USC Gets To Play In Football Stadium

This is the set up for Oregon State-Houston at Lucas Oil Stadium. USC plays Gonzaga on the same court tomorrow.

There is another court on the other side of the football stadium for Arkansas-Baylor tonight.

Naturally, you need to buy two tickets if you want to go to two games.

But more importantly, the NCAA Tournament has used Hinkle Fieldhouse, which is perfect for basketball. And Bankers Life Fieldhouse, which is an NBA arena.

And now the games are stuck in this cavernous football stadium even though hardly any fans are allowed to attend. It makes little sense.

20 thoughts on “USC Gets To Play In Football Stadium

  1. I’m surprised that my fellow alumni, students & fans are desperate to “knock “ the host of this blog. You wouldn’t think Scott enjoyed “ riling “ up his dedicated followers- Nah! I’m sure that everyone preferred to post on the previous blog ( Sports Illustrated?) I’m sure that some of us would be greatly disappointed in submitting comments if Scott wasn’t so anti-USC. I’m hoping that you would contemplate an alternative to despise Mr.Wolf’s sarcastic and outlandish opinions. It’s fodder to generate “TRAFFIC “ it seems like he is truly doing an outstanding job via the comments I review. I’m so happy that I won again on USC basketball. I had an epiphany I enjoy betting on USC to win rather than winning on USC football to lose. Happy days are here – I’m on the path to righteousness Thank You Mr. Enfield.

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    1. Bobby –We needn’t ever feel the least bit sorry for Scott. He’s been playing us all like fiddles for years. He smiles when we write to tell him we’re upset…….

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    2. Comeback every Saturday night and every Sunday morning after the SC game to read a typical Wolf post. Win or lose he’ll do whatever it takes to discredit the outcome. USC beats UCLA 50-0. but……USC wins the Rose Bowl but……
      He’s a cop calling party stopper.

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      1. Hey Pisley, did you know the Bruins skunked bozo Baseball 13 – 1 Sunday, at Dedeaux Field, and fail to mention it?

        Imagine that, Pisley just cherry picks bozo team victories to announce- and that sounds suspiciously like bandwagoning. BTW, you SOS, SUCC fell from 1st place into a 3rd place tie with UCLA.

        So UCLA Baseball is 3-1 vs bozos this season.


      2. Don’t think by any definition of bandwagoner that I fit. No one can ever show where I’ve written the team should take their balls and stay home…
        That was an owns “Bozo-No-No”, even the conscientiously altered Walton had the ruins playing. Suck eggs you little, little man.
        You’re a quitter and you wanted your team to be the same.


      3. “Suspiciously like bandwagoning.” !?
        Owns –I love you, man —but wtf?

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      4. owns is starting to realize there’s a chance the ruins could have to face the Trojans a third time this season and is starting to have a nervous breakdown. Now in owns case, there isn’t much to break.
        Posting when drunk is an unseemly quality in a troll. Perhaps an intervention might be needed, one that includes a lobotomy perchance?🤯


  2. You can’t give a team 3-4 scoring attempts every possession and expect to win. A good rebounder for the Beavs and they would have won. They showed grit but they needed more than grit to win.

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  3. Many players in the NCAA final 4 and Sweet 16 often complain about how difficult it is playing basketball in a large football stadium, and statistics prove that teams have difficult shooting from the outside because of different sight lines. Don’t be surprised if both teams shoot poorly especially in the 1st half until the players become adjusted to the larger stadium.

    This could really help USC the stronger defensive team as Gonzaga shoots a tremendous % each and every game with a strong inside and outside game. USC must clog the middle tomorrow with a very tight zone defense, and aggressive rebounding especially Issiah, Evan, and Goodwin who must control the boards in order to win.

    Can the miracle happen tomorrow. I say we have a 50-50 chance of winning this game which is better than most teams had going into a game with Gonzaga. Play with confidence tomorrow Trojans like it’s your game to win, and if you win I think we can win it all. Play each possession like it is your last, and if you do that history will be made.

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    1. tommyd — There would be no disgrace in losing a thriller ….but….IF USC wins tomorrow, history will definitely be fucking made!


    2. …and hit some clutch “3’s”
      …and hit some clutch “1’s”
      …and NO STUPID TO’s. Zag will pounce on the TO’s.


      1. Pisley you pathetic POS, my opinion counts for nothing with Cronin. UCLA did accept a play-in Tournament bid and are poised to win a Final Four spot.

        The SUCC pussy FB program finished the 2020 season a lucky 5 – 1 and deserved a rich bowl bid.

        But following a humiliating defeat in the Pac-12 Championship game vs 3-2 Oregon at the CRUMBLING MAUSOLEUM, SUCC chose toto pussy out of any bowl bid. This from a FB program that 1) claims to be an elite FB program; 2) and claims that the bozos are always ready to play any team, anywhere, anytime. What a crock of phony BS.

        SUCC FB is Pussy FB. MG makes the CS excuse that SUCC lost a good receiver and it’s QB to injury in the Oregon game. So
        f**king what. The SUCC FB program just plain pussied out of a bowl game and took their (not there or they’re) ball and went
        home to momma for a band aid, and cookies & warm milk.

        SUCC: the little pussy FB program – mommy will you kiss my scratch and make it better?

        #I calls ’em as I sees ‘um Pisley, you whiny POS.


      2. Ah…butt-hurt buddy is back…

        Bandwagoner‼️ Sniffling little, little man. Gutless wonder of a shrimp scampi…💋


    1. If JO had one more brain cell, it would be lonely.

      But I guess every site has their court jester, their village idiot….JO performs this role exceedingly well. His idea of high brow literature is an Archie and Jughead comic book.

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  4. Keep in close and Gonzaga will fold there have not had much pressure from anyone all year. The winner takes it all Trojans get fired up.

    USC must start out the game with intensity let the Zags know this game is going to be different.

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