Pick The USC-Colorado Score

USC has lost six straight to Colorado. Does the streak end tonight?

Who do you think will win? Pick a score below!

26 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Colorado Score

  1. Hope the Trojans have some legs left and can play better D than they did at the end of last night’s regulation. USC 70, Buffs 65, fingers crossed that the Buffs don’t shoot any better than they did against Cal last night.

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    1. T67
      I’m proud of my guys Thursday night.. Colorado should be beaten.

      Oh, better late than never…Richard Burton’s remark about Elizabeth Taylor…’any time out of bed with Liz is time totally wasted.’

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      1. I turned off the Cal game with Cal at low ebb —once I removed my evil magic from the air, Cal played like fricking champions.

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    2. Tonight really NEEDS to be the night that extinguishes my old superstition that a team, which by losing to a team with a record one game short of their own win record and one game over their own loss record, will lose —thereby giving both teams the same record…..

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      1. Beaves take out the ducks, 75-64. Either the conference is deeper than we think, or really is not very good even at the top. I’ll go with “deeper than we think”…

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    1. I’d really like you to be right, BurrowTrump….
      [At the VERY least I hope USC puts up a fight and doesn’t go gently into the night]……


    2. BurrowTrump gets a Boner Bobblehead or a plastic reproduction of Andyain’twinning’s CoY plaque booby prize.

      How does the Pac-12 CoY lose to Colorado 3 times in the same year.

      Thanks Enfield!


  2. USC getting their ass kicked again. Colorado is on a 17-0 run. No points for the Trojans in 7 min. Way to go Enfield even with a talented team. You are clueless. You suck. I still hope you get canned for the last 7 years wasted because of your lousy coaching.


    1. There is no easy answer to this question…..
      [But whatever the answer is, Folt and Bohn say we have to live with it]……..


      1. Not much hope when those 2 idiots are in charge. Which person has USC wasted their resources on the most? Helton, Enfield, Bohn or Folt. Does Swann or Haden belong on this list also? They all have a hand in all of this through the years including the present.


  3. Bill 217 Walton needs to go smoke a joint or take a bong ripp at halftime. Wtf is his problem tonight?. If he can’t be professional broadcaster why even show up.

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    1. They’ve been letting Walton get away with this shit-show for so long he thinks THIS is what being a “professional broadcaster” looks like…..

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