USC Picture Of The Day

I ran some classic photos this week and here’s one from the 1974 USC-Cal game.

You’ve got Cal wearing its “C” on helmets in a simple but distinct look and the partially obstructed guy on the left with the popular single-bar down middle face mask. And USC wearing the uniform many still find the Trojans’ best. I’m not even going to let the fact Pat Haden’s helmet looks too big ruin this photo.

24 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. If Cal75 is in the building, are those uniforms above a one-off, or just the away game unis? I recall Joe Roth wearing what was a blue jersey and gold pants, which would have been the same era, but I don’t recall anything like the above.

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    1. Damn, I am in the bldg. I do not remember those unis. That’s my senior season. 7 guys on that team were drafted. I’m up in the mountains right now. Gonna have to put the wine glass down and put my thinking cap on. I know most of these reprobates.

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      1. 67,
        “You Are Our Only Hope.” Isn’t that what Carrie Fisher said to Obie Wan Kenobi?

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    2. Well done, Michael. I was a college frosh when that movie came out, with Carrie Fisher in that “unusual” hair style, speaking through R2-D2 to Alec Guinness…IMO, original is still the best one, despite the enormous tech video advances since 1977.

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      1. Yep. And either Dr. No or From Russia with Love was the best James Bond (despite the enormous tech advances).
        btw, I bet Carrie Fisher —who was enormously witty and an extremely talented writer — found it amusing her slave girl poster was voted one of the 3 or 4 best pieces of cheesecake in film history. Probably not what she set out to achieve….

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  2. I don’t remember the ‘74 game at the Coliseum, but I do remember the ‘75 game in Berkeley. Cal wore the same uniforms as in the photo except they had blue jerseys. I also remember Chuck Muncie was a beast and ran all over the Trojans that day. I think Cal won 28-14. And they had those sweet gold helmets with a block “C”.

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      1. I think they lost the last 4 games that season, did McKay tell them he was leaving before that? Perhaps that game against Cal was the only game where there was an RB as tough as Ricky Bell.

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      2. Coach McKay made the mistake of telling the team he was leaving after they beat Notre Dame…… broke their hearts…

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  3. Well then… you’re screwed. Lol. 58 is Kim Staskus. Running back at Homestead H.S. in Los Altos. 29 TDs as a senior H.S. in 71. Cal State heavy weight wrestling champion in high school. He played at 6’1″ & 227. Little heavier than me but shorter. Mike White moved him to Sam in 72. Too slow as a RB. My drinking buddy in school even if he was a SAE. He was our own Burt Reynolds. I was happy with his cast offs, lol. Went to law school in L.A. Brother Mike was an attorney in Orange county DAs office. About 77, I was working at Grubb & Ellis Commercial & flew to S.D. with my future Pi Phi wife and we played Torrey Pines. He shot par.
    I’m pretty sure Weiss is at the bottom of the pile. He was a left prop on the Blues. I was the Lock behind him. Thee craziest person on the planet. Split his head wide open in a Blues game, gushing blood and refused to come out. Rugby, you come out. You’re out for the half. 60sec injury TO and he wrapped his head like a mummy and right back in. My senior year at Ivan’s batch party, he was so drunk he fell off his 3, yes 3 story bldg, hit the 2″ railing on the first floor and continued one more story down into the underground parking. Walked away.
    Herm Edwards was on that team before he exited to an easier school.
    We were having s.o.m.e. problems with guys reading at the 3rd grade level… NCAA found Isaac Curtis could barely write his name. Hey, nobody’s perfect. No bowl in 75 even if we cleaned the clock of a certain SoCal school that year. To be continued.

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      1. Good question Mr Owns. Ray Wilsey recruited him. IIRC, silvered at Munich 72 in the 100. Fast dude. Someone ratted us out. Probably furd.
        *I have to come clean. I can barely remember college. I have good recall of my own experiences. My diaries got tossed years ago. Like living next door to Jerry Mathers (the beav) or when I was installed as the anchor leg on our Old Blues drinking team(quite an honor—practice, practice, practice) my recall is subject to scrutiny.

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      2. The same way Billy Don Jackson, A.K.A. Billy Don Dumb Dumb, got into UCLA. Hey BruinRob, did you see your #2 Pre-Season ranked baseball team lost two out of three to USF? Proving my theory that everytime UCLA has a team with any type of expectations they spit the bit in true Bruin fashion.

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      3. T67,
        My fraternity roomie, did his residancy at Keck. Now an extraordinary Dr and developed the Da Vinci robotic laser used for, among others surgeries, prostate cancer. Very famous surgeon.


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    1. Yep –me and my buddies caught it at the great old Fox Venice when it came out….& we couldn’t believe we were seeing a movie hero kick a guy when he was down and gouges his eyes when he got back up. [That fight ends even MORE brutally in the book —in fact, there’d be no way it could even get filmed in the 60’s].
      Note: When they premiered From Russia W/Love on ABC, network policy required cutting out every frame of “contact” in Bond’s battle with Grant. Naturally the edited fight made no sense. It was a real pisser since the TV Guide had reminded everybody they were about to see “one of the greatest fights in film history.”

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  4. OK, let me soberly add some sunlight
    Isaac Curtis did not silver. He was not enrolled at Cal when the track team won the NCAA 440 relay. Somebody forgot to tell the coach. Nice move. Our gold down the drain. He was responsible for the Isaac Curtis rule NFL, 1st 5yds bump/run then it was a penalty.
    SC won the pac-8 in 74 when the photo took place. Cal lost to SC but finished the season at 10-2. SC finished very high nationally. Cal75 included the 74 game as part of my senior season but my sole contribution was teaching drinking lessons.
    The 75 game in its entirety can be pulled up on YouTube. That is when Coach McKay bid adeu Adrienne. Roth, Muncie, Bell all have passed away God rest their soles.
    Curtis and Edwards fled to SD State because of NCAA heat coming. Fuck em.

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