USC Now Has Three Players Wearing Same Number

I’ve been critical in the past about USC having the two players wear the same number. Now we have a new one: Three players wearing the same number.

Miller Moss, Isaac Taylor-Stuart and Joshua Jackson are all wearing No. 6.

That obviously will not fly. USC is going to make someone change or else transfer. Or will they throw a bad number on Jackson if he happens to get into a game?

There are currently three players wearing No. 13 Michael Jackson, Adonis Otey and walk-on QB Isaac Ward. But Ward is not expected to play so it doesn’t really matter.

USC also has Jaxson Dart and Munir McClain wearing No. 2, which is a problem since both are on offense. Does USC think McClain will never be eligible again?

Here’s the list:

No. 2 – QB Jaxson Dart
No. 6 – QB Miller Moss
No. 13 – WR Michael Jackson III
No. 15 – S Anthony Beavers Jr.
No. 21 – WR K.D. Nixon
No. 24 – ILB Julien Simon
No. 25 – TB Brandon Campbell
No. 27 – S Calen Bullock
No. 28 – S Xamarion Gordon
No. 28 – TB Keaontay Ingram
No. 29 – S Xavion Alford
No. 42 – DL Ishmael Sopsher
No. 87 – TE Lake McRee
No. 93 – DL Jay Toia

  • Barack Obama has USC going to the Elite Eight, joining Joe Lunardi and apparently Andy Katz

17 thoughts on “USC Now Has Three Players Wearing Same Number

  1. The sheer madness of it all. Does mankind have no humanity left. 3 kids using the same number in spring camp..?? I won’t eat for a week now.

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  2. Contrary to what might be obvious logic based on my historical postings, I’m HOPING for a Pac12 sweep into the third round. The conference needs the juice and some extra tv time couldn’t hurt.
    That said, if sow manages to come from ahead and leave another winnable game in the L column I won’t be miserable either.

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    1. Pisley, where do you plan to go on your next short vacation should bozo BB stumble to form and choka, choka, choka, choka choke in the first round?

      I hear Quartzite, Az is exquisite this time of year, and nobody cares about large gopher holes.

      You will need to keep your head down though Pisley, ’cause some of them folks there hunt vermin for meals. I wonder, does barbequed gopher taste like chicken?


      1. If ever this line applied to anyone, it applies to JO: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

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      2. Dope that you are, you forget that over 2nonths ago (the first time WE beat you), I mentioned to Michael and others here that Colorado would be our toughest test. Never did I predict we’d beat them.

        On the other hand, I clearly predicted our triumph over the sow. I talked of it EARLY and OFTEN. So tell me why it is you think I need to hide? We aren’t the BB school. sow was….
        Yeah, I said was, like every ruin fan and wannabe other than you realizes.

        You give yourself way too much credit. I take back what I said earlier, I hope the sow loses and only after being down five with 1/10th of a sec left on the clock…msu hits a three and is fouled with a technical foul on little mickie

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  3. Clay doesn’t indulge players. He could care less about them. He just counts his money, and, on the contrary, he has no idea what they are doing. That’s why there is no discipline on the team.

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    1. You act as if counting money is a sin or somehow illegal…the only thing better than counting it is rolling on a big pile of it…

      After it’s been properly disinfected of course.


  4. “Contrary to what might be obvious logic based on my historical postings, I’m HOPING for a Pac12 sweep into the third round.” A noble thought but I just can’t go there. Now if they were playing against ND or the devil, then,,,,,nah, still can’t go there.

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  5. Memo to: Dear Pisley

    All-time Rivalry men’s BB victories:

    UCLA 143 – SUCC 112


    UCLA 11

    Clown U ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooforever.

    Pisley, even a mouse wins once in awhile.


    1. 760 plus days since UCLA beat USC in FB or MBB….
      I suppose we may reliably add 270 days to the tally, as the Trojans and Bruins won’t meet again until November 2021.

      Safe to say, we’re looking at a 1000 day drought–at least–for the Bruins in FB and MBB.


  6. jo..the court jester returns. I guess I hurt your feelings. I know bruin fans are very sensitive delicate sorts. Get yourself some chocolate bon bons , put a cold towel on your forehead, and have a good cry. You have had a rough day.

    P.S. that is Mister Old Smoky to You. Okay, you are dismissed.


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