Colorado 80, USC 62

The perils of playing in Boulder struck tonight as Jeriah Horne scored 24 points with six 3-pointers to lead the Buffs over USC.

The Trojans shot 38 percent and were just 5 for 16 on 3’s. Evan Mobley and Tahj Eaddy each scored 13 points. No other USC player was in double figures.

USC is now a half-game behind “Other L.A. School” in the Pac-12 standings, which frankly isn’t a big deal in terms of winning the conference or the NCAA Tournament.

But USC is 1-2 since Coach Bohn’s fiery post-game talk about the importance of NCAA seeding.

USC will try to rebound Saturday when it plays at Utah.

16 thoughts on “Colorado 80, USC 62

      1. Yeah, dim or zero light at the end to the tunnel.

        Andyain’twinning’s little choka, choka, choke engine can’t.


    1. My votes for CoY and DPoY goe to Andyain’twinning and E. Mobley.

      Andyain’twinning clearly deserves the CoY award for his Colorado choka, choka, choka, choke job – a sweet 18 point loss. Oh the SUCC BB program humiliation. Colorado isn’t even ranked.

      I doubt EM goes #2 in the 2021 NBA Draft.


      1. Just rent, your professional team, the ugly ruins play colorado this saturday. I am sure they will ask for more money from the coaches since they have to play at a higher altitude, it is cold, and that ugly is weak.


    2. I don’t get it. The Justin Wilcox “choke” photo went up over a dozen times. The Clay-with-scared-eyes-and-open-mouth photo has gone up over 2 dozen times. The Bohn Motivational Speech is a hundred times more pathetic and we only got to see it once…..


  1. Scott: Please show the Bohn ‘pep’ talk to the team again…. there was something special about it….. [I like the way he was kinda moving around all excited —sorta like the farmer who gets changed into a bug in “Men in Black”…… but without that hillbilly charm]…..


  2. Issiah Mobley should not be starting. He was dominated and intimated by the Colorado big bodies like Evan Battey who can’t jump but he uses his body to push other teams around. Chevez Goodwin should be definitely starting he has a better offensive game than Issiah Mobley, and he is very physical. Have to beat Utah on Saturday to have a chance to win the conference no question about it.


    1. Does Isaiah’s Ta-Ta, SUCC Asst. Coach feel the same way?

      Five will get you ten, Isaiah has to play, or Evan gets sick and can’t play.


  3. Ethan Anderson is also just an average point guard. Can’t shoot, and is not quick enough, and it showed tonight very clearly against one of the top point guards in the country. SC, needs a legit point guard with some speed clearly Colorado’s point guard controlled the game did everything he wanted to. Look out for Utah they are capable of playing a good game, and beating the Trojans which will knock them out of any chance to win the conference. Hate to say it, but I see this team losing their edge at the end of the season, and finishing in 3rd place.

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  4. an out coached hot/ cold game again…just like their free throw shooting , you never know…oh well, it was nice to dream the impossible dream…


  5. Not too much of a basketball fan, but I know a blowout when I read about it. Did anyone notice the coach reading a text towards the end of game?
    It was a list of postgame talking points from Helton. “We deserve what we got and they made the shots and we didn’t.” He only left out that they played like warriors and I’m as proud as heck of those kids “
    USC university of sorry coaches

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  6. Enfield’s teams never play well on the road, though we’ve been a tad better this season. I had this game as an “L” early on. When students return to CU Boulder in 2021-2, USC will again lose at the Coors Fieldhouse.*

    Until Enfield teaches his superior teams to win the tough one’s on the road, we will continue to languish in the mid-pack and get lousy seeds in the tourney (if we even go).

    *BTW, a visit to Boulder in the Winter for Men’s BB is a great time.
    The CU homer fans are a vile bunch, so expect some invective.
    (last time for me was when Chemezie dominated a strong CU team in Boulder). Grabs some skis and hit the slopes the day before or after.


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