Time For Some Sunday Notes

CBS Sports NCAA Tournament guru Jerry Palm currently has USC as a No. 7-seed in his mock bracket. The Trojans play LSU in the first round.

  • Five-star cornerback Will Johnson committed to Michigan. The Michigan native also considered Ohio State and USC as his final choices.
  • I didn’t hear every comment Bill Walton made during Saturday night’s USC-Utah game but he mentioned former Utes coach Jack Gardner several times. Did he mention Gardner played basketball at USC from 1928-32.

Who was Gardner?

He was the first coach to lead two different schools (Kansas State, Utah) to the Final Four and one of a handful who went to the Final Four multiple times with two schools (1948, 1951, 1961, 1966). Gardner was considered an expert in the fast-break offense and had a career record of 486-235. As a scout for the Utah Jazz, he was credited with discovering John Stockton.

Gardner was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and 10 other hall of fames. You know what Hall of Fame hasn’t inducted him? USC.

That might be OK, but he deserves a mention somewhere.

12 thoughts on “Time For Some Sunday Notes

  1. Walton needs to shut his goddamn mouth. Any game he is doing I either mute it or not watch at all. He’s become a total ass clown that goes off on these tangents that nobody gives a shit about, that pollutes the broadcast. The guy I feel sorry for is Dave Pasch, who’s as solid as a play by play guy as there is.

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    1. Pasch should be getting a bonus. Hard to tell if Walton is experiencing flashbacks from former psychedelic drug use, or if he dropped a tab before the broadcast.

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      1. Yeah —his whole life long. [Remember how he wouldn’t sit to eat with the rest of the bruin team cuz he only wanted to ingest his own “special health foods”]?

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      1. Walton on the Sam Gilbert years: “UCLA would probably have to forfeit about eight national titles and be on probation for the next 100 years”

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      2. Walton’s play in his senior year led to UCLA’s humiliating loss to North Catalina Island (or some team like that). Coach Wooden later told reporters, “I will hate Bill Walton for the rest of my life. He’s responsible for breaking our string of Championships.”

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  2. Yes, Walton did mention Jack Gardner as a great basketball coach, and graduated from USC. Jack, is another USC alum coach we should have and never hired including; Tex Winter, Paul Westphal, Alex Hannum, Jerry Pimm, and many others. Kind of makes you wonder why did we pass on these guys with all the other brain dead coaches we have hired here in the past starting with Kevin ONeil.

    Final Pac 12 Conference Standings Prediction:
    1) Oregon
    2) UCLA
    3) Tie Colorado, and USC

    Pac 12 conference tournament winner: Colorado
    Reason: USC is soft Colorado is tough, physical, and well coached USC is no.


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