A No-Excuse Offense

So often when you hear Clay Helton or Graham Harrell, they make excuses for why they can’t run the ball or score more from the red zone or maybe use field position as an excuse.

Which is why I present this chart on Alabama’s offense.


  • USC dropped to No. 19 in the Associated Press Top 25 poll.

20 thoughts on “A No-Excuse Offense

      1. No doubt, they are a machine. Their number of passing plays in the championship game looked more like USC (close to 60% passing), than what ‘Bama did the regular season, but I guess Ohio State was willing to give up the long pass on D. ‘Bama really seems like a team without a weakness.

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  1. SC is living on an excuse ever since Helton took over. He has had 14 excuses by firing coaches. His team has only one tough game and that was Penn St. Someone needs to put this in front of Helton and let him read it. SC’s offense used to be this good in the late 70’s and wiht Pete’s teams. Now you have a brtoken down offense with only three wheels instead of four. bama has 4 wheel drive.

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  2. We all agree that we are no good and it’s Clays fault, But….comparing our offense to one of the best in the history of college football is crazy. Alabama’s offense might be better than our best ever. NFL guys everywhere, literally everywhere with greatest coach ever. Just not a fair fight.

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    1. Yep, then again, that is Scottie. The way ‘Bama played in the championship game, I doubt there was any college team that day who would have been close to competitive.

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  3. Good stuff Scottie as always! I think you should give USC basketball more space on your blog.
    Ex; Predict tonight’s final score- USC vs. Oregon
    My prediction is Oregon 84 USC 72. Oregon has better talent. Have you seen them play- all their players look like they are 32 years old. Big physical players vs. USC talent but lack of physical play so Oregon will kill them on the glass. The Oregon guards are big also at 6’6 and 6’7. The USC program will have a tough time winning their last 5 games, but we all must admit the program is on the upswing finally. Nike University – led by Phil Knight controls the Pac 12 it is amazing they are never on probation with a 100% Nike Funded Athletic Dept.

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    1. The Quacks have had a hard time scoring on the road, but agree that Trojans need to improve, hit more shots and have better ball movement than they did against AZ.

      Second that about the Nike money machine and how the quack’s NCAA violation radar jammer seems to work well for them every year.

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      1. LOL ’67.

        Like Evan Mobley signed with SUCC BB for free because he wanted to attend a private, white-bread Univ. situated in a urban ghetto. Sure would love to know what EM’s old man is pulling down per year. But that won’t happen because SUCC is private and that makes easier to pay bozo players.

        Ragging on Nike’s support of Oregon is just BS SUCC hypocrisy.

        EM would have been better off signing with the G League. Should Andyain’twinning trip, stumble and fall down the stretch, the bozo skunk stink will stick to EM.


  4. In USC’s case the headline is reversed. No-offense excuse. USC can’t score because of three things. First; predictability the coaching staff has one script due to lack of experience or willingness to change. Next; the lack of physical ability to move opposing lineman off the line, due to poor training and lack of experience. Finally Clay Helton is coach, he wouldn’t know a football if he had one jammed up his ass far enough to fill in the gaps of his smile with its white stripe.

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  5. USC must shoot over 50% to have a chance tonight. The Ducks will control the boards push both Mobley’s right off the block, and control the game from the inside. Everyone of their players looks like they are 32 years old looks like an NBA Development League team or the best Uncle Phil could buy. Physical play will be the difference in this game bottom line Oregon has the best talent once again in the Pac 12, but SC is getting closer and closer each year. Wish I could say SC wins that game but I don’t think so.

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  6. Bama’s offense isn’t that special. It is just a lot of talent playing traditional power football that can beat you with blocking and talent at the OL, TE/FB, and Blocking RBs,- they are relying on better talent to whip your ass. Opponents get desperate to stop the runs and short passes with better blocking and talent, so they cheat, overloading. That makes it easy for Bama or any other talented team to do some play action and pick up passing yards with an array of skill player mismatches who have plenty of time and can get YAC. That’s also USC football, only USC did it far better at one point. This is the football that is played by blue blood programs that get the best players.

    You could take a number of old school Big Ten coaches and plug them in just like Saban from MSU to Bama. Saban understands his advantages and isn’t trying to reinvent football. Saban isn’t a genius, or even a great motivator, he’s a stickler, he’s a grinder and he’s consistent. At MSU that’s a good coach, at Bama that’s great coach. At USC that would also be a great coach.

    Bama’s defense just in general doesn’t beat itself. There aren’t busted plays and bad angles and stupid penalties. They do what they need as the opponent goes down the field, taking chances in one part of the field, keeping things in front in another, and then they clamp down on run defense in the redzone. Some DCs act like they can one do one thing on defense every part of the field, every situation.

    We’ve seen Bama beaten and regularly with its back against the ropes, but as long as they keep the talent and stability they’ll get a shot for a NC, just like maybe the other top three teams.

    If you put any of 20 coaches at USC you’d have a better team winning more championships, but SC the school is a basket case. It doesn’t want to win at FB.

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  7. SC has been upgrading the recruiting efforts substantially. This is an area where SC should excel given the school’s academic rep, alumni network, media exposure, etc.

    This year is the last year for GH and Helton to prove the air raid can work. If not, they are gone. It will happen. Bohn is not perfect, but he is a real AD and will continue to move the program forward step by step.

    TO is doing good things on defensive side of ball, although he might need another year to get it all together. Frankly, I’m taking the long view, if they turnaround by 2022-23, that is fine with me.


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