Morning Buzz: A Sign USC Can Be Like SEC Schools

A USC student sent me this photo Monday. They said it was on a wall of a building on Figueroa St. about 2-3 blocks from campus.

It’s surprising because that’s the kind of thing you might see in the SEC. Then again, I wrote yesterday that fans are even more fed up after not being able to vent last season, so maybe it’s not surprising.

22 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: A Sign USC Can Be Like SEC Schools

  1. Why would the land of beer and graffiti compete with any SEC school? When a billboard or an airplane with a banner don’t cut the mustard, ask the man on the street how they feel. Where else can you find twenty to thirty wall-art signs commemorating a fallen basketball player? Who has a better railroad yard full of boxcars covered with tagging?
    If anything we show them that SEC guys how to do it.


  2. To all disheartened Trojans: The future could look a lot brighter if UCLA and USC take care of business today.

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  3. UCLA has just hired former USC OL coach Tim Drevno. Kelly and Drevno will be a recruiting machine. Look for them to pick up 3-4 5 star OL prospects over the next couple weeks. Owns has to be dancing in his basement. Its happening.

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    1. Drevno is the ultimate O-Line recruiter. The best of the best flocked to him every season he was at USC. I feel sorry for schools like Alabama and Clemson.

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    2. We’ll see if Drevno is as bad as some think. Or is it a combo of the Helton-Harrel “That’s not who we are” offensive philosophy.

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      1. He used to be very good. And he’s not bad now. But nobody would call the 2021 version of Tim Drevno an inspirational, change-the-face-of the-program leader of young men.

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      2. My theory? Harbaugh doesn’t necessarily wear coaches out permanently…..

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  4. Last season’s game against UCLA was when Vavae ran wild. They must have hired Drevno, not looking at the other games from last season, including all those failed 4th and goal from the 1 yard line.

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  5. Amen Joan Levis!!!! I’d like to see a billboard across from folt’s window where she could see her football IQ is too low to be controlling football hiring decisions. Perhaps, she can give her game ball to Slovis who should have received it instead of her and bohn. However, kissing the ring is the only helton mastery.

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  6. Interesting that USC is showing Clay more love than they showed J Rob 2.0 in the mid-90s. J-Rob was let go after two seasons in which he went about .500. Clay had almost an identical record after the ’18-’19 seasons, and he is still with us.

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    1. Yes…. but maybe John Robinson didn’t know as much about why students getting scholarships as walk on’s ….never showed up at practice.

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      1. Ha!


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