Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Pac-12 basketball race

Oregon, UCLA, USC and Colorado all have a path to winning the Pac-12 title in the final week. USC needs to beat Stanford and UCLA and have Oregon lose one game.

Quarterbacks from Texas

It’s the easiest way to get a job on the USC coaching staff with six former QBs with ties to Texas on the roster.

USC men’s tennis

Beat UCLA, 4-3, on Sunday. Does that take the sting off that woeful women’s basketball 42-point loss to the Bruins on Friday?

Alijah Vera-Tucker

Offensive lineman rated as high as a mid first-round pick in mock drafts.

Eric Mobley

Talk about an influential assistant coach. Does he have a third son?

Clay Helton

When Andy Enfield becomes a brief target, somebody else naturally wins


Andy Enfield

Fooled the fans until final week of February.

USC social media

Guess that graphic referring to UCLA as “Other LA school” did not hold up.

Lynn Swann

The guy made millions doing a poor job at USC and still wants to charge for autographs.

Mike Bohn

He went into the locker room on Feb. 17 and yelled, “It’s about the seed.” USC has lost three of four games since then.

Mark Trakh

USC women’s basketball coach has got two McDonald’s All-Americans coming next year but should he survive after finishing eighth in the Pac-12?

College baseball

Some of the college baseball media has hyped UCLA as a possible NCAA champion and said USC is much improved. Maybe they are. But right now UCLA is 4-3 and USC is 3-3.

16 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. That’s all possible. This conference is just not good. Your mighty bRuins might win the conference without a single guy who will declare because they aren’t talented enough. Good job Cronin on coaching them up, we don’t get that.

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    1. Well, he got a huge —and largely unexpected —boost from Utah, Colorado and Coach Enfield.

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      1. Yeah — They’re all winners! Nothing but winners as far as the eye can see….

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  1. Private Gomer Pyle (Clay Helton) USC is the winner every week with that salary. USC, and Sgr. Carter (Mike Bohn) and Carol Burnett (Carol Folt) are the losers each and every week as the high payroll continue to dip into the diminishing revenue. Gomer, always has, and will continue to have the last laugh. It’s time for Columbo (Peter Falk) to investigate this entire University as it appears many of the employees including Helton are murdering this fine university. Columbo, always systematically collected the facts, and got to the bottom of each and every crime. Man, do I miss John Mckay, and I might add Columbo (Peter Falk). RIP to both of you, and yes you would be winners each and every week.

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    1. Columbo ALREADY knows (like in all the rest of his cases) who murdered USC’s Athletic Department (Swann for making some kind of weird deal with Helton….. and Folt for honoring it) … it’ll be fun watching him just play cat & mouse for 60 minutes before arresting them…..

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  2. Imagine MG, you’re sitting in your office reviewing chg’s you plan to file in a multiple felonies case – a slam dunk prosecution. But as you sit there your immediate boss walks in and announces the DA wants your S.D. case dropped. No explanation, just do it.

    So you do as your told, but the media and public pound relentlessly that you are a blatant idiot and more than likely on the take

    What do you do MG?

    I know what Swann did, he followed orders, took the wrap, improved his golf handicap and left Clown U early paid in full – piece o’cake, can of corn.

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  3. Columbo….already knows why Helton is being retained, and why Folt and Bohn are beyond just suspects in the murder and destruction of the USC football program.

    Columbo, also already discovered that Lynn Swann is receiving monthly royalty checks from Clay Helton as part of the agreement for extending his contract. He also discovered that Graham Harrell has secretly been offered the head coaching position after next season by Mike Bone which is the main reason he is sticking around despite other better coaching opportunities.


    1. Td… I truly hope that you are wrong about the side deal with Harrell. He has not impressed me one iota. Successful people who are arrogrant can back it up. He just strikes me as arrogant, I’ve yet to see the results that justify it.
      Also, I do not believe that he has any head coaching experience. Of course, he could use the old “What would Clay do?” and do the exact opposite but I don’t think that is a reliable model for long-term success.


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