Does USC Have A Schedule Or Non-Schedule?

Some initial thoughts on USC’s football schedule:

It’s easy. It’s pretty easy. Or it’s fairly easy.

There is one patch of games that is “troublesome.”

USC goes to Notre Dame, hosts Arizona, goes to Arizona State and goes to Cal in a four-week stretch.

That’s the difficult portion of the schedule and it’s really not that difficult unless you factor in Clay Helton’s penchant for playing down to the level of competition. There are not even any Friday games.

I know some people are going to try to portray it otherwise. So here is one spin: But the non-conference games are tough!

San Jose State had a good season last year but lost coaches and players. BYU lost QB Zach Wilson. So that leaves Notre Dame. OK, one game that is guaranteed to be tough. Wow.

The dilemma, as usual, is that USC wins too many games to fire Helton.


16 thoughts on “Does USC Have A Schedule Or Non-Schedule?

  1. I can’t believe a season reporter like Scott overlooked the UCLA. I already have that as a loss. Reported this morning that when Chip Kelly was asked about the schedule he said “I haven’t seen it yet”. Master of the art of deception. #ownsknows #itiscoming

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  2. “The dilemma, as usual, is that USC wins too many games to fire Helton.”

    Counting wins is what is wrong with the USC leadership. It should be about competing with the best, and that has happened only once under Clay’s watch, 2016 with Sam, Adoree, Juju, Cam Smith, Nwosu,…

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    1. Correct, 67. True fans like to see their team ready to play [and beat] the best team on their schedule. That’s the metric that matters. And, by that measure, Clay Helton (except for the Rose Bowl) never fails to disappoint.

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      1. P. S.
        67 — I confess I’m a little worried about our friends not posting unless USC has won a game in the last 72 hours….

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      2. Yeah, true ….. a few real nasty Pudly remarks in the morning always keeps things going for the rest of the day….

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  3. Weak schedule won’t matter- USC will lose probably at Washington State, at Arizona State, at Notre Dame, and either Cal in Berkeley, or against Utah at Home. Minimum 4 loses. Let’s hope next year is the end of Clay Helton, and this stupid Air Raid Offense.

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    1. I don’t know if Clay will lose all the games you mentioned (I hope not)….but there isn’t one game on your list Clay isn’t CAPABLE of losing…..

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  4. It just sunk in that we end out season without playing the northern top teams and playing a non conference game. If and it’s a big if we make it to the PAC 12 championship game , will it matter after being pushed around by Notre Dame.
    We Play Notre Dame there twice in the next 2 seasons too. I guess this is how Oregon state felt in the 60s.


  5. Utah will be real good next year as will Arizona State. To me SC finishes third in the Pac 12 South. Stanford, and Cal return experienced QB’s and good defensives so those games are a toss up. I don’t see next year as being much more than an average USC team especially with such a weak offensive line that will make it hard for Slovis to stay healthy. Helton, will be gone after next season no doubt in my mind. The UCLA and Notre Games could be just last straw. USC, no longer has the superior talent at every position, the depth is real questionable, and don’t forget Helton is the worst coach in the Pac 12.


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