Another School Shows USC How To Do It

Indiana fired basketball coach Archie Miller today.

I mention it because athletic director Scott Dolson indicated a lone booster paid off Miller’s $10 million buy out. And Dolson indicated another booster has paid to help hire the new coach.

This is something that USC could easily do regarding Clay Helton. There were donors who said a single booster offered to buy out Helton’s contract. Others said a booster offered to pay for Urban Meyer.

The problem with USC isn’t whether it could afford it but whether Carol Folt and Rick Caruso would approve it. I’ve heard Folt said no to both ideas.

24 thoughts on “Another School Shows USC How To Do It

    1. Still don’t understand why they want to keep Helton when it’s so obvious that he can’t manage the staff and team


  1. The last time I posted about this very subject it got removed. In fact I vowed to stop posting because of it.
    But I will give it a shot. There is no reason to pay a buyout. Maybe offer a small parachute as a parting gift, but just fire Helton and let him take the school to court. It can be proven he lied on his application. And no jury of his peers ( real football coaches) would side with Helton for fear for their reputation.
    And Scott will be able to write about it forever.

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    1. Too bad we don’t know the nature of the settlement reached between Sark and USC after he sued. It seemed like he didn’t have much of a case…maybe MG can comment? Guessing Folt and Caruso wouldn’t have the cojones not to pay off Clay.

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      1. Didn’t the whole Sark thing go into bullshit “mediation”? Where both sides waste a day or two in front of a bullshit “mediator” —- and, then, agree to split the difference between zero and what the complainant wants ….and go their separate ways?

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  2. Carol Folt graduated from UCSB which puts little emphysis on athletics especially as a source of revenue. Her previous employer North Carolina was also not a public university. The booster funds will dry up soon due to poor leadership at USC this is not the direction a private university should be going.

    It is quite obvious the correct changes at USC both in athletics and academics will not happen until Carol Folt is replaced. Money talks at USC the way she is running things USC will have no other choice but to replace her immediately in favor of a President who understands how a private university is supposed to be run. A private university must listen to the donors not turn their back on them if they expect to receive money. Her recent decision to suspend 20 USC baseball players for visiting a casino like many are at the moment is clearly a decision made on power, and her lack of interest in the athletic program.

    Sorry folk nothing will happen in the Land of Oz until you remove the Wicked Witch of the West.

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      1. 67 —- Apparently, “reasonable” is something you cannot see while traveling The Path of Righteousness, deep in the Santa Monica mountains.

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      2. MG, something tells me we are going to frequently see “the path to righteousness” frequently here at “inside usc”…

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      3. I don’t know about you —but I can’t get enough of THAT path—- it seems everybody on cable news is talking about it —- and it turns out it’s so hard to stay on THE PATH that almost all of us fall way short every time we say or do ANYTHING….

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      1. I have a woke friend who checks out this site from time to time….so I can’t “like” you……

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      2. FTB period! I don’t care if you don’t like it rah rahs and haters. I can’t stand the roaming gnome and the liberal b.s., so called progressive change crap she brings to the University and sports programs. Nothing but incompetent fools Caruso, Folt and Helton! Bringing USC down into mediocrity.


  3. there will be a resolution of the Helton issue in the next few years, meanwhile, SC is getting its recruiting mojo back, the S&C program is on the right track and my guess is that a full year of practices and some top young new defensive players is going to yield a really good defense. offense is still a question mark, but if harrell does not deliver this year, he will be gone and will take the air raid with him.

    it isnt such a terrible situation. granted, USC would be flying high in recruiting if there was a head coach that recruits could believe in. but despite that, the forward movement in football is real.

    after all, there is only one way to go from having Tee Martin and Clancy Pendergast as the coordinators. that is UP.

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  4. Carol Folt: Should suspend Clay Helton next for the entire 2021 football season for visiting his local bank, cashing USC large paychecks, and draining the university’s bank account while working from home. Sounds like a dream job to me, and he doesn’t even have to produce any results while getting paid more money than most university president’s with the Pac 12.
    The true criminals at USC are Carol Folt, and Mike Bonehead for not firing Helton immediately, and continuing to let Helton rob the piggy bank which use to be full, but not any more. Rod Deadeaux, the greatest baseball coach ever worked for a $1 a year salary, and although he was independently wealthy that certainly shows his true love for this university long term.

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  5. Still don’t understand why they want to keep Helton when it’s so obvious that he can’t manage the staff and team


  6. Folt and Caruso are not the only actors here. In common with many other universities, there are multiple factions within the administration and faculty, and many of them have attitudes towards sports that range from indifferent to hostile, women’s sports possibly excluded. Folt needs these factions if she wants to accomplish some of her (woke) goals, so it’s just good old politics, “if I give you this, will you give me that?” Men’s sports, especially football is nothing more than a commodity that can be bought and sold, so by taking a hands off approach and appearing to not care too much about something the (mostly white and male) alumni do care about, it suits her purposes.


  7. As backward as it is, occasionally we get a Pete Carrol to lead the team. USC is an educational institution not an NFL farm member. By sticking behind Helton, I’m sure a big time successful coach will be well taken care of. This is counter to your opinion but that’s ok with me.

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