maybe 3 into ncaa tourney…ucla, maybe colorado or oregon …


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