USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Evan Mobley

He made the all-Pac-12 Tournament team and swept up all the individual awards last week. And he’s only got a few more games left with Andy Enfield!

USC baseball

Swept Nevada despite having seven players suspended.

Oregon State

Imagine what’s like to overachieve in a Pac-12 Tournament?

Matt Fink

He doesn’t have to spend another season as a backup after deciding not to play this season. He should transfer to a smaller school and play.

Wichita State

They look pretty happy to be in the NCAA Tournament.


Andy Enfield

He caught a break by getting to play one of the final two teams selected for the NCAA Tournament, then puts his foot in his mouth: “I know nothing about either team except I think Wichita is in Wichita, Kan., and Drake is somewhere in the Midwest. I’ll have to get my map out. Are they in Iowa?”

Clay Helton

Today’s USC newsletter has another embarrassing episode.

USC women’s volleyball

No one is paying attention but the Trojans are 3-7 overall after getting swept by Washington.

5 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. Aside from a couple of sports, USC athletics is a dumpster fire and Bohner is still trying to find out what Folt did with his nuts after she castrated him.

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      1. I trust you don’t think those “couple of sports” are football and basketball……


  1. A coach with class would say ” It’ll be a tough match up for us with either team ” Sadly, we have a gap toothed moron for a coach, to go with a fat fuck moron as a football coach,



  2. Scott is my hero —so here goes:
    A former Wichita State player told me that the ‘celebration’ seen on “Wichita’s Propaganda Sports Station” was completely faked. “No one was happy. We were forced to jump up and down and hug by our coach —whom we all hate. No one here wants to advance in the tournament …..and we’ve all decided we’re not going to play hard.”

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