If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A Friday Notes Column

I often write about the over-representation of coaches connected to Texas on the USC coaching staff. There are currently 11 coaches with Texas ties.

But here’s another trend I find troubling for the coaching staff:

USC coach Clay Helton is a former quarterback. Offensive coordinator Graham Harrell is a former quarterback. Running backs coach Mike Jinks is a former quarterback. Offensive line coach Clay McGuire is a former quarterback. Tight ends coach Seth Doege is a former quarterback. Even safeties coach Craig Naivar is a former quarterback.

No wonder USC doesn’t care if it can run the ball!

How healthy is it to have a bunch of Texas guys who used to play QB running the program? It’s Game of Clones.

  • I wrote in Thursday’s newsletter that USC does not develop many players. Here is a stat from West Coast College Football sent from a reader.
  • From 2012-19. USC signed 32 recruits ranked in the Top 50. Washington signed zero.
  • From 2015-19, USC had eight players selected in the Top 50 of the NFL Draft. Washington had 12.
  • Here are the run-ins for USC and UCLA basketball: The Trojans play at Utah; host Stanford and travel to UCLA on March 6. The Bruins play at Colorado; at Oregon and host USC. So who wins a tiebreaker? If USC beats UCLA at Pauley Pavilion, it sweeps the series and wins a tiebreaker.
  • How does USC lose six straight times to Colorado?
  • Andy Enfield was originally a shooting coach but USC is the worst free-throw shooting team in the Pac-12 at 65 percent. Every other team in the Pac-12 is shooting at least 68 percent and 10 teams are above 70 percent.
  • I hear USC tried to hire a member of the Washington athletic dept. this week but was rebuffed. The churn continues.
  • And now for some history:
USC linebacker Mike Haluchak tackles Washington running back Bo Cornell as safety Ron Ayala closes in on the play.
  • USC linebacker Mike Haluchak was nicknamed “Crazy Horse” by assistant coach Phil Krueger because he ran around practices like an untamed horse but often missed tackles. Then he made his first start on Oct. 22, 1968 vs. Washington.

Haluchak had 18 tackles against the Huskies and received the game ball as USC won, 14-7, at the Coliseum. He lost 10 pounds during the game from all the running around and hitting.

“I was pretty tired and pretty surprised after the game,” Haluchak said after getting the game ball.

Haluchak became an assistant coach for eight NFL teams, including the Rams (2000-02) and Raiders (2009-10).

  • Back in the 1960’s, a huge cut-out photo of Tommy Trojan greeted students entering the Trojan Grill, which was in the basement of the Student Union. But then he was stolen by a group of Stanford fans in a rivalry stunt in 1966. A new 6-foot-high cut-out of Tommy returned to the Grill in 1969.
  • Here is what the grill looked like circa 1960 when the McKeever twins were students.
  • The USC-Stanford rivalry was intense in the late 1960’s-early 1970’s. For a detailed recap of how much John McKay disliked Stanford, check here.
  • Here’s one of the weirdest Tommy Trojan references I ever came across. In 1963, Dean Torrence of the successful rock duo “Jan and Dean” was a USC student during the height of his fame. Per this site, Torrence met his friend, Barry Keenan, at Tommy Trojan, where Kennan told him about his plan to kidnap Frank Sinatra Jr.

Keenan borrowed at least $500 in seed money from Torrence, who contended later he did not really believe Keenan would kidnap Sinatra Jr. But Keenan was serious. Read more about the kidnapping here.

Sinatra Kidnapping
  • The actor, Andy Devine, used to attend USC swim meets because his son, Dennis, was a member of the swim team. Devine’s other son, Tad, did not go to USC but married a student who worked as secretary for the USC athletic dept.
  • On Nov. 13, 1969, the “Daniel Boone” TV show starred Fess Parker, who got his master’s degree in theater history from USC and featured Cynthia Watson in a small part. Watson was the 1968 “Helen of Troy” at USC. The show’s producer was Barney Rosenzweig, who was a male cheerleader at USC.

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Cynthia Watson was crowned Helen of Troy in 1968.

25 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A Friday Notes Column

  1. Hey wolf, chew on this while you and ‘s’ (so named by mommy to make it easy to remember his name) are dissing CAL. Cal has had a total of THREE, count em 3…5* in the last TWENTY YEARS. Slightly more common than our Heismans. But one more than Heismans that made a complete round trip to NY.

    It also has the #4 NFL payroll with 27 players. Bama has 60 players but only a couple of million more$. Cal has by far the highest per capital salary of all the top 20 college teams putting players into the big show. Double the next nearest PAC-12 total.

    Cal’s scout and second team are mostly walk ons and 2*.

    SC has terrific athletes who think they’re the next Heisman winner.

    If Coach Helton allows you to talk to him, give him the memo that prima donnas don’t spell team. Oh I love Coach Helton. He hasn’t got the memo and never will.



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      1. Answer: Yes –there’s a reason.
        Parenthetically, shouldn’t we give Scott a tip o’ the hat for “Game Of Clones”?

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    1. CAL75,

      Does that include Cortez, Pelosi, Newsome, Obuma, Garrcetti, Biden, and the rest of the piece of feces, the DEMOCRAPS? I hope so.


  2. It’s Flashback Friday…check out this nightmare.

    Neil Callaway at his finest





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    1. “Damn your blood.”
      —Fletcher Christian to Captain Bly
      [But —still—- this clip never gets old. Please run it once a week until Helton gets his pink slip]………

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      1. There are so many great quotes in any Callaway clip —but my favorite here is “it’s not unusual…. it’s not usual…. it’s not unique…it’s usually something….”


  3. Linebacker Mike Haluchak was a great member of our Linebacking team of 1968 and 1969. We also had Greg Slough, John Papadakis and myself, Bob Jensen. Mike had the honor of wearing #50.. previously All American Adrian Young’s jersey. It was true, He was crazy.. Just like Adrian and Tim Rossovich of the 1967 National Championship Team. Our Linebacking coach, Phil Krueger,
    had names for everyone.. and Loved to criticize every LB on Sunday game film review day. He eventually went with Coach McKay to Tampa Bay as a GM. I believe Krueger passed away last year, He came to SC from Utah State as their Head Coach. Nice to hear stories of our past great teams of John McKay..

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  4. Take a look at the standings Scott….no tiebreaker needed because UCLA is gonna end up playing 1 less game.

    With that being said, yea the conference title will probably be decided at Pauley on March 6.

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    1. If we run [the rest of] the table, which I think we will, we’re fine*…..
      *In terms of the Pac 12, that is….
      …[It’s now obvious the Tournament is gonna be a whole other thing]…

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      1. “If we run [the rest of] the table, which I think we will…”, seriously MG?

        In an away game, at Colorado, that bozo BB needed to display their grit and meddle, they end up exposed as pathetic loser/succer’s. Losing by 1-5 points is one thing, but losing by 18 points is a deep valley to land in after their impressive Oregon victory.

        After the Colorado loss, the boner may wish to hype the team once more – Ouch!

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      2. We played Andy-Ball in that Colorado game: “Wow. This Game is TOO Big For Us.”
        But…I think we can take the 3 teams left on our regular schedule….


  5. Trojan baseball lines up this weekend at home vs Cal Poly SLO.
    The Mustangs always play well and “punch above their weight” in BB.
    I watched a very talented USC squad come to SLO to play a few years ago, and we were lucky to take 2 of 3.

    Saturday, young SCion Chandler Champlain takes the mound for his second start for the Trojans sporting a 0.00 ERA. He’s the son of former USC WR Jay Champlain–a great WR whose career at USC was cut short by a shoulder injury, if I recall correctly. Hope Chandler brings the heater.

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    1. Ron was a DB starter on our 1969 “Wild Bunch” defense. along with Sandy Durko. Tyronne Hudson and Jerry Shaw. Awesome player. Great Kicker and was a High Jumper on the track team at only about 5’10”!! Lots of spring in his legs… He became a Orange County Sheriff…

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      1. still remember him only as xlnt kicker, but if you say so works 4 me…if a coach, I would NEVER let my PAT/ field kicker ,who won games based on those legs, play any other position


  6. Damn Rico, Andyain’twinning’s 18 point failure at Colorado really stings doesn’t it? Some things don’t change uh Rico, despite Andyain’twinning’s BB team’s wretched attempts.


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