USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC students

After paying full tuition for this virtual school year, they were informed that USC is planning “in-person classes and residential life” in 2021-22.

USC men’s water polo

The Trojans defeated No. 2-ranked UCLA, 9-4, Sunday to improve their overall record to 4-7.

Jeff Martin

Another LSU refugee who wanted to move to Southern California and he gets to make six figures doing it as director of scouting.

Dennis Thurman

The former USC All-American is defensive coordinator at Jackson State, which won 53-0 on Sunday. Hopefully, he was happier than Deion Sanders after the game.


USC social media

A tone-deaf tweet one day and saying USC is “backkk” another day. Just a normal week for the strange, social media dept.

United Airlines

The airline said it was “voluntarily & temporarily removing 24 Boeing 777 aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney 4000 series engines.” United Airlines Field has a new meaning now after leaving part of the engine in the front yard.

Mike Bohn

If Mike Garrett had been filmed lecturing the basketball team about their NCAA Tournament seeding, can you imagine the reaction?

UCLA baseball

The No. 2-ranked baseball team in the nation opened its season dropping two of three games to USF. That’s San Francisco, not South Florida.

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30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. UCLA Baseball is no bigger loser than Andyain’twinning. Face it SUCCster’s, bozo BB lost, at HOME Saturday, to AZ, a team the Bruins defeated by 14 point the previous Thursday.

      UCLA is also a winner this week after sweeping the AZ BB teams to move into a first place tie with the losers bozos.

      The scheduled final 5 game Pac-12 run to the wire should be exciting. Will Andyain’twinning handle the big boy pressure or fade down the stretch? Will Andyain’twinning resort to more false positive CV-19 tests to delay tough games?

      The bozos play Oregon tonight at SUCC’s barn. Stay tuned Clownster’s.


  1. Mr. Martin will soon find out that $150,000 doesn’t go far in So Cal, so I don’t know if I’d call him a “winner”


    USC grad Sydney Kamlager. She’s the author of AB-609

    The gutties lost 2 of 3 to USF ? To quote the great Tom Kelly ” OH MERCEY NURSE !!! :

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  2. USC would be in the playoffs next year if we hired any coach from pac12 not named Chip or Clay.

    I’m kidding but damn they stink up cfb for los angeles.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I agree. We have talent no question. The Oline is and will always be a mystery as long as Helton is in charge. The Dline could be dangerous this season if we can get Jackson to play similar to his freshman year and Foreman is as advertised. They would draw multiple blockers opening up lanes for easy penetration.


      2. I’m sorry 67- but the Pandemic is affecting your mental well-being. I’ll be nice & say USC(university of secondary coaching) . Go back and take another look at the Cotton Bowl since that game not one quality win) look at NFL rosters the last 5 years how much talent that has been wasted. I’m smelling the Vegas books with what Usc projected win total will be 8-4 maybe 9-3 at best- if USC wins the PAC-12 championship Stay up & greet Santa Claus on the night of the 24th.67- I deeply appreciate your optimism for my wants I hope that it’s 7-5 losses 1) Notre Dame 2) Oregon 3)Washington 4) Arizona State. 5) BYU or UCLA & Bohn is forced to fire Moron- Period!


    1. Talk about stink: Oregon 31 – SUCC’s 24 at the crumbling mausoleum.

      Foul stink: After their humiliating Pac-12 Championship loss, SUCC announces it will decline Bowl invitations.

      Further stench: WTF happened to the bozo FB bimbo boast: “Any team, anywhere, anytime.”

      I smell rotting mackerel.


      1. Hey BruinRob, was that anything like Brett Hundley Day when Stanford curb stomped UCLA at the Rose Bowl again, to knock them out of the Pac 12 title game?

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  3. Memo to: The intellect atrophied, Dear Pisley

    Wow, what a cool “yo’ mama shot” from a large SUCC POS.

    Dear Pisley, the epitome of Clown U class


      1. What kid’s injuries do I “openly” cheer. Don’t be a larger AH than you already are by spreading blatant lies. It’s true Dear Pisley, that if a loaded cement truck crushed your crumbling mausoleum gopher hole that I might grin.

        But you’re not a kid Pisley, you’re a loose, wet turd.


      2. Should I list two to start…

        Slovis and Barkley. How’s that you liar. You’ve been doing it for years. You such a wimp. Doing it is lowbrow enough, not having the balls to stand by it, ruinesque


      3. Notice how JO tries to play innocent. And, yes, JO, everyone here has read your low class (even that is too generous a description) posts. How low you can sink is the only question..but then comes along another post where you sink even lower.

        Liked by 1 person

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