USC’s Biggest Opponent Might Be Off Field

The pitfall of an easy schedule is that it makes losses even more devastating. We sort of saw that last season when the Oregon loss infuriated many fans.

Of course, if you are Clay Helton, you don’t think you are a lousy coach, and you’re No. 1 priority is survival. So you take any advantage you can get.

One of the biggest dangers I see is off the field: Fans should be back in 2021.

That means the nation will see how many USC fans are choosing not to attend games. And I suspect a good portion of the fans who do attend will have an even lower tolerance for mistake-ridden coaching after a year off from venting at the Coliseum.

That could create an ugly atmosphere if everything does not go swimmingly.

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3 thoughts on “USC’s Biggest Opponent Might Be Off Field

  1. That’s good news as Coaches Folt & Bohn can no longer pretend that all is well in fantasyland. It appears that they need or want tangible proof that fans, donors, alums aren’t happy with the decisions that they’ve made.

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  2. At the end of the shambolic 2020 season I glibly stated that only a 10-2 result and a win in the Conf Champ game would be an acceptable result for 2021.

    After looking at the 2021 season schedule and with the experienced talent on board, an 11-1 result and a win in the Conf Champ game is really the expectation.

    What are the chances HC CH delivers?
    What do you do if the Trojans “underperform” and go 10-2 and lose in the champ game?


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