USC Picture Of The Night

Since we’ve had a 1980 theme this weekend, here’s a picture from the USC-Cal game that year with QB Gordon Adams calling signals.

And below is fullback Paul DiLulo blocking, possibly for Marcus Allen.

8 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

  1. No shortage of Trojan-Bears historical photos. Great talent on that USC team, including o-line of mosebar, van horne, matthews, hoby brenner.

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    1. Offense … the team struggled all year, except this game. Defense was sick. Banks, Gray, Lott, Dennis Smith, Joey Browner, Achica, Edwards, Busick, Scoggins, Keith Browner, stone hands Fisher.

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      1. Trojans go into the UW game at home in 1980 with an unbeaten string getting close to 30 games. Late in the 4th Qtr the UW QB throws a wounded duck which goes through Fisher’s open hands and into the surprised UW WR’s (who almost drops it) hands. UW will soon score and the streak is ended.

        As a sophomore, I thought I could graduate and never see the Trojans lose a football game. For the most part this was true until 1983….


  2. Don’t get me wrong —I’m happy for the Beavers. But what does it say when a team that got beat by Wyoming and Portland wins the Pac 12 Tournament?

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    1. What it says is that the game has been ruined by the 3-point circle. Everyone grows up shooting from forever. Any team on any night can get lucky and throw in a bunch of no-brainers. Inferior teams are winning too often; it’s time to change the rules.

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  3. Very happy that Oregon State beat Colorado who thought all they had to do was show up for the Championship game after beating SC. I don’t like Colorado’s coach Tad Boyle, and their physical style of play which the refs let them get away with except for last night.

    What this tells me though is the Pac 12 is not a power conference in basketball, and after watching some of the other teams this weekend in the tournaments it is clearly evident. the Pac 12 teams are in for some major surprises in the NCAA tournament.

    I see only Oregon as a team that could make it to the Sweet 16 all the other teams might win 1 game, but definitely not two. As based on inconsistent play throughout the season. USC, needs a quick and fast point guard next year which was clearly lacking this year in the big games. It was a major blow to this program when point guard Kyle Studivant transferred, and he is seeing significant minutes at Georgia Tech along with former USC forward/Guard Jordan Usher who has become a star at Georgia Tech.


    1. Tad Boyle, the KU team captain who went to the NCAA champs many years with the J-hawks? The dude is pure quality and a great coach. Does a ton with lesser talent. A proven winner.

      Yes, I met him in line at the Boulder Chipotle once. Great guy.
      I’d take him at USC any day. He’s way to smart to make such a change.

      Boyle and CU MBB are gonna give Trojan hoops FITS until he gets a job promotion.

      A native Coloradoan, Boyle likely will never leave CU.


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