USC Increases Tuition (Again)

USC is increasing tuition again.

Here’s an announcement from Provost Charles F. Zukoski:

“After careful consideration, the USC Board of Trustees has approved a 2 percent tuition increase for the 2021-2022 academic year, the lowest year-over-year increment since 1967 and in line with inflation.”

This tuition increase has to gall students, who just paid full tuition (including an increase) in 2020-21 for a year of online classes.

USC doesn’t mention it saved some money in the remote environment by not having to operate huge aspects of campus: class buildings, student housing, parking, etc.

If someone asked, they would probably say, “that’s why we only raised your tuition 2 percent!”

19 thoughts on “USC Increases Tuition (Again)

  1. Somebody has to pay for all of those new staff members. I’d have to say USC is completely tone death on this one. Although the line to get in continues to get longer.

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  2. If every one of these Universities and colleges closed up, the only thing that I would miss is Football and Basketball. If you are not majoring in science or math, most of what you learn is how to hate america and white priviledge(which is how evil whites are) and critical race theory and the 1619 project and how there are 50-100 genders and how the students need safe spaces and how we must not threaten the students with micro-aggressions.
    I’ve often thought that we should go into all these colleges and universities and tear out the seats in the lecture halls and replace them with baby carraiges. Whites are good people. I see nothing wrong with them. I don’t understand why they allow themselves to be slandered in these schools and don’t stand up and rebel. And I’m saying this as a hispanic. All the problems that we have in this country are coming out of the public schools.

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      1. I didn’t think it was right for Owns to say parcelman007 is full of B. S. for being Hispanic.

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    1. Why is it BS BruinRob? Because it is a common sense statement, something that you don’t subscribed to? The fact of the matter is that these universities used to be institutions that would educate young people in hopes that they could function in a competent and successful level in society, thus enhancing that society. But instead, led by the liberal educational establishment, they’ve morphed into incubation centers where accountability, responsibility, and self-determination are now words that “trigger” these young snowflakes into thinking that someone is picking on them, and how they are oppressed. In response to this, these “educators” are now filling their heads full of excuses as to why some prosper and some do not. No wonder when they get in the real world most cannot function.

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  3. They need to make up for the downfall in donations. Got to imagine that Folt/Caruso cant find any donors willing to pony up for their tone-deaf management style.

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  4. Rediculous to raise tuition during this Covid-19 period of time when most of the student are remote. No question they are trying to compensate for the downfall in donations, downfall of the athletic department with zero ticket sales, surplus hiring, and over paid staff members . Why sock it to the students with tuiting increases rather than laying off employees, or asking for mandatory salary reductions for all departments. Why not put Carol Folt’s beach house in Santa Monica up for sale, and require here to relocate to on campus housing.

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    1. The “Thank you, sir” attitude, unfortunately, is not limited to USC. Check out Seattle, Portland, Chicago and New York…..

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  5. Just like taxes, they always go up.

    On Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 4:22 PM InsideUSC with Scott Wolf wrote:

    > scott wolf posted: ” USC is increasing tuition again. Here’s an > announcement from Provost Charles F. Zukoski: “After careful consideration, > the USC Board of Trustees has approved a 2 percent tuition increase for the > 2021-2022 academic year, the lowest year-over-year in” >


      1. Now that professor owns has chimed in with his critical thinking, I can sleep a lot easier.

        2% increase in the cost of tuition means tuition is doubling every 36yrs. What was tuition at SC in (2021-36=1985)?

        Cost of lumber to build an average sqft house +$24,000/house last 12months
        Copper $2.80—–>>>$4.04/lb 2020
        Gas, +$1.00gal last 4months

        If you believe inflation is 2%, I have a bridge to sell you. My uninformed but real world guess is that inflation is running close to 10%. Wait til the economy feels the full effect of this $2,000 stimi trickle down.

        Normally cost of education far exceeds COI. A 2% increase in tuition isn’t even.nominal.

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  6. Actually a much larger number of students are studying math, science (chemestry, physics, biology, geology, etc.) at UCLA (than at Usc) and don’t have time for those fluff subjects. It is hard to graduated from UCLA even after getting in.


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