Sunday Buzz: Crosstown Rivalry Heats Up

You know USC beat UCLA in football and the first meeting in men’s basketball.

But some other sports are not carrying their weight recently. Men’s water polo plays UCLA today and is only 1-2 against the Bruins this season. Men’s volleyball is 1-2 vs. UCLA after dropping two matches in the past three days. Women’s basketball is 0-1 vs. UCLA.

No one really pays attention anymore to the former “Gauntlet” competition between the schools but the past few weeks haven’t been great for USC.

  • Freshman pitcher Jaden Agassi threw two scoreless innings Friday night in a 3-2 victory over Loyola Marymount. Agassi is the son of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.

49 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Crosstown Rivalry Heats Up

    1. Well, well the re-tweet queen is back. We missed you Pisley last night when discussing SUCC’s FUMBLE at the barn vs AZ. Now as I recall Pisley, prior to Andyain’twinning ugly AZ’s loss, you couldn’t keep your loud mouth shut about bozo BB. Now you’re stupid silent – surprise, surprise.

      What’s up with that Douche Bag? Andyain’twinning got your tongue? LOL – Choka, choka, choka, choka, choke at HOME!

      Did the Pisley bozo BB POS bandwagon blow a gasket?


      1. My dear friend Owns —it seems like yesterday someone was saying something about “pride cometh before the fall.”
        Special Note to My Friend Pudly: I love seeing what Andy is doing with this team —but I didn’t like seeing Bohn saying, “it’s ALL about the seed.” There is a chance we won’t get a great seed —and so what?! It’s ALL about playing the best basketball we can.

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      2. Poor little guy…read my morning posts to you on that page you twerp. I have a life outside my basement, unlike you, and had fun last night before coming home late to watch the game. But the funny thing is how sow wannabe acts like I said we wouldn’t lose again. I challenge you to show me, because I never said that. And the funniest of all is that the basketball school wannabe alumn acts as if we’re the basketball school now taking great pride in the accomplishments of others in doing what his wannabe school can’t and hasn’t been able to to do under its new coach. What’s that you ask??? It’s beat it’s crosstown rival..
        Hahahahaha 💋✌🏾✌️✌🏾


      3. You’re a .500 team in the last 6 games aren’t you??

        Choka-choka-choka 💋

        Tied for 3rd in wins
        Tied for third in losses

        I could go on…


      4. If they had an all loser team, JOwns, would be both co-captains. Think of is a Bruin fan who hangs out at a USC blog. How pathetic is that. And as a sample of his sparking wit he writes USC as SUCC. Geez, how clever you are! Wow, you are really hurting our feelings. Now, go get us some beer and be quick about it. And some pretzels while you are at it.

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  1. CA gets involved in student NIL compensation and more… this could be deadly for sow and Kal who can’t make ends meet as it is.

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    1. Well if that bill passes it is quite simple this is what you will see at Cal, UCLA, Stanford, USC, San Jose state, Fresno State, and San Diego St. (All D1 institution that play football. You will see them keep football and basketball, for men, basketball for women (which is a push in scholarships) and keep enough women’s sports to make up for the 85 scholarships for football. That’s it. (Remember this is revenue sharing after the scholarship accounting is done, not profit sharing(they will have to take these actions to stay afloat). So all costs of doing business, putting on competitions, travel, medical, etc will come out of the schools 50%) Dropping all other sports for men and women and also taking just enough walk-ons in the women’s sports that are kept to field teams, most likely not competitive due to the lack of depth. This will annihilate millions of opportunities for students to participate in sports at the college level over the next decade. And yes it will destroy almost as many opportunities for women as men. (looks like a class action suite waiting to happen) The residual effect will be catastrophic on high school and club sports in the state, due to the fact that there is no outlet for children to stay in the state and take advantage of in-state tuition that well all subsidise, and extend their carriers (if they leave to do so they will be paying the equivalent of private school tuition for out of state students elsewhere). And by the way, many sports have walk-ons that are very high quality due to the fact that many mens sports (via the NCAA and title 9) and women’s too, can only grant a small fraction of a teams starting line up in scholarships max. There have been many Olympians and Olympic medalist who were walk-ons in the state of California. This is just another example of people (politicians in this case) grandstanding and making decisions with no knowledge of, or what the repercussions are, or the simple research is into their decision making. I urge every one to at least cut and paste this and send it to their representatives in Sacramento. I believe they have no idea of what they are about to do. And it won’t be able to be undone.

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      1. On so many levels, this is screwed up. What happens to the Pac12? Do the out of state schools succumb to the will of the CA legislature or will they expel the ca schools? The national legislature is working on this too and what if the two plans don’t align?
        You can pretty much say good by to sports at Kal and sow as they’re already dumpster fires financially, or would the “student athletes” be liable for shortcomings in their respective athletic departments. Such a joke.

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      2. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. There’s nothing that a liberal can’t screw up.


    2. I will never understand why government pinheads feel the need to reform things that are governed by other bodies. Double regulation is just punitive.
      Some of ironies in government intervention of organized sports are blatant. Women don’t want men who “identify as women” to compete, but they insist they are equal to men. Sports which have low spectator attraction, insist on equal budgets. I could go on but the point is government intervention is not needed.
      Institutions of higher learning must have accreditation in order to sell their diplomas, they don’t need other advice from the government in a free market economy. Outside of safety of students, the government should stay out of the businesses which we call universities.

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      1. Shut the fuck up cocksucker! Have you figured out how to “ruin” me yet? I didn’t think so you stupid faggot!


    3. I used to leave you alone Pussy76. Now I’m going to destroy you! USC basketball is trash and always has been! Evan Mobley is the next Harold Miner! (Bust)


      1. I don’t know what it is about you but I’ve got a good feeling about you as if you were meant to he our friend. I don’t know if the positive energy you bring but I’m loving it. I think you’re a keeper.


    4. Pussy 76 is a liar! He has no life outside of his basement. You were front and center for that ass whooping Arizona put on you.


  2. The Gauntlet is a corporate award. If it is still awarded, it is sponsored by the Southern California BMW dealers. It was originally sponsored by Lexus and was awarded to the school with the most victories in head to head competition.
    USC had so many captures of the Gauntlet, that Lexus decided to drop the program.
    It is mostly irrelevant now and I thought it was gone all together, but I could be wrong. I only found records up to the 2019 awarding.
    I guess you are right Scott, nobody cares.

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      1. Yes! You bit Pussy76! My Asian cousin sends his gratitude and hopes that you die of colon cancer you trailer trash piece of shit! Re tweet and post that you retarded fucking cunt!


      2. “Ooh… I like it like that‼️“ says owns to his own little buddy. Say what you want. I’ll just go ahead and block your posts again. I’m sure that, judging it by replies only, there’s nothing I’ll miss.


      1. Nothing personal, but you misspelled your fucking name…unless this is you’re Asian cousin, in which case I apologize…


    1. Can we even begin to imagine how much championship blood is running through Jaden’s veins? He’d probably make a great QB too —but there’s no way Steffi or Andre would let him near Helton.

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    2. He’s smart to not play tennis. It rarely works out where child even sniffs hall of fame parents in their sport. Too much expectation.


  3. But Pisley, you albino POS, UCLA is tied for first with mighty SUCC BB. You bray loudly the Clowns defeated the Bruins, and yet the Bruins are tied for first. Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Stanford, and UCLA are SUCC’s next 5 opponents – Ouch!

    Oh and incidentally Pisley, I never said you claimed the bozos wouldn’t lose again in the Reg. season. That’s just more of your loser/succer BS.

    Pisley, I don’t need to put really stupid words and ideas in your mouth, you do a fine job of that all by yourself

    I could go on but the cat needs a bath.


    1. You’re trying too hard owns…

      Trying to hard too be relevant 💕
      Trying too hard to be logical 🤔
      Trying too hard to be somebody else🤯
      But you haven’t won a game vs your crosstown rivals✌🏾✌️🤪 in years now. Your coach doesn’t know 🤪how. And at the end of the day you cannot discount every tiebreaker ever to say we’re tied…you lose, loser.


      1. There’s just one thing you can’t hide Pisley, since the 1953-54 season (67 seasons) bozo BB has finished 1st in conf. a stupendous 2 times (1953-’54 and ’60-’61). That’s a W/PCT. of 0.03.

        But Pisley, you ignorant POS, you just keep mouthing off about SUCC’s pathetic BB program.

        #FACTSMATTER ~Dear Pisley


      2. Nobody claimed we’re “the” basketball school but you. We were picked to finish 6th. Yeah I enjoy beating sow and have fun listening to all their wannabe great fans make excuses for themselves.
        When was the last time your tea(basketball school) beat it’s lowly crosstown rivals?? When was the last time your coach beat them??

        Useless ancient irrelevant crap…that’s all you’ve got. Hahahahaha 🙀✌️✌🏾💋


  4. On Top of Old Smoky! You are so lame it’s funny! The shoes have been polished so you can put your heels back on and get back to Sepulveda Blvd and make my money BITCH!!!


  5. On Top of Old Smoky
    I hope you and any family you may have die! But you are such a stupid and worthless piece of shit, I’m pretty sure you live alone in your dead mothers basement!


  6. Dear Pisley, UCLA doesn’t give a rat’s ass if we defeat bozo BB; its no big deal and zero reason to go Ape Sh*t like the bozos do when they luck out to a victory.

    We prefer to finish in first place in conf., that’s the 1st goal.

    Second goal: win the Pac-12 Championship and obtain the highest seed we can for the Tournament.

    Third goal: win the NCAA BB NC.

    SUCC’s BB program goal: finish above .500 in conf. and pray for a tournament playin bid. One and done, Andyain’twinning never does well with the pressure of heavy duty competition.



    1. Poor little JO feeling sorry for himself. Get a grip. Time to man up and face facts: it is all over for UCLA. Their glory days long long gone. Truth of the matter is their goal is to finish in the top half of the conference (or in football to not finish last, beat Oregon St., and be invited to the Cabbage Bowl). But be happy, I hear their lawn bowling team is looking up. Ok, you may leave now.

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  7. Yeah. How’s that working out for you lately? Like this century?
    Dude, cry me a river, your team still sucks. Just embrace the stink like you do for your football team.


    1. Pisley, you horse’s ass, you are a roar. You whine Bruin BB SUCCs, but that means, by extension bozo BB must also SUCC ’cause the Bruins are tied with Clown U for 1st place.

      Get a grip AH and hope Clown U doesn’t go 0 – 5 in its last 5 games. That always a distinct possibility with Andyain’twinning running the bozo BB program.



      1. Haha…
        Somebody’s being grabbed by the short hairs and he keeps squawking like the little twerp he is…all talk from a wannabe who hasn’t beaten their insignificant other in the sport they cheated in to dominate. Still haven’t answered the question, how’s it working for ya this century? Hahahahaha
        Why is it we make up our games and the cheating sow doesn’t? No quacks on your schedule eh… thought you guys were the tough guys on the block, but you duck the ducks!! 🙀oh my!


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