Notes: USC Loses Recruit To Arizona State

Larry Turner-Gooden, a four-star safety from St. Bernard High School, committed to Arizona State today. USC was one of his final choices.

Here’s a reason he chose the Sun Devils.

“Then you have my old high school coach, Chris Claiborne, who I played for my first two years at Calabasas and that was huge for me too,” Turner-Gooden told 247Sports. “My whole family loves him and is really comfortable with him as someone who will be able to watch out for me. This was definitely a family decision and my family fully supports it.”

  • Here’s a great photo of USC defensive lineman Jimmy Gunn tackling Washington QB Tom Manke in 1968. I write about this game in detail in today’s USC newsletter.

36 thoughts on “Notes: USC Loses Recruit To Arizona State

  1. Bob Jensen will know this, but it was either Jimmy Gunn or Charlie Weaver in which McKay said “He is so quick that he can cover the QB and the option RB at the same time.” It is a shame that the Wild Bunch never got a chance to play Texas that year.

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      1. btw, That loss yesterday has taken the wind outta the sails of a lot of posters….

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      1. Many, many thanks.
        Well writen article provides so many insights into what the legendary McKay did [including giving game balls to deserving players].

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      1. Michael, the ’69 Texas QB, James Street, threw about 9 passes a game. Run-heavy wishbone was the coin of the realm at that time, and Jimmy Gunn and Charlie Weaver for sure were quicker and faster than any of the TX RBs. They never would have turned the corner.

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  2. Texas and Arizona State and Oregon are all competition for USC in recruiting. USC lands on alot of top program lists, because it is USC and has all the benefits. But the coaching staff probably is not good at closing because how do you sell a program where the head coach is still on the firing line and has no say in the program?

    USC had some nice momentum in last season’s recruiting, but does this momentum carry into this year?

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  3. Larry. Turner-Gooden…never heard of him.

    What’s with these idiots and the hyphen usage in their name?

    Speaking of idiots, listen to this clown Cancun Cruz. How the fuck are republicans not embarrassed being aligned with this fucking trump boot licking idiot?

    What a fucking moron…damn! Total phony!


      1. For MSNBC-educated tebow —it was ALL incorrect……


    1. Let’s face it, morons are becoming more commonplace in politics. The problem is why are they being elected/re-elected?
      Scotty [Star Trek] said it best – Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!


  4. Tebow,

    You are not his his employer so what does it matter to you. It is a free country and he can travel wherever he wants. Let us talk about Pelosi and her private aircraft that the US taxpayers pay for with all the booze she has on board. She could open up a bar on that plane. Let us get rid of the special privalges for the Pelosi’s Newsome’s, Biden’s, Cortez, and the rest of the DEMOCRAP planation oweners, including that no good piece of feces, Obuma.

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      1. PT, speaking of losers/succers, today, the Clown U women’s BB team choked away their game against UCLA 93-51; a slim 42 point deferential.

        Maybe the boner needs to address the women’s team ASAP!

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    1. That worthless lying corrupt republican gets paid with my tax dollars and I don’t need my money funding a fucking incompetent lunatic.


      1. Sorry, but you cannot complain about tax dollars while willingly voting for a party that has no issue with taking them and openly campaigns on taking more from you. You signed up for it.

        The only part you had correct is when you said “I don’t need my money”. You make that obvious by voting for a hard left, let’s go socialist, Democratic Party.

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      2. In about a year (maybe a little less) a lot of ‘tebows’ are gonna start seeing they’ve been had…….


      3. Looks like Headboard Harris is already assuming the reigns of this new administration. Uncle Joe needs to take a second nappy-poo each day.
        ‘Jill Honey, toss a lot on the fire, Biden.’


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      4. “Socialist democratic party”…really?

        Umm, Red States are more dependent on the government.

        Not to mention all the Corporate Welfare that the GOP loves to hand out.


      5. Once again you are incorrect. Of the 13 states most in debt there is only 1 red state, Kentucky. Just take a look at every big city in the U.S. to see what liberal policy gets you.

        If you cannot see that full blown socialism is where your party is headed, then you are just blind.

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      6. States with the least debt? Texas, Alaska, Florida, Tennessee, exception is North Carolina (mostly red, but has dem governer).

        The bluer they are the worse it gets for debt

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  5. In the Jimmy Gunn/Charlie Weaver era USC has more speed at defensive end then the entire Helton teams today because of poor recruiting, and no question Helton, and Graham Harrell would put Gunn and Weaver on offense at wide receiver to make the air raid look successful. Gunn, and Weaver were faster than any of the running backs we are recruiting today. Mckay, knew where to put his best personnel, and if you had speed you were probably going to play defense or running back. In those days SC won with a balanced attack which still works today, but not according to Helton and Harrell. I will never forget the hit Charlie Weaver put on UCLA QB Dennis Dummitt. Weaver and Gunn were both fast, and would destroy the very slow offensive lineman we have today. A lack of speed on defense is one of our biggest problems besides the fact the players are never taught to play physical football. Fight On forever sadly most of our Fight On’s are from the past due to the dumbos running our atheltic program. My god don’t they every look at film from the past the athletes we are recruiting besides QB, and Wide Receivers are not up to the par especially on the offensive line, defensive line, and linebackers.

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    1. Agree with everything you said. Helton has been here for a decade. You would think that by being surrounded by all the reminders of national championships and trophies [apart from football alums], it would tickle his interest in what it took to win.

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    2. Totally agree with you. Great to hear loyal fans talk about the 1969 team or the 1967 and 1968 teams. Coach McKay demanded excellence from his players.
      Alabama’s Nick Saban is the closest example to McKay. It has been so frustrating and disappointing to watch these inept bozo’s coach the team. I really feel sad for the players. They’re getting short changed when it comes to being coached-up! Certainly losing out in any NFL draft. Recently,USC Football and the University, have been a total embarrassment. From Folt, to Bohn and to dimwit Helton, USC continues to disappoint and underperform.


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