USC Tipoff Time/Location Set

USC is going to play Wichita State or Drake on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. PT.

The game will be on TNT and be played at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, which is home to the Indiana Pacers. The TV crew will be Brian Anderson, Jim Jackson and Allie LaForce.

9 thoughts on “USC Tipoff Time/Location Set

  1. If you’re a Trojan fan paying to see that game it’s more like a ripoff.

    Who would pay anything to see that girl Eva Mobley get punked and pushed around while shooting airballs from 2 feet away from the basket?


      1. Like he did aginst ugly where he destroyed ugly. But everyone does. LMAO. Since Sam Gilbert’s money has dried up, ugly has to play to get into the tournament. In the old days, Johnny Cheetin Wooden would throw money at the ncaa and they said yes.

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    1. Look at these poor bastards lying their asses off.

      Clearly disgusted, but they willingly participated in the greatest hoax of all time so I don’t feel sorry that they went to their grave mentally disturbed having a guilt ridden conscience all those years.

      Lied their asses off and for what…their corrupt government?

      Just look at the expression on their lying faces.



      1. tebowobama,
        Buzz Aldrin ran into a person who did not believe in the landing of the moon. This person expressed himself with full emotion and full bluntess. Buzz Aldrin returned his expression as well, he decked him into the future.

        I too will do the same as Mr. Buzz Aldrin did, I too will express myself to you with words and that is, you are one stupid sun of a bitch, no good polecat, commie atheist, stupid, maroon, who needs to grow up and be a man instead of the shemale that you are. You disgust me you complete idiot. You are nothing but a piece of trash. See, you stupid maroon and idiot, my dad was at the Kennedy Space Center working on the mission and he saw them load up and saw them take off. You are nothing but a piece of feces. You garbage spout the same thing and you have no proof, you idiot maroon. Maroon is taken from Bugs Bunny, you stupid piece of feces.

        You insulted all the people that worked on that project and the men that died on Apollo 9 who were burned to death. You insult all the people who sacaraficed their families, that was me, money, and determination that went into this project. You are a stupid piece of trash. Leave, just leave.


    2. You stupid ignorant jackass. Tebow was a religious moron
      who failed in both pro football and baseball. Who has to pay
      for TNT cable except a low life like yourself with not a pot to
      piss into. I am sure you did not vote for Obama. Get lost!


  2. well, a 1630 game I can actually watch …
    Wichita St has made several ncaa tournaments the last several years, final 4’rs…elite 8’s…sweet 16’s…of course SC win means they were a cream puff or covid victim ,same goes for Kansas…SC guards are either on fire or cold as ice, so betting on them is real gambling.
    I think ucla will beat Mich St…not so sure the other Pac 12 will win…50/50 at best.

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