USC Pictures Of The Day

The JW Marriott in Indianapolis has a huge NCAA bracket.

Below is the walkway that connects the “bubble” of the players’ hotel and convention center, where meetings and practices are held.

11 thoughts on “USC Pictures Of The Day

  1. If the NCAA winner is given a choice they should go to Disney World over Universal Orlando. After spending a week in the city of springtime summer temperatures, I can attest to the fact that Disney took the pandemic seriously and Universal took it for a ride. Disney has guests reserve space in the park, has staff keeping social distancing and mask use real and plexi- partitions wherever social distancing is impossible. They block every other row in their theaters and have closed rides where safety is a concern. Universal had a person with a pump bottle of hand sanitizer at the ride cue to make sure you didn’t get germs from the people you had been standing shoulder to shoulder with for almost an hour. “I’m goin’ to Disney World!”

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  2. Scott do you have any pictures of the bathrooms players use? This is better than my grandpa’s visit to Jersey shore slides. #hereallypostedthat?

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  3. Scott: Have you tried to knock on Mike Bohn’s door at the Marriott in Indianopolis. A reliable source has informed me that due to budget cuts Carol Folt and our Used Car Salesman Mike Bohn are rooming together. I certainly hope they are keeping their social distance per the State of Indiana and USC compliance regulations.

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    1. Boy! I sure hope those Indiana & USC social distancing rules allow for sleeping on top of each other … leave bed space for Max.

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  4. Max Nikias has his own penthouse in Indianapolis he does not have to share a room with Bohn and Folt. With the cash he has in his pocket from all the boosters he does all his partying and romantic activity in the red light district of that city which is very similar to Amsterdam if you have ever been there. Max, is definitely known as the “greek tycoon” with all the young women thanks to USC.


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