What’s The Status Of The USC Defensive Line?

Even though the decision of nose tackle Marlon Tuipulotu to turn pro was a no-brainer, I’m told it surprised USC coaches.

Probably because it hurts the defensive line, which is still a question mark despite the hype of incoming defensive end Korey Foreman.

The USC coaches think Alabama transfer Ishmael Sopsher will replace Tuipulotu and say they have no linemen built like him. But Alabama had two true freshmen, Jamil Burroughs and Tim Smith, join the defensive line rotation in the third game vs. Georgia, which knocked Sopsher out of the rotation. Sopsher did not make an appearance in 2020 and played in one game in 2019 for Alabama.

Maybe he can feast on Pac-12 linemen.

And maybe the coaches should try to figure out how to get more out of Brandon Pili.

  • USC incoming freshmen basketball players Clarice Akunwafo (Rolling Hills Prep) and Rayah Marshall (Lynwood) were named to the McDonald’s All-American team.
  • Former USC basketball player Nikola Vucevic was named to his second NBA All-Star game.

24 thoughts on “What’s The Status Of The USC Defensive Line?

    1. It’s important to remember that, although Sark is a much improved individual, he’s still the same Coach who couldn’t get two other “iconic” teams into the top ten.

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      1. Michael, I was surprised by this as well, as TX could hire almost anyone. I guess the thinking is that Sark’s sobriety, and his success at ‘Bama, signals he will do much better at TX. I really hope he succeeds. Before anyone says that ‘Bama can make any O-coordinator look like a star, it is not just anyone – there is still Clay.

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      2. Sark has a lot of short comings. One is that he has pickled his brain. He has no filter. I doubt he cares how he is perceived. I’m looking for his good qualities.


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      3. Sark is a great salesman —up until his last season he had the Los Angeles press (except Scott, of course) wrapped around his finger. He’s great at recruiting, and he’s fantastic at post practice and post game interviews. But he had a hard time getting players to buy into his program at Washington and USC. For some reason —in spite of all his charisma & alleged “scheme advantages” —players don’t go all out for him.
        He’s gonna do about as well as Herman did at Texas (which is to say about as well as he himself did at Washington)…

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      4. MG,
        I will hold a special place in my heart for Sark.
        He dipped into the Cal coaching pool by ‘buying’ Cal alum, tosh lopoi and decimating our incoming class. 2. His comment…”where do they get these guys?” Referring to Cal players that sometimes are pretty good.

        And his very special performance in front of the mic that P76 dredges up every so often. Que, the dredge.. There are only a few NCAA coaches that can equal Sark. Woody Hayes clocking a guy, Bobby goofball at Indiana tossing a chair courtside.
        Sark will always have his baggage.


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      5. Until he shows the maturity to take what is given, he’ll be “7 win sark” to me. That last game vs the fuskies where we avg’d
        7 yds/carry and he kept trying to get Kessler to throw the ball… did he learn something since he left? That chapter is yet to be written.

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      6. 67 — Only difference between Hayes & Knight……..and Sark? The first two knew how to win the Big One.

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      7. Michael, the TX job has got to be one of the biggest pressure coaching jobs on the planet. I hope no matter what happens, that Sark can keep it together. He had a good thing going at ‘Bama.

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      8. Cal 75, great posts a few days ago regarding the Haden/Cal pic.

        Posted here because posts a few days ago may as well be weeks ago as things get flushed away by new posts.

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      9. 67 — We’re both worried about the same thing: how is Sark gonna handle—not only losing games —but all the shit that comes along with losing games. The Honeymoon period for every coach working at a major university lasts right up until….. the first loss.

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      10. A really good ‘Head’coach surrounds himself with other really good coaches,and if he does this ,he will be successful. Like in baseball he is THE GENERAL MANAGER,WITH GOOD COACHES APPT TO COACH POSITIONS.

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    1. Nice…but I would have liked it better if, for #2, the graphic included the 12-3 record but left the school part completely blank……

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    2. Tough to minimize the Galen Barn AZ loss. Although SUCC is a capable BB team, they still choka, choka, choka, choka, choke at the odd moment.

      They’re either winning large or SUCCing hind titty. This Andyain’twinning BB style won’t cut it with real competition.


      1. And yet they’re ahead of the sow… pitiful. If we’re on the hind titty and you’re behind us, then what are the ruins sucking on?

        Brown nosing again? 👅

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