USC To Face Wichita State/Drake Winner In NCAAs

USC will play the winner of Wichita State/Drake in its first-round game of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday in Indianapolis.

Wichita State went 16-5 and split two games with top-10 ranked Houston. Drake is 25-4 and went 1-2 vs. Top 25-ranked Loyola of Chicago.

If USC wins, it likely faces Kansas, who will play Eastern Washington.

Kansas withdrew from the Big 12 Tournament and two players didn’t even go to the Big 12 Tournament because of COVID-19 protocols.

Here’s an update on Kansas from Coach Bill Self.

41 thoughts on “USC To Face Wichita State/Drake Winner In NCAAs

    1. Maybe pudlyfudgepacker69 learned a lesson trying to hype up that girl Eva Mobley, pudpacker hasn’t re-tweeted in days.



      1. I know, I’m guessing Pisley has taken another short, mule train vacation to bum-f**k Boron, Ca. Nobody cares about gopher holes there.


  1. Trojans did about as well as they could with their seeding, facing the winner of the play-in bracket. Colorado is worse off having to play Georgetown.

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      1. Bad news: The game has ALREADY been played in the 52nd Dimension…… and UCLA has ALREADY lost…..

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      2. Here’s the funny thing, 67 —The Trojans could easily be out after the first game or —just as easily — get to the Elite Eight. With this team and this coach it’s impossible to know. I’ve been making and losing money on them all year.

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      3. MG, being called “fudgepacker” doesn’t count coming from those who are bat shit crazy. Like those who “LMFAO” by posting out of left field wack job conspiracy videos. Not to mention he posts them on a website where not one person has any interest. Well, maybe owns does…?

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      4. Ha! [We’ve talked several times after UCLA football & basketball losses….and Owns and I are in agreement about one thing –we’re equally opposed to multiple, out of the blue, 24/7, gratuitous fudgepacking posts].


    1. How the mighty have fallen. Look at the two UCLA blowhard on this blog running their mouth when their half-ass school has a play in game. Since UCLA is broke, why don’t you two jack wagons start a Go-Fund Me Page to finance their road trip for what is more than likely a one and done trip.

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    1. Brutal for some…. not for Andy.
      [On the serious side, I hope we GET to the Kansas game —- and, then, that we MAKE it a game]……


  2. FWIW – #6 seeds are 1-1 in NCAAM championship games.
    Kansas (#6) beat Oklahoma (#1) in 1988. Kansas was coached by Larry Brown and featured Danny Manning. Michigan (#6) lost to Duke (#1) in 1992. Michigan had the fab 5 and the tournament MVP was current coach Bobby Hurley.

    Not saying USC is going to the finals but it has been done before.

    I am predicting USC will win it first game against the 11th seed play in winner and has a chance against Kansas due to dreaded unknown impacts of Covid protocals.

    If only the COY could teach the boyz how to make free throws, I would be more confident of an elite 8 appearance.

    I know nothing about Michigan State other than it is Magic’s alma matter and has Izzo as its coach. Izzo makes $4.4M per year which is nearly $1M more than Mick. Therefore, I will MSU.

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  3. Kansas is a really good team.
    Michigan is a really good team.
    West Virginia is a really good team.
    Wisconsin’s been a disappointment.
    USC’s been surprising.
    These are my teams. Fight On, and win!

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    1. Kansas was emerging……Covid delay.
      Michigan lost Isaiah Livers, it’s best player, maybe, to a stress fracture in his foot before their Ohio State loss. He is trying to return. West Virginia hard to figure, as they have multiple major scorers who can cause turnovers. They need to finish better (i.e. they’re a missed shot or free throw or key turnover away in many games) Wisconsin has been underperforming all year, prone to severe scoring droughts. If they shoot it, even reasonably, they can compete.

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  4. Gosh ’67, Tebow does have funny comments/moments. Whereas you ’67 are never, ever funny; you are however, a pedantic, bozo cretin.

    Nothing feels so good, so right, as ’67 Toejam schadenfreude.



      1. In your opinion ’67. And that’s because you’re usually the butt of Tebow humor. And why not, the only time you’re funny is when you’re stupid serious.

        Give it a rest ’67, every time you comment on the blog, you prove what a halfwit you are. They created Barney Fife’s character with you squarely in mind.


      2. owns, I must have really hit a nerve linking you with the tin foil hat comment. You are getting just a wee bit too defensive, little buddy! Ha!!


      1. MG, you think the Three Stooges are funny. There just no accounting for a person’s bad taste.


      2. My Dear Friend Owns,
        Please check out “The Three Stooges Meet Snow White” —it’s the Citizen Kane of Stooge movies…..


    1. How about Kal BB ’86?

      A sizzling 9 – 20 this year.

      But there’s always Intramural rugby, right ’86.



      1. That hippie clown flunked out of Pasadena City College, he never went to Cal.

        Closest he got to Berkeley was when he was selling his ass in the Castro District.


  5. I watched those teams play during season they are pretty good…if SC wins or loses ‘opponents were cream puffs’ or ‘they were victims of covid’ so fire Andy

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