Discuss The USC-Colorado Game


USC made a big second-half comeback and tied the game, 70-70.

But it didn’t box out on Colorado’s last possession and D’Shawn Schwartz dunked with 3.3 seconds left. USC’s final play got foiled when McKinley Wright broke up a pass for Tahj Eaddy.

Evan Mobley finished with 26 points, nine rebounds and five blocks. Wright had 24 points, five rebounds and four assists for the Buffaloes.

Colorado will play Oregon State for the Pac-12 Tournament title.

USC played about as bad as it could and only trails by 9 points at halftime (39-30).

Evan Mobley has 17 of the Trojans’ 30 points. Tahj Eaddy and Drew Peterson were a combined 0 for 6 from the field.

28 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Colorado Game

      1. Hey, S, you’re the one who said USC would get “blasted by them again”tonight, which wasn’t even close, just like your prediction the Bruin football team was going to beat USC in the Rose Bowl this past season.

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    1. This game isn’t lost yet, 67. This is just how Helton and Enfield like to start championship level games —-spot the opposition huge leads …and then claw back…..

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      1. P. S.
        Keep “Coach” Bohn away from team during the half. [I’m sure he has a pep talk he’d like to deliver]……

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  1. Sorry Colorado is a better prepared and coached team. Their defense is incredible they know exactly what SC is trying to do on every play. USC has better players, but Colorado is better coached. I don’t see our finesse type play has a chance to improve much in the 2nd half, and the way we shoot free shows makes it very difficult to catch up. We shall see!

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    1. Nah. Colorado is just physical. USC is tall and long but skinny. They’re toughest guy is their littlest – Anderson.


  2. They need to stop trowing up bricks. How many shots have they clanked off the rim, even 2-3 feet from the basket, Wtf. That’s when Enfield should call a time out and tell the team to focus more near the basket for easier high percentage shots. It’s Not fucin rocket science! Pathetic. I don’t get how Bohn doesn’t see that Enfield can’t coach or make simple basic basketball adjustments?


    1. IF “it” happens —and “it” COULD happen — BurrowTrump will be the happiest little boy in the world….

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  3. Great effort is right. Great game by Evan, but he ran out of gas, and understandably so. Played 39 minutes, after double OT last night. If they hit 60% of their free throws, they could easily have won.

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    1. If they could of made just 2, two-three feet shots they would of won. How many did they miss tonight, near the hoop ? I would like to see that stat.

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  4. There is no sentimental victories. They choked and lost. Way to go Enfield. I’m tired of your Shyt show. Go get eliminated in the first round. Don’t waste anyone’s time anymore. You fucin suck. Got a stacked team and still can’t win the Pac 12, this year. Try teaching someone how to box out on rebounds. A simple fundamental of basketball. I blame this all on you.

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      1. So both coaches are their just to collect a check. I get it MG. They know they will not get fired with Bohn and that roaming gnome puppet Folt running things.

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  5. Shtoink! – Colo 72 – SUCC 70. No last second SUCC heroics in this game.

    Andain’twinning’s little engine choka, choka, choka, chokes headed up the tournament hill.

    SUCC vs Colorado this year: 0 – 3………Ouch.

    Thanks Enfield!


      1. And all for $3.5 million per year, plus the $$$ cost of recruiting the Mobley family trio into the bozo BB program.

        Thanks Enfield!

        #Will someone please burp Andyain’twinning.


      2. They’ll probably give him a raise. His record doesn’t embarrass Folt in the least. In fact, she couldn’t be happier. He’s good but not too good.

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  6. Clearly, the difference in this game was Mckinley Wright. Big game player, against a team without a point guard. He was the difference every time we played them in the last 4 years. I hope Enfield gets the message he needs a quick point guard not a fullback trying to guard the quicker point guards in this league. Got to give our guys alot of credit they fought hard in the second half, but basketball is a game of two halves., and the very poor first half cost us the game.
    I see Colorado beating Oregon State by 20. However, if Oregon State can win if will probably knock UCLA out of the tournament.

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    1. Hate to say this tommyd —-but I don’t think it matters much who goes and who doesn’t go from the Pac 12…….


  7. enfield (better than hellton) is still a joke. if he is coach of the year then losing three times (even with player once in a lifetime) is colorado’s coach coach of the century.

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