Andy Enfield Reverts To Form

USC is in the Sweet 16 for the first time in the Andy Enfield era, so of course how is he capitalizing on it?

By looking petty and insecure, of course. This comes on the heels of him complaining about Oregon not playing UCLA in the Pac-12 season.

22 thoughts on “Andy Enfield Reverts To Form

  1. Enfield should be focused on getting his team to the Final 4 if he wants to make USC basketball history. Other USC teams have made it to the Sweet 16 with less talent. In the Sweet 16 coaching is very important, and in this case beating Dana Altman is not going to be easy. USC must stop Chris Duarte he is the key to beating Oregon as the team rides on his shoulders.

    I give Andy alot of credit for finally bringing consistency to the program. It’s now time to take this program to the next level. We shall see if it can finally happen, and beating Oregon is the first step.

    Great performance last night. We need 4 more..that simple.

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    1. “Less talent”?……..
      Maybe but those teams had really good players. They were very talented teams that were successful yet they also choked big time.

      Gabe Pruitt
      Nick Young
      Daniel Hackett
      Lodrick Stewart
      Taj Gibson
      Dwight Lewis
      They surprised almost everyone by beating Kevin Durant and Texas but people forget they also had DJ Augustine. Great win. Then Floyd had Taj Gibson, Dwight Lewis, Daniel Hacket back adding OJ Mayo, Devon Jefferson and Marcus Simmons. That teams bench was light but they had talent. The experience along with the star power and spark Mayo and Jefferson gave them that team shouldn’t have lost to Kansas St. Michael Beasley was tough but Frank Martin outcoached Floyd that game. In my opinion Floyd didn’t let Mayo have the ball early in the game and it was too late.
      Sam Clancy
      Jeff Trepagnier
      Brian Scalabrine
      David Bluthenthal
      Brandon Granville
      Jarvis Turner
      Desmond Farmer

      An awesome game where they beat Tayshaun Prince and Kentucky to get to the Elite 8 and fell short in a tough game that we would have won if Jayson Williams didn’t put it on Granville like he did. Great team those Trojans were if there was a team that had big dreams and hopes of getting to the final 4 the next season Clancy, Granville, Bluthenthal, Farmer, and the Craven twins lose on the first day of the tournament to NC Wilmington.

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    1. I’ll just say that those comments don’t sound like they come from a secure and confident individual.

      Everybody has their own personality and quirks, and that applies to Andy for sure. But if that’s what it takes to fuel his fire and that fire helps the Trojans win games, great.

      Impossible to complain about last night’s performance. Let’s just move on to the next one Scottie and Andy.

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      1. Thanks for sharing that with us, Pudly. I didn’t see it —and I would have missed it were it not for you.

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  2. If we get to the final four it will be a miracle but miracles do happen in the NCAA tournament. USC basketball is now one the road map we should now have 1 destination to first beat the Ducks, and then win a nationship championship. Stay positive TROJANS the players are starting to believe it will happen and so should we as fans.

    This is much more exciting than hearing about all the gossip in the USC football program which to me does not deserve any publicity until they clean house, and start the re-building process starting at the top.

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  3. Four games or bust. The talent, the right opponents at the right time, and Mobley Sr. has been more than a guy with two super sons.

    Anyone who’s followed his kids see that he’s helped reshaped the team from primarily a fastbreak/ streaky 3 pointer team, now to a team that uses the best interior player in the nation and the best rotation of 4 to 5 interior big men primarily in a set offense.

    The guard play and the wild shooting have been brought under control. The guards run the offense, the point really acting as a point with entry passes and assists, the shooting guard really being a scorer and playmaker. The shots from guards and everyone else are higher percentage and there’s a lot more of guards going toward the basket. 3 pointers are taken more conservatively, and under control.

    When you have that going, it’s easy to play killer defense and rebound. It’s more structure, more time to breathe and execute to get offense going.

    We’ve watched SC players grow a lot this year. Defense’s have thrown everything from denying entry passes and playing very physical (esp against Eric Mobley whose had to become tougher), and challenging some of the suspect ball handlers, classic boxing out to test the teams rebounding technique.

    Back in the day this would be 3 to 4 years of Championship potential. In our era we need to win the next four, because we’ll be starting new next year. Our bigs recruiting isn’t that great.

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    1. I’d like to see Goodwin return next year, knowing that E Mobley is #2-3 pick.
      Though he is technically a Senior, due to the ‘vid Goodwin has the option to return. Would be interesting to see I Mobley return for a Jr year.

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    2. All true, Global. But as Mike Tyson put it “training, strategy and plans go out the window sometimes when you get hit in the mouth.” The next game —and hopefully the ones after that — will be about all the things you referenced—- but also about character —because the Trojans ARE gonna be tested.

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      1. 100%. And what makes it interesting. Obvs the team has folded before when in a good place, during the end of the season and in the P12 tourney.

        But Drake and undermanned Kansas were the right teams and the best we could have hoped for, and you need some luck for a championship right?

        We handled Oregon well before and match up against them well. The potential is there, beat Oregon again then win vs 3 tough, unfamiliar opponents, like you said, it’s gonna be mostly character. There won’t be any real excuses.

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