What Would Full-Capacity Coliseum Mean In 2021?

Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne announced he expects a full-capacity crowd at Bryant-Denny Stadium in the fall.

The problem with USC is it cannot expect a full-capacity crowd even if it allows a full-capacity crowd at the Coliseum. USC does not release season-ticket renewals, with good reason. Sales were down, before the pandemic, and the trend continued the past 12 months.

As things start to return to a form of normalcy in the fall, it remains a good news, bad news situation for USC.

The good news: The return of fans and TV money.

The bad news: The non-return of fans and return of some angry fans.

20 thoughts on “What Would Full-Capacity Coliseum Mean In 2021?

  1. Thank you Larry Scott. If there ever was a more perfect and fitting example of that old rugby saying,…..”get your retaliation in first”……..

    60 PAC 12 2021 football games …if we are lucky. I’d bet you could count the sell out games on one hand.

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      1. Speaking of games —-who wins tonight —USC? Or Stanford?
        UCLA? Or Oregon?

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      2. Stanford might not have a chance to go to the tourney, even if they win out. Does USC play with more energy? They should, being back home and having a bit of rest.

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      3. I’m betting USC tonight (literally).


  2. I could be wrong but I think americans are overly optimistic that this pandemic is just going to go away. They keep talking about “when we get back to normal”. Yes! There is a flu pandemic. Is it dangerous enough where we want to shut down the whole country and ruin lives who have invested their whole life to build a business that is now gone and will never come back. The people behind all this are Stalinist totalitarian control freaks. This pandemic and the environmental movement as well as the “woke” and “cancel” culture and all the censorship are simply them testing the waters to see how much they can get away with before the people start to revolt. Wake up america! You are giving away your freedoms to a bunch of socialist/communists who want to destroy the USA and then rebuild it in their image with the idea that they are going to create a utopian society. It’s these same type of people who destroyed Russia in 1917 to create Soviet States that needed walls, not to keep people from running into the countries(like Trumps wall) but to keep people from trying to get out. That was their utopia.

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    1. Yes parcelman,
      In the wayback machine …all the way back to MARCH 2020….

      #”JustBendTheCurve” ahHaHaHaHa

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    2. Hey you fuckin’ mailman or pizza delivery idiot. It is assholes
      like you that are full of erroneous crap coming out of your
      mouth. Leave the country if it is not to your standards!


    1. F. U. Pisley, you lying sack of sh*t. I’m not lying.

      You just couldn’t couldn’t man up to the ugly, humiliating Colorado/Utah bozo BB losses.


      1. My Dearest Friend Owns,
        Is this any way to welcome back the love of your life?


  3. Pisley is an AH. It appears UCLA will lose tonight and Dear Pisley will be mouthing off like a gay rooster. SUCC didn’t have to go to Eugene, but we did.

    Just getting my licks in early!


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