History Repeating Itself In Seattle

When Pete Carroll coached at USC, I nicknamed him “Caesar” because he could do whatever he wanted.

Here’s an excerpt from a story in the Athletic today, which shows some of the same traits, and how they are apparent to quarterback Russell Wilson.


32 thoughts on “History Repeating Itself In Seattle

  1. PC was the head coach and did answer to no one, mostly scottie wanted PC to answer to him…media thinks ‘freedom of the press’ means they are the final arbiters of truth and authority,which is why they are all in with communists,fascists, etc…all authoritarian regimes

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    1. I would take Pete and his sons in a minute over Claydo and the current Whack Pack!!!! Boy I miss the Pete days when we dominated the college football landscape and feared no one. One of the greatest experiences was attending the Auburn game in Alabama and nobody gave USC a chance to beat the highly ranked Tigers and we punched them in the mouth and dominated. Fight On and hopefully one day the decks will be cleared of the current trash.

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      1. I was there also. I recall Leinart having a good first game, and the Auburn crowd actually booing their inept team late in the second half.

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  2. No big deal just gossip. Need more focus on basketball something that is a hot topic. This site is getting too much like the National Enquirer full of rumors, and little news that is important to generate interest. Carroll has been gone a long time now that is the past. Time to focus on the future.

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  3. There is a pattern of behavior here with PC. At USC he reached the mountain top with relative ease blowing out two opponents, Michigan and Oklahoma, to win a NC, and a Super Bowl blowout of the Broncos. Then he began to erase assistant coaches who raised any type of challenge, Norm Chow, and replaced the with young “Yes Men”, Sark, Kiffin, etc. Then in other championship games, the Rose Bowl-Super Bowl, made a couple of boneheaded decisions; not kicking FGs and leaving points on the board against Texas and not running Marshawn Lynch at the goal line, that cost his team a title.

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    1. The parallels are indeed striking. Undisputed National Title in Year 4 at USC (2004). Disappointing Title Game loss in Year 5 (2005). Super Bowl Title in Year 4 in Seattle (2013). Disappointing Title Game Loss in Year 5 (2014). Both places, competitive but not a Champion since.


  4. Hey Mr 🐺


    Please branch out into politics. The Biden administration has nominated a man/woman/? who believes it’s O.K. to administer drugs to 3-10 year olds to change their gender by allowing the child to make the sole decision.

    Much more relavent than PC’s son.

    Your NEW, MORE IMPORTANT calling needs your relentless common sense.

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    1. When Walt Disney made “Alice in Wonderland” in 1951 he directed his artists to make the animation of the Queen of Hearts “as unbeautiful as possible —really hard to look at.” Ladies and gentleman, I give you Dr. Rachel Levine…….


      1. Michael Guarino is a socialist, he took a free ride at UC Davis law school on the California taxpayers dime.

        Guarino has now graduated to full blown hypocrite.

        Michael “Socialist Free Rider” Guarino


      2. tebow mama flunked out of Sociology, never graduated on anyone’s dime.
        Now up to full blown sponge. His motto in life is “Gimme, gimme, gimme”
        Tebow “Hey, mom, what’s for dinner!” Bama

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      3. Michael, when a read most of his posts, it impacts me much like seeing a turd floating in a punchbowl.


    1. What are they fucking supposed to do when L. A. County falls below the sacred, world recognized “purple tier”? The Purple Tier!

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    1. For the last half dozen years Pete has taken the o-line about as seriously as Clay does…..

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  5. A football team is not a democracy. If you were in the army you have to have an authoritarian leader to keep everyone alive or limit losses. Same with a ship’s captain (forget the novel Caine Mutiny which propagates the false notion that a navy ship should be run by a wus). Judge a leader by results. Problem with Helton is that he is not authoritarian but a good ol’ boy and cracks down on some players while coddling the whole team. Helton can’t even organize team warmups before a game, something a flag football coach learns how to do. You know who is going to win critical games by how disciplined the warmups are. You can’t have a prayer or Bible reading as game prep. Football is war but more like entertainment in the PAC-12 (“you score, then I score, then you score, then i score”, etc., endlessly). Did Patton ask his troops what to do or get feedback? No. He just won battles.

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    1. …which is why Patton would be in trouble every fucking day were he leading America’s troops in war today….

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      1. Must be pick on MG day. Well I will say this: I too got damn near a free ride through California schools. However, between 1960 through 2xxx, my parents and my family have paid more fucking Federal, State & local taxes x10 than ALL the wet behind the ears critical thinking lefty D-bags on this site.

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      2. I like to think of myself as more of “I can figure out when we’ve lost another war” expert……


      3. Cal75 —at least all those taxes went toward good causes! Take a look out your window —-monorails, freshly re-paved highways,
        health care workers in the homes of every sick citizen, fire trucks at the ready, neighborhood libraries every two blocks, lots of after school programs for kids in need of guidance……
        [I tried to to get assistance for a 100 year old Oakland neighbor during the Obama years — not one of his elder care programs answered their phones….and none returned messages. How long are people gonna fall for this shit]?


      4. Isn’t it great how we can rant and rave about respecting the military and then turn around and pull this shit?


  6. Pete Carroll is a douche. It is tolerable when your are winning but not when losing. Much like Jim Harbaugh.

    No one is as nice a Clay in football.


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